Yao Wei summary of methods and skills for new students to learn internet marketing

, along with the development of Internet technology and low cost of the mature Internet, network marketing has gradually become a hot industry, many newcomers like hunger and thirst to learn, stampede in, but I found a lot of people learning effect is not very good, today I came home and discuss some methods and techniques for learning network marketing, I hope there will be to help some of the new.

one, clear purpose, grasp the key,

should make clear what the purpose of learning online marketing is and what you want to do. Only by defining the purpose can you find the focal point, and then focus on learning. For example, you are looking for jobs to study online marketing, then you can focus on network promotion methods, network marketing methods, and SEO. For example, you are business owners, or in order to start business, then you have to site planning, website operations on more effort. There is in order to improve the job, then according to their needs to find the focus.

two, correct learning attitude,

many people love watching the learning, and since it is learning, it should be modest and prudent. But there are quite a few people who are learning from the mentality of a critic. This mentality never learns anything real, because they only focus on the weaknesses of others. I often go to A5, push a, ChinaZ, DoNews, iResearch and other web sites to see other people’s articles, to learn their experience. But the study, it was found that many of the comments below all the curse, for example, the author did not criticize criticized the author smatter experience etc.. Often see these, in the heart all inexplicable feel a burst of sadness. First of all, do not say how people write, just because they can take the time to put their own experience, a word, a word out, and then free to share online, which in itself is worthy of recognition and praise. Even if someone writes something wrong, you should also think about where he is wrong, and later on we will make this mistake. In fact, the experience of failure is more valuable. Free to take other people’s things, but also to criticize other people’s things too bad, this mentality itself has problems, it is impossible to learn things.

three, learning ideas is better than learning methods,

learning marketing promotion is the most important one principle is not just learning methods, but learning ideas. For example, some students do food web site promotion, everywhere to ask for advice, learning, when someone told him that BBS promotion effect is good, and taught him how to do BBS promotion for food web site. A few months later, he changed his job, changed to the promotion of the medical website, the result was confused, and went back to seek advice and study, because he did not learn the promotion of medical stations. This is the result of only learning the method and not learning the train of thought. In fact, if you learn the essence, no matter what kind of station to him, you can immediately come up with effective marketing promotion program.

so, we must not fall into the so-called method, always obsessed with research methods. Especially like those masters

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