There is only one brand of network brand management

we discuss here the network brand refers to build the enterprise brand network virtual environment, also is the enterprise or how to use the Internet to build brand, but no matter what, for an enterprise, "the brand is only one", whether the enterprise is a traditional enterprise or Internet Co, the Internet is just a channel business the shape and extension of the brand, but not all means or another brand. "There is only one brand," in other words, enterprises must concentrate their efforts to fully integrate the advantages of online and offline channels and resources, to build a strong brand. Two for an extreme example, you may have noticed that sina, the Sohu portal in the initial rise of how to use traditional media to create a momentum, you may now feel EBAY or Taobao brings a wave of all, regardless of whether you netizens on the web. Similarly, you can also see more and more traditional enterprises to join the Internet industry, seeking to make full use of the network method, like McDonald’s and FedEx, however, McDonald’s or that there are many convenience stores full of youth and happiness in fast food restaurants, Federal Express will not become a technology company, is still all over the world courier service providers, which are in line with what we call "the brand is only one" thought.

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in the network virtual environment of the audience or the consumer and offline audience or consumers will have a variety of characteristics, such as preferences, consumption habits and so on difference, although the network seems to provide a more advanced technology environment, but as the essence of a brand does not should not change. This makes us very clear, can go to the store or directly online to buy Haier appliances, can go to the website to download the relevant professional documents of McKinsey, Procter & Gamble, there are many different products in the brand, Procter & gamble website we can also find the same corresponding product brand. Moreover, the brand must consistently maintain the continuity of the brand and present the same brand value to both the audience and the consumer.

, for enterprises, should clearly understand the opportunities and challenges brought by the Internet in order to keep pace with the times and win the competitive advantage of the market. The Internet as a new technology, media and communications, brought new changes to the enterprise productivity, powerful channel, brand promotion and business promotion at the same time, the Internet as a means of communication, make the whole world into a "global village", changes the contact ability of enterprise and the public, enterprises and consumers increase and contact way, the brand and the consumer, the relationship between enterprises and consumers is no longer a simple relationship between seller and buyer, but a closer relationship to a real-time interactive, interactive. The use of the Internet, enterprises can be more communication with consumers, listen to the views of consumers, provide more convenience and benefits to consumers, even on-demand, online consumers can enjoy convenience and service enterprises to provide rich and colorful, even most of the service beyond the expectations of consumers. The network environment allows companies to track consumer behavior online, and have more

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