Baidu and content stations who lives for whom

Baidu as a search engine, which includes almost all of the content of other sites (not including Baidu’s other products), can be said to be a collection of other sites and COPY. This COPY is suitable for Chinese habits, general users do not care about who is this thing, as long as we can! And Baidu is therefore not to be despised, but.

, and other content stations, are generally their own things, hard to create, the site is the creator of the material. In fact, it is these contents that enrich the knowledge of the network! Let us know more, so personally think that these sites are more worthy of respect!


however, in the Internet users rely on Baidu, Baidu with the era of the network, all of this is no longer content station contents behoove! The content of Baidu, what is more, people see you stand, you do not know the name of the station, except that he is from the Baidu search to… This. It is unfair to website owners.

this does not count, and more powerful is, the most a web site owner, you have to do everything possible to let Baidu included your web site, so as to attract more customers, your website can also be known. So, we often care about whether our website has been collected and whether it has been plucked. Included many happy Pidianpidian, pulled hair to give up. Gathered in the webmaster, behind, Adsense nets, webmaster forum, said the most is the Baidu included, such as "how to let Baidu included" "Baidu included experience" "I’m so Baidu included my station"…….. this for entering the station long friends. There will be a very beneficial feeling, but for those of us who always want to see more other good, has been very hate this topic.

so, a lot of good grassroots webmaster stand out, calling everyone, don’t blindly care about Baidu included, must make the web site,


as a webmaster, should not be casually not only to improperly belittle oneself, Baidu included at the website is good or bad, you think, the world first-class technology GG, as long as you GG your stand, you stand for Baidu! Don’t, is because he was not okay, oh, to have the spirit of Ah Q


so, suggest that we mainly use the experience on the job site, so your site well, Baidu is actually for you born (refers to the survival and development, not to be bound) Baidu included, Baidu included not to become slaves of


concludes, "we’re going to be a bit bad to leave Baidu, but we’re bound to die when Baidu leaves,


hereby dedicated to the grassroots webmaster

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