Goa gears up to host CHOGM delegates for week-end of relaxation and ‘retreat’

first_imgConstruction at the Aguada HermitageIn traquil, unhurried Goa, the customary siesta time between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. is being dispensed with. ‘Amanha’ (tomorrow) used to be the standard Goan plea for putting off any task and tomorrow never used to come.’Amanha’ is no longer acceptable: hordes of officials, technicians,Construction at the Aguada HermitageIn traquil, unhurried Goa, the customary siesta time between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. is being dispensed with. ‘Amanha’ (tomorrow) used to be the standard Goan plea for putting off any task and tomorrow never used to come.’Amanha’ is no longer acceptable: hordes of officials, technicians and engineers from Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka keep flying in to ensure that everything is ready when 46 Commonwealth heads of government arrive in November for a 48-hour retreat in this tiny coastal Union territory (population: 1 million) during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).No expense or trouble is being spared to ensure that the VIPs who come to enjoy the balmy climate and breathtakingly beautiful coconut-fringed beaches of Goa and picturesque Portuguese-style villages will have a holiday to remember, villages will have a holiday to remember.When all expenses are totted up it will have truly been a million-dollar vacation but government sources insist that it will be well worth it both in terms of international prestige and publicity for Goa. Most of the expenses are to be borne by the Central Government and a standard joke making the rounds in Goa is: “Don’t let this opportunity slip, Indira Gandhi will not deny us anything just now.”Speedy Improvement: So whether it is replacing a dilapidated milk booth, widening, a road or putting more street lights, hundreds of requests are pouring in in the name of beautification. Contracts and sub-contracts have been handed out liberally. The only stipulation seems to be that the work has to be in a locality which is close to the visitors’ itinerary. Just how CHOGM has hastened up things is illustrated by the completion this year of the 800 m Zuari bridge on the airport road: work on the bridge had been hanging fire since 1973.Of the expenses, Rs 8 crore to Rs 9 crore is to be borne by the Goa Government but Chief Minister Pratap Singh Rane is quick to point out that these are costs for such projects as road widening, jetty, building and street lighting which would have been taken up in due course. “It is just a case of accelerating the development process,” says he. Similarly, Sushil Prakash, Goa’s divisional engineer, telecommunications, points out that the Rs 21 crore being spent on increasing the capacity of the local exchanges is a long-term investment. But some of the other telecommunications inputs will have no further use for the Goans once the beach party is over.Even the exclusive Taj beach resort at Fort Aguada, where the CHOGM delegates are being put up, does not want to later rent the 400-line PABX exchange which is being imported for CHOGM. Entirely computer-controlled, it will offer temporarily – direct dialling to 60 countries.in addition to 20 hot lines abroad. The cost of the exchange is Rs 23 lakh, the laying of the UHF link Rs 25 lakh, the cost of the temporary air-conditioned structure which has to be put up to house the equipment Rs 10 lakh. Strong Links: To ensure that there is no communications breakdown strong supporting communigation links are being established with key departments. Hot lines from the air terminal at Dabolim to various state government control rooms, defence headquarters in Delhi and Bombay, the police and the press will cost an additional Rs 1.8 crore.advertisementRepainting an idol of St Francis Xavier: sprucing upIronically, although Goa will offer direct dialling to 60 countries, phone communications are in a mess. A new exchange was installed in April this year in Panaji but no air-conditioning was provided for the equipment. Underground cables which were newly laid were badly damaged with all the digging activity taken up by various agencies, a malady which also affected Delhi during the preparations for the Asiad.Says Prakash: “Earlier no one used to bother to inform before digging; now there is much better coordination between the municipality, the Public Works Department, and the electricity and telephone departments.” The Navhind Times daily, in fact, commented waspishly on the state of Goa’s telephones, saying that while it might now be possible to get London direct, it was no longer possible to dial from one number in Panaji to another, let alone Panaji to Vasco.The 40-Acre Fort Aguada atop the Sinquerim Hill to the Calangute beach is considered an ideal locale for private and informal discussions between leaders. 7-ft high wall is being erected around the premises to keep away both press and intruders. Fort Aguada was personally selected last November by the prime minister over such competition as Chandigarh, a helicopter to inspect the premises accompanied by the hotel group’s Managing Director Ajit Kerkar.The main hotel complex, a Portuguesestyle mansion done up in red laterite stone is each get a suite which includes a bedroom and a sitting-room. In the Aguada’s exotic tropical garden 20 new cottages are being built-the Aguada Hermitage. The suites for the VIPs are being furnished with antique Goan carved furniture of rosewood and sisam. Each suite has a separate colour scheme. Wooden rafters on the roof and terracotta pots will all add to the local touch. Strategically located on top of the hill are three cottages which stand out because of their commanding position.advertisementRepresentatives of various high commissions in Delhi, who have come down to Goa to look up the arrangements, invariably ask who is to be located where, to which the hotel’s standard diplomatic reply is that the Ministry of External Affairs will decide decide. After CHOOM the hotel plans to rent the cottages for Rs 2,000 a night. While the main guests, their wives and their aides will be housed at Fort Aguada, the CHOGM secretariat staff will be housed next door at the Taj Holiday Village in a slightly less opulent environment.Leisure Pursuits: With the shortage of time it is doubtful whether the much-talked of putting green will be completed but apart form golf almost every other game will be available, including water-skiing, windsurfing, para-sailing, sailing, rowing, fishing, squash and billiards. In honour of CHOGAM, the Taj is building a sports complex for tennis and volleyball and a health club.The hotel is stocking its deep freezes with exotica such as smoked oysters, pink salmon, caviar, T-boned steaks and baby corns, its cellars with fine imported wines, though the Ministery of External Affairs has drawn the lind at the import of vintage-year wines as an unnecessary extravagance.The only major excursion planned for the head of state is a river cruise to old Goa, the site of the former capital where some of the most renowed churches and convents of Goa are situated. Workers are busy with brushes giving a spring cleaning to the church of St Francis of Assisi across the road. A new floor to the museum building is being added. An embarrassing problem fro the Government is what to do with the statue of the 16th century Portuguese soldier-poet Luis De Camoes, which the Portuguese erected a year before their exit form Goa in December 1961 and placed prominently right in the