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page title many SEO beginners most easy to be overlooked, that the keywords to optimize your all write up, is helpful to the ranking, in fact! General spider great possibility won’t climb up your page title, so that in three words the most good! Especially home must be brief and clear, let the spider to see that your site should reflect what, if some of many words, is out of order without the key, also dilute the weight of keywords you


took my website as a case to analyze, Suzhou satellite TV, at the beginning of this web page title is the way I write. "Suzhou satellite TV | Suzhou satellite TV installation | Suzhou satellite antenna | Suzhou satellite antenna installation | Suzhou satellite TV installation | Suzhou satellite TV installation | Suzhou Satellite Television Corporation

write a lot, on the surface seems to consist of a lot of words, but the search engine is likely to think that you are tired because you stack keywords, "Suzhou satellite" this four word frequency is too high, although you think he is not a word, but the search engine will not think so. So later I discovered this, so I changed the title to

Suzhou satellite TV | Suzhou satellite TV installation | best Suzhou satellite TV installation unit

this title is clear, also reflects a company’s purpose, the "best" service to customers! When ranking, this title can greatly attract visitors to the first click, your business success rate is high up to


so everyone in the future when writing web titles, must not only consider to search engine to see, you also want to consider when ranking high, your web page title can attract customers priority click


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