One of the fatal attractions of the nternet is the rules of the game

although I neglect to move around in the industry, but also often by a wave of hot blooded youth come to visit, explore how to break into the network industry, creating a world of mystery. These people can be roughly divided into four categories: one is that since the experience of the network, has a unique opinion, or unique resources; the two is already in the network industry dry for several years, but not willing to work for others, wanted to live on their own is a network industry; three story one after another by excited but, don’t think those successful people have what fantastic, felt too; four in other traditional industries is dry enough, that the Internet is a new industry, silly money opportunities. Recently to talk about the investment network is also a lot of people, I guess it is the financial crisis, but the industry still All business languishes., network video, search what, stride forward singing militant songs, 2 new stories, one by one, can feel a touch. Attention is paid to the outcome, to the process, to the cause, or to the neglect, or to the real understanding. The Internet has its appeal, but if it’s unclear what the source of attraction is, it’s often fatal to most people.

I’m not very good though, but since that is an honest person, do not want to see a lot of people a lot of money a lot of work a lot of time in unknown circumstances, hastily thrown into the network of this great risk, the success rate is very low in the industry. So, on such occasions, I usually pour cold water on the particularity of this line of business. If you talk too much and repeat it, I’ll be bored when someone doesn’t bother me. I’d rather write it at once. Let’s have a look first. It’s easier to talk about it if it hasn’t been scared by me. What you want to say is quite complicated, tentatively called the game rules of the network industry. The full name should be the successful rules of the game in the network industry, and it is not within the scope of discussion that you want to use the Internet to invigorate traditional industries. More words, estimated to write a ten, eight articles. It’s not necessarily true, but at least I think it makes sense. Words are probabilistic, and who finds a counterexample to criticize, and I have nothing to say, who makes the world complex?. The discovery and understanding of the rules of the game must have something to do with my experience, but mainly from the observation and analysis of the history of the industry, as far as possible from the facts, to find the law on the basis of facts.

, look at some basic facts first. These facts are summarized in the major U.S. network companies (GOOGLE, YAHOO, EBAY, AMAZON), and China’s major network companies (Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Shanda, Ali). The common characteristics of these companies are relatively large, relatively well-known, relatively successful, and relatively high transparency.

in 1. successful Internet companies are initiated by the one or two founders, who in addition to love the network, have much successful experience in other industries, even a lot of people are not even the general work experience.

fact 2. successful network companies must be pioneers in the direction of a network service or a major innovator in the right direction. The services of these companies are geared towards the general needs of most web users, not the specific needs of a small number of users. >

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