centre of the main square of old Goa. A major controversy in Goa is whether is statue should remain.A newly-built VIP suite at the Aguada Hermitage: fit for kingsMeanwhile, the lighting and widening of Goa’s dangerously narrow streets is a major priority. Says Shaikh Hassan, minister for power, revenue and energy: “Goa will be lit up like a Christmas tree for our visitors.” Bright sodium and high-pressure mercury lamps are being installed all along the road from Panaji to Fort Aguada, the main promenades of Panaji and the causeway from Panaji to Raibander along the Mandovi river. The churches of old Goa and the national monuments are being floodlit as well as the ramparts of Fort Aguada which presently houses Goa’s jail. The cost of the new lighting arrangements is estimated at Rs 1.70 crore.The VIP visitors arrive at Dabolim Airport on November 25 and the present naval airfield is in for extensive renovation. The shabby shed which acts as the terminus is to be replaced with a Rs 2-crore two-storey building in Jaisalmer and Kota stone with typical Gaon wooden rafters for the roofs and air-conditioning. There are to be three large VIP lounges and Air-India Mulekar, Goa’s acrodrome officer: “Air-India will be taking away their fancy furniture afterwards. We cannot afford to keep it thereafter.”Extensive Arrangements: The Instrument Landing System and Visual Approach Slope Indicator are other new installations. Sex helipads at Rs 2 lakh each are being built so that the visitors can be airlifted to Fort Aguada lighthouse where helepads are also being constructed.A stand-by arrangement is to go by boat from the Goa Shipyard jetty to Fort Aguada or by road. Jetties are being constructed at old Goa and Aguada and a luxury launch (cost Rs 25 lakh) is being added to the existing fleet of two.One point which is irking the Goans is the way all decisions are being worked out in Delhi and by officials who keep flying in and out. A common refrain is that the chief minister and ministers hardly know what is happening and are merely told what to do.advertisementMost of the visiting technicians and engineers are outsiders, not because Goans have not taken up these professions but because those who do have preffered to leave Goa and earn a living by taking up lucrative jobs in Bombay and the Middle East. But the engineers and technicians are just a small advance party. As CHOGM draws near thousands of bureaucrats, policemen and soldiers will descend on Goa to make sure it’s a carnival fit for a queen.DISPUTES: TIGHT SQUEEZEMrs Lobo with her daughter, DominiqueThe spectacle of two elderly widows battling the combined might of the Government and a powerful hotel chain would evoke sympathy at any time. But the resistance put up by Josephine Lobo, 73, and Priciosa Menezes, 75, against the take-over of their coconut groves located strategically between the two Taj Hotel complexes in Goa – the Fort Aguada Beach Resort and the neighbouring Taj Holiday Village -has developed into one of the uglier side-shows of the CHOGM preparations.The widows are convinced that CHOGM is merely a pretext for the Indian Hotels Company Limited, better known as the Taj Hotel group, to swallow up their land holdings. Says Dominique Lobo, Josephine’s daughter: “Since 1976 the Taj had been pressing my late father to sell. But we don’t want to sell. This land was given to my Mummy by my granny as her dowry. My Mummy spent three years levelling the ground with her bare hands. She planted each coconut tree and they are like her children.”Dominique’s father, who worked as an accountant in the post office at Aden, regularly sent home his salary for developing the land. Priciosa Menezes is equally adamant: “I will not sell the land as long as I live. After my death my children can do whatever they want.”Crucial Letter: For its part, the Taj Hotel group protests that the land is being acquired by the Government for CHOGM and it does not come into the picture. This, however, might have been more convincing if it had not been for a letter written to Priciosa Menezes in 1976 by the then manager of the Taj, I. A. Menezes.In his letter Menezes stated that his company needed the land to expand the Beach Resort Hotel and was offering a price of Rs 10 per sq m (the present unofficial price is said to be Rs 200). The last paragraph is significant: “Looking forward for an early reply to save us from resorting to acquisition of the land under the Land Acquisition Act and thanking you in anticipation.”The widows first received land acquisition notices in March this year calling for the take-over of their entire holdings measuring 21,000 sq m, including Priciosa Menezes’s cottage. In tears they went to the Candolim village sarpanch Mazinho Cardozo for help. Cardozo who took up the matter on their behalf began asking some embarrassing questions about why the land was being acquired.Mrs Menezes: determined struggleAt the time the authorities said that it was wanted for a sports complex for volleyball, table tennis and cards but Cardozo pointed out that the Taj had enough land to build three sports complexes. And while Chief Minister P. S. Rane first insisted that nothing could be done, he later reduced the area to be acquired to 6,600 sq m after a blaze of adverse publicity.Purpose Unclear: Even now nobody is quite clear what the land will be used for. Some officials hint that it is wanted for security reasons. Rane believes that the External Affairs Ministry is keen on developing a putting-green, though he does not explain how an uneven, sandy coconut grove can be converted into one, in such a short time. He has also offered to give the land back after CHOGM but refuses to give a written assurance on this saying: “In Goa a gentleman’s word is enough.”Tourism Minister Wilfred D’Souza, however is under the impression that his ministry is acquiring the land to build cabanas and dressing-rooms. And after Rane’s statement that the land would be returned, D’Souza says that his ministry will not start construction.Meanwhile, relations between the villagers and the hotel have deteriorated to an all-time low. Both Lobo and Priciosa Menezes complain that Taj employees regularly trespass and dump rainwater and garbage on their plots.The village sarpanch also says that he will not sanction a sports complex unless there is a public approach to the main road. The panchayat has managed to successfully stall another proposal to acquire 4,20,000 sq m of land for a golf course on Sinquerim Hill. Panchayat officials also feel that the Taj’s house tax is too low at Rs 10.000.Lobo and Menezes are also waging a legal battle against the acquisition. With the help of opposition leaders they have hired a lawyer and filed a petition claiming that the land was not wanted for public purpose. So far they have not met with much success.The plea was rejected by the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court. Now they plan to appeal to the Supreme Court, Jagat Verma, director, operations, western region, of the Indian Hotels Company Limited feels: “We are being unnecessarily defamed. The matter is between the Government and the widows. We do not come into the picture.”Adds Asha Rishi, general manager of the Fort Aguada hotel: “In the Government’s master plan the coconut groves land is all classified for hotel use. The UNDP plan also shows this. What was desirable before-under the master plan became critical because of CHOGM.” But for all their protestations there is little doubt the Taj Hotels group has landed itself a fight that it did not bargain for.last_img read more

