Make a good website Which points should it pay attention to

how to make the site more excellent, more suitable for W3C standard and has a good user experience, this is a lot of web production staff are facing the problem, and everyone wants to know what netgather station in the long-term practice and the end of the following, I hope we can bring help, please point out the inadequacies.

1. understands the theme of the website, the content that shows in the website and most browse group circumstance,

wants to build a website, and is a useful to the user site, we should firstly consider the content of the website and the website, what users need? How can they quickly find what you want? As a web designer in the design should be carried out around this area. If the user is not able to get what they want quickly or if your site is not operating quickly, then the site is a failure. Users will be disappointed and may never log on to your site again. A small example: if you want to do a stock site, but the site’s font size is 12px words, you think, now retired at home for the elderly, the number of stocks is not a small number, even if the content of your site again good again brilliant, they could not take a magnifying glass display looking at your website, only to let you lost a large number of users.

2. reasonable color match

for a web designer, the design process is painful and happy, clear to do a what kind of website to make the theme more reasonable are reflected by a color selection and layout process. Personally, if not do a superstring of personalized web site, then the color collocation is not a difficult thing. First, define the main color. In fact, industry characteristics of the color is not very heavy, only the perception of an industry that led to the industry association and color collocation, such as one of the main instrument museum website, of course can not red, why? In fact, due to the perception of the people, because we all think that red is a festive color, which is not consistent with the funeral hall. Like blue used in science and technology or web sites better, pink used in feminine aspects of the site better. Second, secondary color and color dotting, a website main color and secondary color to confirm dotting color, secondary color more using the same color collocation and adjacent color collocation. The same color collocation is to change the transparency, color saturation, fade or enhance pages, color collocation is according to the adjacent main color color ring adjacent colors, such as red and orange. Dotting color generally and main color difference, generally used in "the more important content or button, its function is to attract the user’s line of sight," to clear visual fatigue, rational use of eye color, avoid too much, otherwise it will backfire.

3. good web layout

web layout should grasp the elements of primary and secondary, clear, coordinated, clean, respect for the user’s visual habits, reasonable according to row content. User >

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