How to create style guides for web sites style guide


coming back from the journey, everything is fine. Five days is very short, in retrospect, basically only will be, even the blue sea and sky, as well as white sand beach; interested friends can go to my micro-blog to see what the scenery.

okay, back then did not feel a kind of usual life can not adapt to the difference between them is "1" and "2"; to do things immediately started up, the heart will upset some. The previous one is the first half of the iOS Wow experience – Chapter sixth – Interactive Model and innovative product concept. Today for a small text, how to create a web style guide. Enter the text, Qiang Qiang qiang.

what is a style guide? Simply speaking, it’s a document telling you how to tell a story. It establishes standards such as how to write a copy, how to set up, how to create visual elements and how to interact, and so on. Style guides come from the printing field, such as the press (see guardian’s Style Guide); it also presents great value in the Web field.

whether traditional printing or the Internet, the most critical is "content."". The ultimate goal of the style guide is to make the content appear in a clear and consistent visual style. BBC’s Global Experience Language (GEL) is an excellent example of the website style guide. You might as well know how to download an PDF document via the "Download GEL Web Styleguide" on the right of the page.


‘s story about the system

good style guide looks like an autobiography of the site, which allows other people to interact with it to further understand and expand the site. Style guide should be knowledge and experience accumulated in the website contains the relevant personnel in the process of project, and in a straightforward way of describing it; it explains the design ideas in the process of project design in the system level, the other team of designers, or the future of the team, to better understand the project start work.

you might think, as a designer, these aren’t our instinct should understand it in them, why get the document? In the practical work, the designer can not monopolize all things, such as business research, content strategy, user experience, technology development, QA, deployment and other aspects of the work involved the staff and team may have a lot of, you want at the right link of document delivery to the corresponding departments, so that they can more accurately understand the characteristics of the product site when necessary.

usually, after the end of the web site’s interface design, interactive designers and visual designers should begin their work on style guides. Look at you >

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