ICC World Twenty20: Virat Kohli gifts his bat to Mohammad Amir

first_imgIndian batting talisman Virat Kohli on Friday gifted Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir one of his cricket bats on the eve of their World Twenty20 clash.Kohli was having a batting session during India’s net practice at the Eden Gardens ground when Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi along with Amir went to greet him. (Also read: Pakistan will beat India if Shahid Afridi is calm, says Wasim Akram) After a few handshakes, Kohli – otherwise known for his on field aggression – was seen presenting the left arm pacer with one of his precious willows.Amir happily grabbed it and after a few words waved goodbye.It was learnt that during the recent Asia Cup in Bangladesh Kohli had promised Amir that he would gift him one of his bats.last_img read more

Berlusconi family holds talks with Chinese investors over sale of AC Milan

first_imgThe Berlusconi family holding company Fininvest called a board meeting for Tuesday noon to open exclusive talks with a consortium of Chinese investors over the sale of AC Milan soccer club, a source close to the matter said.The asset is one of the most cherished ones by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who last summer failed to complete a sale of the club to Thai businessman Bee Taechaubol. A person who followed the negotiations said Berlusconi changed his mind at the last minute.The group of Chinese investors – whose identity is still not known – has valued the club at 700 million euros ($798 million), including debt, another source said last week.last_img read more

How to Use Glassdoor to Ensure You’re Paid Equally

first_imgAs we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, office conversation inevitably segues to equal pay. After all, Glassdoor research shows that women make just 76 cents for every dollar a man makes on an unadjusted basis. However, a recent Glassdoor survey found that an overwhelming majority (89 percent) of employed adults in the across the globe believe that men and women should be paid equally; in the U.S., it jumps to 93 percent.So how do we level the playing field? It starts with data.Salary negotiations are one of the most direct ways to affect change in the workplace (not to mention in your purse). And arming yourself with the knowledge, data and confidence to get paid what you’re worth (and what the fellas make) is a matter of doing the research.[Related: 9 Companies Committed to Pay Equality–Hiring Now!]Perhaps you’ve seen the recent Secret Deodorant commercial featuring a Millennial woman standing in front of a bathroom mirror. She frantically tries to memorize a speech for how she’s going to ask her male boss for a raise. Sure, it’s a stressful, sweat-inducing moment— thus the plug for strong deodorant. But as I mentioned before, data (not deodorant) is what you really need.Here are 4 ways to use Glassdoor to equip yourself for salary negotiations and ensure that you’re paid equally.1. Comb through available salary reportsCheck Glassdoor to figure out what the average salary for your position is in your area and read what current and former employees have been paid. For example, you can see that a Delta flight attendant can make $40,645 per year while Southwest flight attendants report making $57,230 per year. Dig deeper to see qualifications, perks of the job and benefits.We’ve even got the highest paying companies in America listed for a handy reference, for those who are research-averse.2. Read what others say about their interview and negotiating processesAfter interviewing at Airbnb for a role as a customer experience specialist, one Oregon employee revealed, “The process took a few hours, was less scary than I’d worked myself for, and involved some role-playing, survival team-building scenarios, and short one-on-one interviews.” He/she then added a tidbit about the negotiation, writing, “I know salary is set in stone and is competitive!” Getting insight into HR practices and how others interact with hiring managers is super helpful information to know when you’re preparing to interview for a new job or negotiating at your current gig.3. Get tangible adviceSure the data is great and the feedback from others is uber helpful, but when you’re ready to seal the deal and need to know what to say, Glassdoor has got you covered. Check out our dozens of articles all dedicated to salary negotiation—how to make the case, what to say, what to wear and, even, how to follow up if the negotiations don’t work in your favor initially. We’ve got the ultimate guide to asking for more and getting more.4. See if the company practices what it preachesThere’s a meme that has been circulating on Instagram that says “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” That quote encompasses exactly what companies should do as it relates to equality in the workplace. All organizations can talk a good game, but which ones are stepping up to the plate to pay fairly and offer benefits that support all employees. Take a look at the benefits tab on any employer profile on Glassdoor. Scroll down to see their values, benefits, and perks. Compare the company values to your own. Depending on your interests, ask questions like, Do they offer adequate maternity and paternity leave? What do employees say about job training or diversity initiatives? Could those professional support tools help me get promoted? Then take a look at the company’s pledges and certifications, for example, Royal United Mortgage company. These badges reflect a company’s public commitment to values like equal pay, veterans hiring and social responsibility. This is where you can evaluate if a company really “walks the walk.” If a company isn’t ready to stake a stand on Pay Equality showcasing their commitment to pay equitably for equal work and experience, maybe you should keep walking.GET STARTED: How Does Your Salary Compare to Others In Your Profession?last_img read more

