Baidu mobile layout platform oligopolistic competition continues

BAT about the three big rumors have been compared with the Internet hot topic, but in recent months the report put the Buddha Ali and Tencent, especially Ali in the mobile layout and extension of platform strategy will allow the industry to feel its strong ambition. In contrast, the desktop search overlord Baidu has become a lot of silence, in addition to the acquisition of PPS in some time ago is the layout of mobile video, Baidu’s action in the capital market is not obvious.

, but Baidu has been a bit of a move lately, and it’s not a small move. Rumor has it that Baidu will buy 91 wireless for $1 billion 900 million, including 91 mobile assistant, Android market, 91 mobile open platform, 91 panda reading, 91 panda desktop and many other subdirectories. As a result, Baidu also has a more heavyweight product in the mobile platform, which will dilute the pressure.

in fact, Baidu in addition to the desktop outside the business domain expansion, lack of strength is well-known thing, competitive ranking influence search experience outside, but also seriously restricts Baidu in the way of profit exploration. After two years of sleep can make money day, now Baidu products in the sense of smell has been far behind Ali and Tencent, especially Ali, as the electricity supplier company started, its business has expanded to two and the level of financial data, Sina, High German join will make self advantages in terms of data to be reflected to a greater extent. In other words, Ali will have more realizable value of the flow, which is not good for Baidu.

Benefits of

91 wireless join

One of the most direct benefits of the

91 addition is to raise the focus of capital markets on Baidu, allowing investors to renew their understanding of Baidu and invest in it. While Baidu announced the acquisition of 91 wireless, several investment banks raised the level of Baidu shares. Of course, these are not the most important. Acquisition of 91 wireless for Baidu, the most important thing is to help its strategic layout in the mobile port. After all, looking at Ali’s growth in mobile ports, Baidu is really not able to get any decent products.


Tencent owns such a star products can be said to solve most of the problems of their own development path, whether it is the supply of APP or the flow guide and diversion, WeChat can be completed, and Ali, Taobao (Tmall) + Alipay + Sina + High German business model, can buy online and offline traffic aggregation very effective under, which will do business and marketing more thoroughly, at the initiative of each other will be more product development in our own hands, Baidu only by itself does not mature mobile phone application assistant obviously can not fully qualified for their great mission. And the addition of 91 wireless can help Baidu win more development time.

, in fact, 91 in the layout of mobile products, although not perfect, but at least it can be said to be perfect, and its 91 mobile assistant, Android market, 91 mobile open platform, 91 panda read books and other products

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