Reform takes time and network reform is as difficult as reality

in Phoenix TV quiz "Shenzhou" column, Sally Wu interviewed the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong, asked to "find problem – sealing station again" the Internet reorganization will last long time, Minister Li said, "at least in the first quarter of this period of time, I’m afraid to work harder, so to be able to see the effect in this special rectification, and it probably also need to continue for a period of time, also means that the next quarter time, individual website is more and more difficult. See Li Yizhong in stationmaster net home page article: permanently personal website number will continue to increase, indicating that the network rectification movement continues to rise, the grassroots survival increasingly difficult, also means that the network more and more unemployed. Speculation has confirmed that more and more websites are being shut down permanently, and the number of grass root queue is getting more and more.

Internet consolidation is due to the existence of pornographic information on the Internet, so to clean up in time, but this goal has been "curve forward", leading to many innocent personal websites are closed. Do not know if this is a "double-edged sword" policy designed to shut the personal website, the establishment of a domestic large Lan "grand goal"; the law enforcement agencies in the implementation process of irresponsible reckless across the board. No matter for what reason, individual website is at an end, the number of permanently personal website on the increase.

"permanent shutdown" speech, a personal webmaster began to worry. Which site is the object permanently shut down, how to spend this dangerous stage? For personal website website if the documents are complete, content is not no to this risk? If again across the way, even if there is no problem of the website is still doomed. If there is no relevant documents, and bad luck, may mean that the next batch of permanent closure of the object. China’s Internet consolidation will continue for some time. During this period, I wonder how many earth shaking things might happen.

network consolidation should not just shut down websites. As far as the monitoring system of the Internet is concerned, many aspects are imperfect. For example, to strengthen the supervision of the Internet, requiring personal web site real name system, requiring real name for the record. But the site filing requirements are too strong, and not feasible. As a result, the record link can not keep up, personal website certificate is not complete, resulting in being closed. Moreover, every time the fight against pornographic websites has gone, the crackdown still exists, but the number of innocent websites has become more and more. Network consolidation so far, has not seen results.

the current situation in China’s Internet is determined by the shape of the whole country. If the social shape has not changed, the rectification of the Internet will not have obvious results. As far as the two sessions are being held, although deputies to the people’s congresses all come from different regions and different ethnic groups and make speeches and proposals on behalf of different groups, the voice of the people who really represent the common people is still very small. After all, these representatives are divorced from the masses, and it is difficult to understand the real needs of the masses. Even so, the two sessions are held regularly, and this is the current society

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