How to Use Keywords to Make a Resume Recruiters Notice

first_img 23 hours ago 23h 3.0★ Do you tailor your resume to match the job you’re applying for? There are some compelling reasons that you should. You already tailor other things you write to a specific audience, (e.g., emails, term papers, brochures). Why should your resume be any different?Here are a few simple tips on how to write a resume and tailor it to a job description.Know Your SkillsA good place to start is by making a master list of your skills. But why make a master list if you’re just going to take keywords from the job listing? The list helps you identify what kinds of job listings to target. Also, it will help you prioritize the skill keywords you will take from the job listing.So, think back on all of the jobs you’ve had and the skills you’ve learned over the years. As you add them to your list, put the ones you feel strongest about at the top. By putting your strongest skills at the top, you can see how close you are to being the perfect candidate when you select different job listings. For example, when your strongest skills line up with the skills the recruiter emphasizes in the job listing, there’s a better chance you’ll get called in for an interview.If you’re worried about whether a skill is relevant, add it anyhow. It’s best to get it all on paper and save the cherry-picking for later.6 Impressive Skills to Include on Your ResumeMine the Job Listing for Skills KeywordsCarefully read the job listing and highlight any skills the employer mentions — these are keywords. When a hiring manager first looks at your resume, they will scan it for these keywords. And they will only spend an average of six seconds trying to find them. That means that you need to put the most important keywords at the top of your resume. Make other keywords eye-catching with embellishments like numbers and accomplishments.For example, let’s say one of the requirements in the job listing is “excellent customer service skills.” You’ve decided to add it to your experience section as a key responsibility from your last job. But don’t just write “responsible for handling customer service.” Add some value: “Spearheaded a customer service initiative that saved the company over $50,000 and resulted in a 10 percent decrease in returns.“ Now the recruiter knows how excellent you are at customer service — $50,000 worth!Here’s a tip: If you’ve ever cut costs or increased revenue, add that information. If you’re not sure by how much, estimate. Just be sure that you can back up your estimation with proof.Identify Vital SkillsTry to find two to three other job listings similar to the one featuring the job you’re applying for. Read through them and mark the skills listed. If you find skills that are common across these listings, there’s a good chance they’re either mandatory or highly desirable for the job you’re targeting.Next, take a trip over to LinkedIn and look at other professionals’ profiles. What skills do they list? How are they similar? If you see a pattern, you’ve figured out which skills are most likely relevant keywords for your resume.8 Certifications That Actually Impress RecruitersCategorize the Remaining Skills for PerspectiveThe rest of the keyword skills should fall into one of three categories:Job-relatedTransferableAdaptiveJob-related skills are necessary for you to do the work at hand. They include things like knowing Java and Python or having the ability to operate a forklift. Chances are if you don’t have most of the job-related skills, you can’t do the work.Make sure these skills go in prominent places on your resume, like the summary or leading bullet points in your experience section. You want the hiring manager to check them off their must-have list as quickly as possible.Transferable skills are less important than the other types. They are basic skills that most people have because they carry them from one job to another. They include things like knowing how to create pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. Hiring managers welcome them on resumes but don’t treat them as unique or extraordinary. What they can do for you is flesh out your resume and give you extra value. So, feature them in your skills section.Here’s a tip: Don’t just write “Microsoft Excel.” Add the detail about the pivot tables: “Microsoft Excel, pivot tables.”Adaptive skills are the most elusive. They are skills like dependability and assertiveness. Usually, they are self-taught survival skills that help us thrive in society. The very nature of these skills makes them difficult to measure and demonstrate. If possible, pair the ones you feel strongest about with accomplishments that illustrate them. Scatter them throughout your resume where appropriate.Find Out if You Did a Good Job With KeywordsDropping your tailored resume into a word generator like Wordle allows you to see which words you used the most. Cloud generators make words bigger when they are used more often in a piece of text. Ignore small words like “at” or “the” and focus on the dominance of your keywords.If the most prominent words are not your keywords, you may want to rewrite your resume to increase the frequency with which you use those words. Adding more keywords will also improve the chances that your resume will pass an applicant tracking system (ATS) scan. If you need certain keywords to show up more frequently, add them to your skills or experience section.Ask A Resume Writer: Do I Need to “Game” Applicant Tracking Systems to Land Interviews?Tailored Resumes Get You HiredIn an age where we are constantly bombarded and overwhelmed with information, you can’t expect a hiring manager to pick up a generic resume and find it relevant. It is necessary to customize your resume to match both the job listing and a hiring manager’s expectations. Otherwise, you might just miss that golden opportunity.Natalie Severt is a writer at Uptowork. She writes about how to create successful resumes to help job seekers land their dream jobs. When she isn’t writing, she eats tacos and reads complicated novels. You can find her on Twitter. This article was originally published on Grammarly. It is reprinted with permission.Browse Open Jobs LPN Washington Fertility Center Annandale, VA Front waiter – Clyde’s of Georgetown Clyde’s Restaurant Group Washington, DC 23 hours ago 23h Browse More Jobs 23 hours ago 23h 3.9★ 2.9★ N/A Sales Director Federal SUSE Washington, DC 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Director of Rehabilitation Kindred Healthcare Washington, DC CDL-A Dedicated Truck Driver USA Truck Washington, DC Marketing Communications Specialist Allied Telecom Group Arlington, VAcenter_img 4.1★ 2.9★ 23 hours ago 23h Innovative Outpatient Family Medicine Opportunity Near FedEx Field Steele Healthcare Solutions Capitol Heights, MD 3.8★ Police Officer Metropolitan Police Department of Washington DC Washington, DC 23 hours ago 23h N/A Cybersecurity Program Associate Noblis Washington, DC 3.1★ 23 hours ago 23h Executive Assistant Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Washington, DC 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h 4.0★last_img read more

