During the Olympic Games you can’t reprint relevant articles freely This is how people support the

2008, China ushered in the first hundred years of the Olympic Games! I’m glad to see their own national Olympic Games at the age of 20 can! Excited mood for words! Nonsense not say,

to the point!

Olympic Games tomorrow! I like most, very early in preparing for the Olympics! May state to be safe! During the Olympic Games not authorized sites could not be reproduced the relevant articles and videos! See this sad news, why? First I had hoped to use the Olympic Games can bring some traffic to their website! I did buy the spare space, domain name and all other things! The most important thing is: the hope for the Olympics to write his own recent original articles! This is great! What do not even have to close the forum!! is this the end the


if you are a passionate webmaster, I believe you will not so easily end! The other day wandering the Internet, happened to see a station of the Olympic theme page! Of course here: "topic" in the Olympic related news! Send is impossible! Here refers to the special people create new styles idea! His page is http://s.lhhlw.cn/2008/, see from the domain name suffix can, station is a station station! If it doesn’t believe webmaster domain name suffix! His page do very simple! Simple is simple, but why do we not think


is focused on his page design what! Why do I say it! He delegated Olympic website address all written out! This user can enter their own love website! During the Olympic Games the flow is great! What the Olympic site open speed or the user can quickly choose the other! Site! You know, time is life! "The following do GG advertising, I looked at and Olympic related, such as has brought its own small income, Why not??

see here, you may understand why I say this station’s ingenuity, write here, pull! I should also for my own small station, think how to refuel for the Olympic Games!


myself, station http://s.gmgmw.cn

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