Share a garbage station domain name selection tips

Just when

chat in the group, Maozai talked about to give up a few due to the CN domain topic, which talked about the original application for some time on the basis of the domain name, the domain name behind these performance, Maozai tell you a garbage station selected domain of small tips or tricks is.

chose these domain names

find a good development of the station, with his station name as keywords, and then apply for the domain name contains the keyword, title for the station, also contains modified keywords and related keywords, then search engines, the keyword domain name ranking will be very good, when someone searches for the name of the site that you on the row below him, as long as the ranking stability, can get some rogue traffic from search every day.

what are the points:

keyword type or numeric type is best: it’s easier to apply for a domain name. Some of the site, the site name is Chinese characters, but the domain name is easier to remember the combination of letters or numbers, such as domain name with this keyword best, if the site name, is likely to be very long, not easy to remember, search are relatively less.

to reveal a case, used to have a station called the 36900 music website, the domain name is, a lot of people in this station is not directly input domain name, but Baidu search inside "36900" or """;". 08 years, when the CN domain name is cheap, you can apply to more than 36900 words including the CN domain name, such as,,, and so on…… At that time, Maozai will apply for a similar domain name, a title like "36900 music pop music audition online", made a single page of a beautiful song, put above the name, but not to the link, and then in the right place on the GG link ads and text ads, web page making in addition, advertising can open, other things are not open. After a little outside the chain, put and so included, and then is waiting to receive money. Such a single page website, GG ad click rate is quite high, Mao Tsai’s pages are generally 8% hits.

of these sites are generally easier to get good rankings: a point outside the chain, if included, will other than do the word website ranking, the weight of the domain name search engine is very high, including domain name search keywords, ranking will certainly high.

such sites generally do not flow: because the domain name restrictions, plus you do is not a single page long tail traffic, so the flow of this kind of website is to see your keyword index, but this kind of website has the advantages of simple manufacture, suitable for mass production. At the time 08 years, Mao did twenty or thirty such websites, at first

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