4 Beliefs to Drop When Changing Careers

first_img 3.4★ 5.0★ 3.7★ Residential Service & Repair Electrician George Brazil Plumbing & Electrical Phoenix, AZ 4.6★ Find Jobs Near You 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h R.N/L.P.N. Westminster Village Bloomington IL Bloomington, IL 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Clinical Nurse- Nursing Resource Pool (NRP) 7pm-7am MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, TX Physical Therapist- Sign-on Bonus AthletiCo Libertyville, IL 23 hours ago 23h Coax Splicer Communications Construction Group Miami Gardens, FL Certified Nursing Assistant (Full Time) Genesis Healthcare Stockton, CA 2.6★center_img 23 hours ago 23h 4.2★ 23 hours ago 23h 1.7★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h N/A 23 hours ago 23h 4.1★ Restaurant Manager(s) LAD Foods, Inc. Tuscaloosa, AL Hair Stylist – Licensed – BULLHEAD CITY, AZ-2250 Hwy 95, 86442 Sport Clips Bullhead City, AZ RN – Interventional (Per Diem) Deborah Heart & Lung Center Browns Mills, NJ My career has not followed a linear path. After two weeks of medical school, I left to instead pursue a marketing career, walking away from years of educational investment. A few years later, I moved from San Francisco to London, creating another detour in my career. Then, after ten years in the corporate world, I left my marketing career behind to launch my own business, forcing me to rebuild my professional identity from scratch as a career consultant, professional speaker and podcast host.During each of these transitions, aside from the practical challenges that inevitably come up when you’re making a career change, my own mental hang-ups became some of the biggest obstacles to making the very changes that could improve my life and career.Here are four beliefs I had to drop in order to step off the beaten path of a traditional, linear career and find work that I found truly meaningful.Belief #1: “I have to finish what I started.”During those times in my career when I was about to land that next promotion, secure that upcoming end-of-year bonus or finish up an exciting project, I found it much more difficult to walk away and pursue another professional endeavor. When you’re only a few months away from crossing a major milestone, dropping everything you’ve invested to get that far is very difficult.One reason why corporate incentives exist is to keep you loyal to your company. That means if you leave your role behind, you’ll inevitably leave something on the table that you worked hard to achieve. Accepting that you have to let go of what you started allows you to make room for other endeavors.6 Personal Fears Holding You Back From Your Dream CareerBelief #2: “Starting over equals failure.”The career changes I’ve made in my life have involved some degree of starting over. Whether learning the ropes in a new sector, restarting my life in a new country or figuring out how to build my own business. Starting over has sometimes left me feeling a bit like a “failure” in my career, like I wasn’t tough enough to stick things out or finish what I started.However, starting over is often necessary to pursue a new path in your career. But seeing it as a failure will inevitably shake your self-confidence at a time when you need it most. Accepting that starting over is often the best thing you can do for your career will help you unapologetically market yourself and your ambitions to your new target employer.Belief #3: “I need to stay on track with my peer group.”As much as I try to avoid comparing myself to others, it’s hard to completely ignore the movements of others in your peer group, especially those status updates that come through on LinkedIn whenever someone gets promoted or lands a fancy new job. When I first started my own business, I had NO title, so seeing my former colleagues being promoted into those senior roles I was once aspiring to land was sometimes difficult to stomach, even though I knew deep down that their success was completely unrelated to my own unique professional journey.When you change careers, you end up being a more non-traditional professional, so you have to find a way to stop measuring your self-worth using traditional metrics like fancy job titles or climbing the corporate ladder. Once you understand that your career happiness is driven more by the work you do rather than by the titles you earn, it frees you to pursue work that truly matters to you.How to Fall In Love With Your Job All Over AgainBelief #4: “My salary must always go up.”While money has rarely been the number one factor that’s driven my career decisions, seeing my salary take a hit has always been far from ideal. Many of the career changes I’ve made have involved some sort of short-term salary sacrifice. For example, when I started my own business, I earned much less than I did in the corporate world during that first year of building my business.One of the most common fears I hear from career changers is having to compromise on salary in order to pursue a new career path. On the one hand, seeing your salary continually go up is a validation that what you’re doing is “worth it,” but on the other, it can trap you in one linear career path in order to avoid seeing your salary dip. However, if you’re willing to make a few lifestyle changes and temporary sacrifices to your salary, that can become the exact investment needed to open the doors to doing work that ultimately makes you happier.Joseph Liu is a professional speaker, podcast host and career consultant.Browse Open Jobs 3.5★ Paramedic Royal Ambulance San Jose, CAlast_img read more

