Domain name affects the development of enterprise and stationmaster website

09 years for most growers (domain name investors), is a harvest year. Perhaps because of the impact of the financial crisis (I personally think that this is a nonsense, you do not always find an excuse, an excuse is also looking for a good excuse. The impact of the financial crisis? You are a little old people, do you know what is the financial crisis, you, you eat? Always find an excuse to be the number of poor people, listen to the ear the whole time. ) said the financial crisis may be the government.

as a common people, we can not say what useless things. Believe that rice farmers can see, 09 years of the market is quite crazy. Otherwise, like,, and, they are very large sums. Even the experts say the market is crazy.

indeed, a good domain name can affect the establishment and maintenance of an enterprise’s development, planning, promotion and online brand image. Play happy nets know and lawsuit, net friend must have been to This is just a domain name difference, just a 001 difference. We enter and in the IE address bar, and the interface is pretty much the same. But there is so much difference between us that it is a world of difference.

why is there such a big difference, just a domain name, just a 001, there is such a big difference. It’s unbelievable to say that the truth is undeniable. That’s the fact that a domain name affects an enterprise.

10 years has just started out so much news:

1. Baidu is hacked

2.Google is leaving China, sold

for millions of dollars in a short time

4. Alibaba frequent acquisition of domain name

Baidu is hacked, just domain name, but Baidu still has and domain name. Since Baidu Inc doesn’t pay much attention to domain names (and perhaps other reasons, I personally think so), there is no.Cn domain name enabled at the same time. Baidu has been unable to access for 7 consecutive hours. Obviously, it is possible to minimize the loss, but because of an idea, and lead to greater losses. More growers registered

Google to leave China, speculation is worth mentioning, is a show worth mentioning, it is dissatisfied with the Chinese government. Eventually, Google did not leave China, and Google’s $1 million domain name for was still in use. Google’s action also created another domain name, go>

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