Graduation two years SEO network promotion road reflection

may be due to the character, every work after a period of time he will burst into the plight, always look exactly what they are doing and how much value in this direction will be. Always love to toss about, one thing after another toss, but also often prefer to choose, I do not know if this is because, but insisted. As a thing to feel that the lack of a sense of joy when little hesitation, I feel this kind of contradiction, or partial romantic idealism, by comparison, the sense of mission and values to drive life, or felt very painful. Do network promotion has been relatively miscellaneous, mainly around the search engine launched, SEO, SEM, soft text and so on through my graduation work in the past two years.

has no master guides, two years completely on my own, contact SEO knowledge from most of the time to play the discuz Forum on the seowhy forum, to practice the SEO, then use WordPress, dedecms station CMS, admits that the self learning ability is very powerful, but feel that the lack of a main line, it is a direction to set goals. For SEO, feel the real practice is only just graduated from that time is actually doing something, manual post link B2B, B2C each day altogether, the site has registered dozens of accounts, account to download the Baidu library has accumulated thousands of points, is still good. Later, slowly and more to see, see more, but less done.

today occasionally saw an article in the seowhy blog about personal development articles, Zhu Weikun writes a long journey, talked a lot of their own ideas and as a grassroots webmaster of the road, and finally posted the photo to Hyun loving wife. Although the development of this theme and remote from the subject personal blog, but it holds to interest and continuous learning ability has touched me. Although the starting point may be low enough, as long as the efforts to adhere to, good one, but it is a great potential energy savings. Network promotion this career to go on, is a good reflection, introspection, re thinking and positioning.

one, SEO results are more important than process.

works for some time and finds himself forgetting the most basic reason. Knowing more doesn’t mean you can do it well, and doing more doesn’t mean your results will be better. Know, implementation and results of the three aspects is completely different, if SEO such an occupation category how many people are involved, large and small SEO but there are many basic blog too many to count, in addition to the blogger in purdah no knowledge of basic indulge in self-admiration. He also wrote a blog about a hundred large and small, but also has not persevere determination and motivation to take "Changsha SEO" the long tail keywords to row into the home page, although it cannot bring benefits, but this is clearly not an attitude problem, but a problem. For more than a year, blogs haven’t been very good, and that’s the ability problem

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