Your Coworkers Are Leaving. Should You Do the Same?

first_img Line Cooks Red Robin Spokane, WA 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Speech/Language Pathologist CCC/CF Community Rehab Associates Lake Worth, FL 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Maintenance Worker- Relief/Temp Clinical Support Options Northampton, MA 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h 3.6★ 3.6★ 2.9★ RN – Grandview Medical Center – 5 West – Full Time – Nights – **$12,500 Sign-On Bonus Kettering Health Network Dayton, OH 23 hours ago 23h 2.6★ Restaurant Manager Cracker Barrel Tewksbury, MA 23 hours ago 23h Sr. VP_CFO and Administrative Services Spire Credit Union Falcon Heights, Ramsey, MN 4.5★ Having a group of great coworkers could spell the difference between enjoying your time spent at work and dreading the idea of going into the office every day. But what happens when your colleagues start leaving the company in rapid succession? Do you stick it out in the hopes their replacements will be just as awesome, or do you hop aboard that bandwagon and quit yourself? It’s a tough call to make, so here’s how to reconcile it.People Are Important at WorkRemember back in the day when you learned about peer pressure? Your parents probably gave you that whole “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?” speech to drive home the point that it’s generally better to be your own person and make your own decisions.But the scenario described above is a little different, because we’re not talking about a leaving a job for the sake of doing the cool or popular thing. Rather, it’s a matter of preserving your happiness. If your coworkers are what make your job more pleasant, and the bulk of them leave, it’s bound to impact your happiness in a negative way.Not only that, but research from Rutgers University has shown that having strong relationships with colleagues can improve performance. If you have coworkers you get along with, you’ll have an easier time asking for help as needed without worrying about being judged. Having solid relationships with colleagues in different areas of your company can also help you gain access to key insight and information you may not otherwise be privy to. And then there’s morale to consider — employees who have friends at the office report being in a good mood more often, which could translate into increased motivation and better output. So when those awesome colleagues go away, the opposite can occur — your outlook can take a turn for the negative and your performance can quickly begin to follow suit.20 Companies Where Employees Are the HappiestGet to the Bottom of ThingsPersonal impacts aside, when deciding whether to follow your colleagues out the door, it’s important to think about why they’re leaving. Is it coincidental that several of them happened to get better offers around the same time? Or were they actively trying to leave because they recognized that they were stuck in dead-end jobs or that impending company changes would’ve made their job situations worse? If an unusually large number of colleagues are leaving at once, chances are, there’s a reason for it, and that alone might raise a red flag.Making the CallIt’s natural to be tempted to follow your colleagues’ lead when the bulk of them decide to leave your company and go elsewhere. But before you do, think about your own status at work. Are you happy with your title, tasks and salary? Does your company give you the flexibility needed to maintain a decent work-life balance? Moving to a new employer means grappling with a series of unknowns, so if you like most aspects of your job, it may be worth it to stay put, ride out the upcoming transition and see what sort of new colleagues you wind up with.Furthermore, if you’re generally happy at work and have a bunch of colleagues leaving, that could serve as an opportunity for you to take over some of their responsibilities and prove what a valuable asset you are to the company. Being that person who shows those incoming new hires the ropes can also help you stand out to your employer and perhaps pave the way to a promotion.How to Get A PromotionOn the other hand, if you’re not necessarily in love with your job and don’t see a compelling reason to stay, you might consider jumping ship along with your colleagues. This especially holds true if your work is collaborative in nature, and you feel that losing those coworkers will substantially impact day-to-day life at the office.Or, the answer might lie somewhere in the middle: Let your colleagues leave, see how things shake out at your current company, but have an exit strategy in case things quickly take a turn for the worse. Having terrific colleagues can truly turn an otherwise tough work situation into a bearable or even enjoyable one, so it’s perfectly OK to acknowledge that loss and let it drive your own career-related decisions.Related Links:7 Ways to Maximize Your IncomeForget Mars: The City of Tomorrow Will Be in Arizona3 In-Demand Jobs That Let You Work RemotelyThis article was originally published on The Motley Fool. It is reprinted with permission. 3.2★ 3.4★ 3.6★ 2.5★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant Interim HealthCare Ogden, UT Diesel Mechanic – Experienced Clarke Power Services, Inc. Jackson, MS Retail Store Manager Plow and Hearth, LLC Moosic, PA Hot New Jobs For You 3.2★ View More Jobs Line Cook Double Diamond Graford, TXlast_img read more

