ncrease the chain skills

      a new station on the line, to make the search engines fast included only continued to increase the quality of the chain, but a new station on the line, not included in the case, no one is willing to do friends chain and you, to tell you the new station outside the chain increased


first, the major search engines, bookmarks portal station, take your stand on their that wonderful content increased to bookmark, is equal to the major search engine and portal the chain weight free of charge to you, don’t want to know.

second, blog, go to the well-known blog station, apply for some free blog, such as Baidu space, Sina blog, Tianya, etc., and then connect these blog friends, plus their station connection,

just think, originally the weight of the big portal has been very high, in their friends up will be what effect? In such a blog with their own connections =


third, go to some related forums, patiently answer some questions online friends, coupled with their own chain, this is neither irrigation, and increase their own chain, why not?

fourth, about go to Baidu know, Sina love ask, SOSO, etc., I suggest everyone in not included before or less to good, of course, you like you can also go to

fifth, first new sites on-line, the space must be stable. My station ( on IP5000+++ Baidu included thousands of pages, because the space is out of order, the 4 day open, Baidu will now be on the right, IP1000 not to, this is someone who bought the lesson, I hope you don’t make the same mistake again.

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