Good interpersonal relationship is the necessary cornerstone of a station’s success

everyone has the social attribute, are not isolated independently from the society, whether in real life or virtual network society, need to have a certain relationship, life can be more. Although many webmaster but if you can fight a lone battle, open their own contacts, get more friends to help, the website promotion is easier.

In September 17th

A5 held a forum to expand the interpersonal relationship "webmaster circle topic version, invited the old love Yanhuang network K and Guo Jijun GJJ were gathered together the topic of interaction. Webmaster exceeded problems in the process of exciting, the guests very lively activities sparkling discourse, waiting for you. This paper focuses on the summary version, I hope to help you.

: GJJ, SNS isn’t making money yet. Later on in the end can not make money?. How long will your ajj be prepared to make money or when do you think it will start to make money?.

answer: there is no question of making money now. But I have always believed that standing is like a fruit tree, a kind of fruit tree, and afraid of no fruit? Maybe this is a little different from Wang’s view.

: old K, I often see your lectures. You usually as a IDC company boss, and Adsense deal with, is it easy to dislocation? I have a few League friends, they always feel and webmaster very difficult harmony. Want to ask you, how to do alliance and webmaster better get along with each other?

answer: this needs to see you stand in what angle, I am also personal webmaster, is the webmaster started, and also has its own web site, probably 20-30W PV, so communicate with you no obstacle. And dealing with the webmaster, do not want to make money from the webmaster, so boring, to be able to provide them with the services they need, respect their choice. So every time I webmaster organization will will not receive station costs, including thousands of webmaster lecture has to 39, there are more than 2000 owners to participate in public things, there is no need to take the road of commercialization.

: old K, how did you do your thousand lectures? Where did you train,


SNS,, is now five 500 people QQ group, mainly including GJJ, please join this graph king heavyweight guests, I will send through the station comprehensive media can also help them release publicity so late, guests are willing to support, so as to rapidly developing.

asked, "I’m a BD of a website (Business Development), and I know that BD is a career that requires a lot of connections. I would like to ask the two predecessors how to grasp the connections?. How to develop contacts,


answer: it is recommended to see the last time I hosted the webmaster lecture, BD house, Wang’s period, more on the BD house and more BD exchanges.


two: the first is what.

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