How to Increase Your Income as a Web Developer

first_img When you are working as a website developer at a company you can get a higher paying job by branching out to freelancing or working for a bit com client. You can get a higher paying website developer job as you hone your skills and get better at your craft. You can also do some of the following: Teach: There are many people who want to learn how to develop websites. You can set up a video teaching tutorial and earn more money by showing others how to develop websites. Partner with an agency: You can offer your clients more perks and upsells by pairing with a marketing agency. You will also put yourself in a position to earn a higher salary. The more things you can offer your clients, the higher you will be paid.Here are a few additional professions with high earning potential:Senior Web DeveloperAverage Base Pay: $96,500Front-End Web DeveloperAverage Base Pay: $77,908Senior Software EngineerAverage Base Pay: $129,328Web AdministratorAverage Base Pay: $64,968Web DesignerAverage Base Pay: $57,470E-Commerce AnalystAverage Base Pay: $60,958 How to Get Promoted as a Website Developer Career Paths That Will Boost Pay How to Get a Raise as a Website Developer How to Get a New, Higher Paying Job Justifying your desired salary will be accomplished with specific examples of work well done. Here are a few additional tools to help you get paid more:How to Get A PromotionHow to Ask for a RaiseHighest Paying Jobs in EngineeringTop Companies Hiring New GradsJob Market Report: Where Are The Open Jobs?The Top 10 Employers Attracting Gen Z Workers According to Glassdoor data, the average base pay for a Web Developer is $75,487 as of May 2019. Additional cash compensation like bonuses and profit sharing, can range from $803 – $13,113. Being able to create your own designs for your webpage can help you increase your earning potential. You and your client will not have to hire a separate web designer and you will be able to get the work completed faster since you will not be working with another person and have to conform to their schedule. You can create your own design and work with your client to create a page that they will be happy with. You should be familiar with Search Engine Optimization. If you are able to create content for your website, you will not have to hire a content manager for the site. Be sure that you are taking a good technical writing class that will teach you how to create the best SEO’s for your site. You can work directly with your client to create content that will create web traffic. center_img There are two key ways to increase your income as a web developer: upsell and work more. Upselling is when you offer your clients more features for an additional cost. A few features can mean extra dollars in your pocket. Have a list of additional features with costs and be ready to sell them to your clients. You should be developing a base webpage at a certain cost. If your client wants extra, they will have to pay extra. For each feature your client requests you will earn a bonus on top of your agreed upon salary. The more hours you work, the more you can accomplish and the more money you will make. If you can work at least eight hours or more a day when you are starting out you should be able to get more clients and earn more money. The more clients you can satisfy, the more money you will earn. Website Developer Skills That Will Boost Your Pay Learn More! Clients: If you are freelancing or increasing your income by working on the side, you need to pick and choose your clients with care. You want a client that will work with you and will pay you up front. Clients that want to control everything about your work or who are reluctant to pay you should be avoided. You want to work with honest people who appreciate what you are doing for them. Create a personal website: If you create your own personal website you can show clients what you are capable of doing. This will bring you more income and help your career get started. If you are just getting started and want some fresh ideas you can check out the 15 best free website builders online for some tips on how to make your website stand out from the rest. Network: You can get your name out and about by networking with different people. Finding the right person to work with could be as easy as talking to a friend from college. Get your name out to potential clients by promoting yourself among your colleagues, family, and friends. Let them know you are working as a website developer and ask them to pass along your information to potential clients. You can then pick and choose between the offers and choose one that will help you boost your career path and pay. Like most industries, promotions come with experience and success. In the world of web development, ongoing education and new skill development are very important.The more skills you know, the more likely you will be to get promoted. Learn a new coding language or some technical writing skills. The more you branch out, the more your company will appreciate what you do and the better your chances of getting promoted. Furthermore, if you can satisfy clients that are investing large amounts of money into your company you will be noticed. You want to be sure to make their page exactly the way they want it and maybe add a few more perks on the side. If high paying clients ask for you, you are more likely to get a promotion.When you’ve positioned yourself and you’re ready to ascend the career ladder, ask your boss for a meeting to discuss your role. Here are a few things to keep in mind.Do plan the meeting. It’s a good idea to have your agenda outlined in advance so you can demonstrate that you’re a fit for the new position. Having everything laid out in advance allows you to focus on important points, which makes you appear more composed and confident.Don’t skimp on the presentation. If you have insights or data to share, get them down on paper so you can present them to your boss with flair.Do dress for success. Even if your company dress code is casual, take care with your appearance on the day of your meeting. You don’t have to wear a three-piece suit if your work attire is usually business casual, but make sure you’re looking clean and polished.Don’t make it all about you. Your boss likely doesn’t care that your rent went up, or that it’s been a couple of years since your last promotion. Remember, it’s not about what your company can do for you, but what you can do for the company.Do focus on the benefits. Your boss’s job is to look after the best interests of the company. He or she needs to see how promoting you will improve that bottom line.Don’t compare yourself to others. Resist the urge to focus on others, even if you work harder than a co-worker who holds a higher position, or you know that someone on the same tier makes more money. Your meeting should focus on your own merit and accomplishments.Do think in terms of what you deserve, not what you need. You may well need more money, but unless you can prove that you also deserve it you won’t get far in your quest for a promotion. Be prepared to demonstrate why you’re the person for the job.Don’t assume you deserve a raise simply based on your length of employment. Many workers think that longevity should equal a promotion. That’s not the case in today’s workplace. You’ll need to show how your contributions create value.Do consider timing. It makes good sense to ask for a promotion just after you’ve achieved a significant milestone. If your biggest successes are months in the past, you’ll want to wait until some of your current projects have come to fruition.Don’t forget to rehearse before your meeting. At the very least, rehearse by yourself. If you can, ask a trusted friend to listen to your pitch. Consider these nine things you should never say when you’re asking for a promotion.last_img read more

