Taobao makes money tired Do you know any other ways of playing

in the last half year, the Taobao is a single brush frenzied trend, Taobao market faces relax on the brush single regulation, this exchange sellers meet most of the word is a single brush, and many sellers complain about Taobao less traffic more and more difficult to make money, make money to small sellers is an existing trend, but this is not the reason whether the trend is good! Still, the 28 law has been, why you are not that easy money 20%



1. Keywords: intentions (I’m just serious)…

please mentally correct an idea: make money must be easy, whenever Taobao make money difficult, must be their own problems, or choose the problem, or intentions,


on the heart, I took the case behind the lobular Rosewood, there are a lot of people doing lobular red sandalwood, do good, also do not move, in fact, I also play, Taobao and outside the station to play, just to play one day not long stable ten or twenty strings like a string of 300 to more than 1000 the profits will soon be amplified. This will play the discovery in the process that can do the gate where the copy four or five times before and after the change, the previous copy is to how much traffic flow out, then thoroughly carefully after the copy directly reversing the conversion rate is OK, a hard copy is completely soundless and stirless money making machine and find the better! The more expensive the better to sell, I play in ultra expensive previously said many times, many people have seen but doing the most difficult, a classic lines to some time ago movie: I understand a lot of sense or playing bad Taobao… I think the key is whether deeply really attentively


here is not let you cut to do lobular red sandalwood, most of the non standard product category can be played, the whole category is false lobular red sandalwood, brush sales can account for 50% to 70%, the market will not be fooled by the illusion of prosperity, why is there such a big brush sales? The reason is very simple, Putian Putian magical Putian…

is a heart, what you choose to do so you must be an expert in this field, if you do not quite understand your own product to do, how to fix your customers? How can write extremely professional intentions to sell you copy? You really understand lobular red sandalwood lobular red sandalwood? You go to sell do you really understand the Dendrobium candidum? You go to sell you really sell sea cucumber and so on Ganoderma lucidum completely understand? A bunch of men playing Taobao to sell women’s clothing, but really understand the dress collocation to understand material process to understand understand women psychological understand a woman


this is not the key to Taobao! If I go into many areas of general a month can become a professional in this field, with the great learning ability and method relations, have the opportunity to share with you the following.

two. Keywords: selection and demotion (mountains, tigers, monkeys, bullies…)

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