Talk about how new friends should be promoted

SEO now is becoming more and more important, many companies do not hesitate to spend a lot of money put into the network, specifically is also to promote. So many people have begun to shift to SEO, but a lot to do not always know how to start, while facing the pressure of reality is cruel, so they also have little time to look at the data, ask the teacher once, two times can be, can’t ask it, what to do? > do a long time, that I feel, I personally feel that the promotion is the technology, resources, resources, summarize certain at the same time there is a very important is the idea, way out of the decision, not a correct way of thinking may go a lot of road bend but also not want to achieve the effect of.

to do the promotion is not always possible in an industry, so when we get a new business, first do not anxious how to promote, must first understand this line, analysis of the current situation of the industry, not to think of myself before the promotion method applies here, this is not certain, teach new friends a good idea here: if you feel a sudden I do not know where to start, personal advice you can look at this line do well rival websites do, look at the specific Links, the content of the article, the external links of it, we can try to imitate, but also worth noting is that just contact this line, we write soft text is very difficult, generally we can start from the opponent’s Web site to find and then change it, after a while feeling know almost when you can slowly self Have tried to write, because the content is king.

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a keyword because of original articles at once in the front row to the search engine, which is often encountered in the promotion process, of course, we can not completely hold just write a few original article a day can be, it is not desirable, because the ranking not only depends on one aspect of this article.

well, for my friends who have just started doing promotions, my advice is to imitate what your opponent’s website is, and then push it on the basis of it.

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