Determined to resign join the nternet army promotion skills sharing

touched such a long Internet, and finally determined to resign, to concentrate on doing their own career, although I know the future is slim, but I chose, and I do not regret it. The first self introduction, the daughter of a humble family US company, with 2 years, access to the Internet more hands-on, but rarely, but also saw the prospect of Internet network deeply, also please predecessors, the exhibitions.

below to introduce my experience, and by the way, please XDJM more advice:


from the beginning of last year has been the same way network website alliance members, individual agency Hotel, initially considered because the surrounding and their friends are often travel, there is sometimes work is relatively busy, can promote themselves, so with a casual attitude to. Unexpectedly, more than a year to really save a little money, ha ha; with this money, April is also with the boyfriend went to Sanya, just ticket and hotel travel costs.

now I am also an old member of Cheng Cheng network, and I have accumulated some experience. I want to share my promotion skills with you:

1, personal social relationship is very flourishing,

family, love, friendship…… What about him? Ha ha! Tell you to buy tickets, stay in the hotel, there are scenic tickets, concert tickets for me, can buy cheaper; this is convenient for everyone to book, also can be divided into.

2, chat tools, forums, promotion everywhere,

Forum promotion and chat tools, the first is to spread wide, business or new activities, first carpet advertising, users feel good on the hair, you can find some of their divisions; often the global forum, and active user forums, such as Tianya, etc., our regular maintenance; avoid long-term maintenance of the Forum, not only strong utilitarian promotion, should pay attention to the cultivation of personality charm haha.

3, online promotion is my recent big fortune,

This is

, in some good C2C mall, have dug a resistance, build a store; the general agent will inform the air ticket and hotel booking, then leave a contact, time for a new promotion and so on, there are so many benefits from my shop! Everybody!

4, there is one point to note, I think the promotion either in person or on the website, should pay attention to is combined with the content and user; personally, with ticket hotel consumption demand is generally two types, one is individual travel, he is ready to go out to play; there is often people who travel, we can look at, these people are in love? What? And then, with the promotion, so, in addition to remind you to find a good media, to improve their ability and popularity, wish you a happy

make money!

experience is over. My question is here. Do you feel like I’m going to make a professional booking site? Or do I have to use my previous resources? Now I’m not moving, the basic income is over 2K

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