Sharing of space use experience abroad

in front of the group, there are brothers in the space of foreign affairs, so let us talk about their own use of American space for nearly a year’s experience. Last year, the eve of the 17, the domestic thorough investigation of the virtual host, not for the record, incomplete information, with the edge of the ball will stop, stop a lot of space, I do not know if you remember that section of things do not. 51LA is not a thorough investigation, the server room from Luoyang to Zhejiang, Beijing and Shanghai these big city, I was a movie station of the Shanghai space service providers is also good, but with a message of this are not allowed, sealing. And that GG K is also very powerful, Chinese station price began to fall dramatically, so think of simply looking for foreign space. One is to save these mixed domestic factors, the two is placed on the English station, earn some money GG. I heard that foreign space capacity is big, it is cheaper.

so in the online search, remember in the United States host detective this forum to get a lot of knowledge, have a general understanding of several large space business in the United States, at the time of the HOSTGATOR are engaged in activities, $0.01 a month trial, also support PP payments, compared several, so this selected. Originally, they also have purchasing forum business, but read the tutorial is not too difficult to buy, just the forum and $0.01 gift, and then to the HOSTGATOR official website to submit orders to buy. With two days to go, IP was blocked and couldn’t buy an independent IP for $2 / month, which was a one month trial period. Using the process, it is easy to control the CPANEL management panel, and the function is very powerful. HG space is still very good, upload speed with the domestic some time to be roughly the same, high! PING value is generally between 200-350, but I used the tool to test in the United States it takes only a few tenths, so is quite satisfactory. In the second month, get through the Alipay RMB for $PP, their pay by PP in the money, the operation is very simple and easy to use. Plus the independent IP fee, the total monthly 11.95$, I use that Baby program, and now he’s the price adjustment. But to tell you a little, the company seems to have no orders for the mainland China, probably because everyone can think of it. It was because of his $0.01 probation this month that a lot of Chinese crazy orders were given up for a month, which resulted in a lot of damage to HG and simply cancelled the business to china.

said here some way, really do not know is that we Chinese clever or stupid foreigners, cheating things in our country’s development is amazing, you know the Firefox browser and GG recommended canceled, why? Is dead! Anything out there are loopholes in the key, how do we to deal with these problems. With the strengthening of international economic activities, the credibility crisis of the Chinese people will increasingly restrict their own development. I know there are also cheating in the group, you want to say, for example, you immigrants, people discriminate against you: because you Chinese, like speculation

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