Losing money but also making calls for online travel industry showing white hot competition who br

in the tourism circle of new power is on the rise, bread that when I went to the Tencent, ah qindie is Ali, a murderous way these enterprises ran OTA to this piece of the Red Sea, also in the iron horse Ge Rong sources constantly refresh energy, therefore, the market situation fusion, investors will let go where eLong BOSS will hold on, let go, Ctrip and then.


a few days ago, the National Tourism Bureau announced that the two companies in the city and the way cattle on the Internet to conduct low price to attract tourists, the Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau in Suzhou city of Nanjing City Tourism Commission, Tourism Bureau were interviewed with the process, tuniu responsible person of the enterprise, and its related tourism product cost structure make description. At present, the way cattle company has been "1 yuan" product shelves.

related departments halt the price war measures, means that competition into the white hot stage of the online tourism industry, will also usher in the first round of large-scale rectification.

OTA status: losing money must earn cry

so far, Ctrip, where to go, the way cattle and elong 4 listed companies in 2014 earnings are released. Results show that in 2014 the online tourism industry differentiation is serious, turnover growth is still the result of large-scale subsidies. In order to compete for the remaining market share, OTA have invested heavily in price wars. Compared to other industries, the online travel industry price war way is more sharp, for example, the way cattle and the same way network is a lot of products fell to 1 yuan.

from the effect of view, the price war to seize the market has a certain role. But according to relevant data show: in 2014, online travel company carries Cheng profit only, where to go up deficit is most. Crazy subsidies keep the cost of many OTA operations going up. Therefore, in recent years, although OTA has entered a period of rapid development, the pattern of the industry has changed, but development does not mean profit.

custom travel market has not yet been developed, fully

in the current influx of capital, online travel companies to achieve the segmentation and integration of the market, Chinese online travel market has been from the period of exploration and transition to the market in the past to start a period of rapid development of the market, when the ticket and hotel business gradually mature, itself a huge market of tourism industry, the Internet giant is also getting more and more aggregation.

in addition, the traditional tourism industry itself there are many pain points, but also let Internet giants get together another reason. Based on the development of traditional travel tourism industry by the price mechanism is not transparent, low efficiency and poor service experience restrictions, the decline in recent years the development of his, and to Ctrip represented OTA platform first solve the information asymmetry problem, efficiency and price, customers on the platform will be able to complete the booking, consumption, payment and comment with the development of mobile Internet, benefit in addition, extending the consumer online time, also OTA >

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