Experience in using advanced system of Knight swarm station

last week from the knight group free version of the upgrade Knight stand group system senior version, now talk about the advanced version of the use of a week experience.

New features added in

1. Advanced Edition

on the advanced version of the new features, in fact, in the www.xiake5.com A5 Knight flagship description has been mentioned here, I combine their own use process, to summarize and introduce.

add a new function: a batch add sites and tasks

One of the features of

advanced version is adding the batch add site and the function of task, we can see from the screenshot, whether the site, or task, we can add bulk, the biggest benefit of this is that you can save a lot of time.


free version of the time, I built 1 sites, but there are restrictions on the task, do not understand the powerful knight, and resolutely upgraded to the advanced version of the original do not have a flavor. After using the advanced version, you can build more sites in batches, saving a lot of time. We know, time is money, this upgrade greatly improved efficiency, it is worth it..

new features two: sprocket and custom link function

Another feature of the

Premium Edition is the addition of sprockets and custom link functions. Through the screenshot in the relevant content settings, we can achieve these two functions.


through the sprocket, the main realization of the station group in the weight of each site to communicate with each other, and then can enhance the weight of each site, improve the ranking. Through custom links, you can increase the weight of the main push keywords, enhance rankings, and ultimately increase traffic, more money.

if the station group site is enough, and have good do chain strategy. Then, with the knight group of this function, basically able to achieve automatic chain, to solve the problem of doing the most troublesome outside chain.

new feature three: target station synchronization update function

on the target station synchronization update function, I have always thought that the elite version is available, and went up to the advanced version, very pleased to find that this is actually in the advanced version will be able to use.

this function is very practical and easy to set up. After setting up, as long as the other website updates what content, our site will be reprinted immediately. This advantage is that our site can always keep the latest content, compared to other ways to grab, the quality and weight of the article is much higher,

2. summary experience

in general, the advanced version of the "Knight" group from two aspects of improving efficiency and improving the quality of the article has been upgraded. Through advanced version, we can more efficiently JianShe Railway Station >

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