Three alternative ways of cheating in link exchange

link value in addition to improve the site PR and flow, is also reflected in the "friendship" two words, the so-called friendship connection, an equal exchange relationship between the owners of mutual trust, mutual exchange, improve together! But there is always some people have dark psychological, but not only take dedication, using a variety of methods to deceive other webmasters, for connecting to the market to discredit, hiding himself behind a cowardly giggle.

common deception to believe that all the people in the A5 or other station owners have seen, such as JS connection, frame connection, delete connection, hidden connection and so on, at present the most because they are an evil member of the herd owners have been to play the gangster, alert, but there are also many online free link detection tools can be detected. The following summary of the three methods are not very common, in the webmaster forum encountered after summing up, and its technology is very smart, so that many webmaster is not easy to find.

1: hide all external connections for search engine spiders

Most of the webmaster

this method is very difficult to find, it is a piece of code written specifically for search engine spiders, when determining the spider visit, is hidden off all external connections, is also the spider judge this station without connection, and when the user through the browser to enter the site, you can see the connection in the. This led to someone else to his connection, for search engines, all one-way connection, improve your site rankings and PR, but he had to change the connection and webmaster also think got a treasure.

2: use the code to determine the source site for cheating

This method

some time ago someone mentioned in a stone forum. This method is to use the general webmaster in check connection, are from their own site click on other sites, and then check whether other sites have their own connections. Some people use this to write a piece of code to judge, if the source is judged by your site, on the web page shows your connection, and if the source is other sites, then show other sites. So, every time you from your site past view, will see your site even in that difficult to detect cheating! However, the search engine is a station, his outbound links are not, other sites are free to make him a single connection.

3: use fishing principle, with a similar domain name to do more connection,

this method is outdated, friends found. We still have a few years ago that industrial and commercial bank fishing case, someone has applied for a domain name 1CBC, and this is very similar to ICBC, a little negligence, that is true. In the friendship connection market, many sites have a "more connections" page, and then a lot of connections are placed on this "more connections" on a separate page. Some people who have ulterior motives use the webmaster’s negligence to apply for a domain name which is very similar to that of their own master station

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