09 years to do industry website navigation as do industry website alliance

now all kinds of Web site navigation is everywhere, do well also on the HAO123 those few, and the industry exclusive site navigation good, basically No. The main reason is that web navigation is really bad now. You’ve lost a new one on the internet.

, and we do industry website, can change ideas, the industry website navigation into industry website alliance.

in GOOGLE and Baidu search industry website alliance, you can find there are still many industries without site alliance, and now online do good industry website alliance is also rare. I did the exhibition industry alliance website, did not do any promotion within a week will be able to climb to the site keywords Industry Alliance GOOGLE pages, and the exhibition industry, exhibition industry alliance website alliance, exhibition industry, exhibition industry alliance website Web site keywords is able to climb the top of a page. This shows that we do industry website alliance, there is still great room for development.

does industry website alliance, also like website navigation, want to attract link, let a person register. But different from site navigation, if you join more people, it is easy to form industry class authority, which is a great attraction for people who do the industry website. So when we do industry website alliance might pull on an industry association or well-known in the industry a high degree of business, Media Co sponsored, so as to rapidly improve visibility can also enhance the authority of industry website alliance. For example, when I do bump exhibition nets the exhibition industry website, website of the joint industry well-known media Asia fortune forum jointly launched the exhibition industry website alliance, by alliance of industry website, industry website when the formation of scale and in turn led alliance.

, if the online industry site alliance more, friends again do alliance between each other promotion, I think this will be more links than the website will be much more effective.

himself is limited in level, just write out your own ideas, and discuss with you, do not agree, do not scold, there is the idea of Q I: 1037916152.

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