Top Companies Hiring Accountants in New York

first_img View More Jobs 23 hours ago 23h EYCompany Rating: 3.7/5Open Roles for Accountants: Tax Manager, Tax Accountant, Management Accountant, Service Line Senior Management Accountant, Statutory Reporting Accountant, International Tax Services Standard Accountants, Audit Staff Accountant & many more.Leadership Rating: 92% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “A company that really cares about its people. Allows for flexible work environments as long as you communicate and complete your work in a timely manner. Many benefits including reimbursement for certain health and fitness expenses, long summer holiday weekends, and referral bonuses. Most of the people I work with are caring, dynamic, professional, and entertaining individuals.” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs McKinsey & CompanyCompany Rating: 4.3/5Open Roles for Accountants: Manager of Finance & Accounting, Junior Accountant, Accountant & more.Leadership Rating: 95% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “The benefits are unmatched. Colleagues are smart, helpful, & supportive. The work is interesting.” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs 23 hours ago 23h Accountant BridgeHealth Denver, CO 3.1★ CroweCompany Rating: 3.8/5Open Roles for Accountants: IT Audit Senior Consultant, Tax manager, State and Local Tax Manager, Senior Auditor, Federal Tax manager, Financial Institutions Tax Manager, Government Accounting Consultant, Internal Audit Senior Consultant & more.Leadership Rating: 91% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “I have been at Crowe for a year. After spending 24 years in financial services I decided to try consulting. I love the fast-paced environment, wealth of knowledge available from co-workers and the constant support from management. I am recognized for my accomplishments and given constructive feedback on ways I can improve.” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs 3.4★ 23 hours ago 23h N/A T-MobileCompany Rating: 4.0/5Open Roles for Accountants: Accountant for Corporate Accounting, Senior Accountant, Accounting Manager for Prepaid Revenue, Accounting Manager for New Products, Accounting Manager for Device Programs & more.Leadership Rating: 95% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “Good work/life balance – Growth focused – Inclusive – Challenging.” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs SAPCompany Rating: 4.4/5Open Roles for Accountants: Finance Operations Accountant, Contract Finance Operations Accountant, Local Tax Manager for Italy & Israel, Financial Reporting Accountant Specialist, Senior Consultant on Finance & Public Sector Accounting & more.Leadership Rating: 96% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “We have yoga and meditation classes, mindfulness workshops. Many invited guests from technology industries to provides you with information. Leadership women workshops, global coaching, mentoring programs and flexible work environment. It is truly a top-notch company that will give back to its employees.” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs N/A Accountant CMR Capital Group Pasadena, CA Accountant Vinfen Corporation Cambridge, MA Senior Accountant US Auto Sales Duluth, GA Staff Accountant Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Tallahassee, FL AvalonBay CommunitiesCompany Rating: 4.3/5Open Roles for Accountants: Staff Accountant, Sales Tax Manager, Corporate Accountant, Corporate Venture Accountant & more.Leadership Rating: 95% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “I recently left AvalonBay for a couple months and returned because in a nutshell no other organization is for me and AvalonBay is my home and nothing compares to the fulfillment AvalonBay offers. Again no place will ever be perfect and ups and downs will always be there but Avalonbay is the place to be!” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs 23 hours ago 23h Ensuring financial records are correct and that taxes are paid properly and on time is a big job. The skills required to be a successful accountant range from organizational excellence to a vast knowledge of the economy. It’s no wonder that every major company has an interest in hiring accountants. Perhaps nowhere in America are there more accountants and finance pros than in New York City. According to Glassdoor’s Job Market Report, the median base pay for an Accountant in New York City is $ 65,878 and on the rise. That’s because Accountants are in high demand.Bureau of Labor Statistics writes, “Employment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. In general, employment growth of accountants and auditors is expected to be closely tied to the health of the overall economy. As the economy grows, more workers should be needed to prepare and examine financial records.”If you’ve got what it takes to do this job, you’re probably wondering: where are the best places to work as an accountant?Bain & CompanyCompany Rating: 4.6/5Open Roles for Accountants: Accountant, Senior Accountant of Global Investment Services, Junior Accountant & more.Leadership Rating: 99% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “Interesting and challenging work with great exposure to senior clients – Fun and supportive culture, with a strong focus on coaching and mentorship – Wide range of opportunities within the company (travel, transfers etc.)” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs 3.1★ 23 hours ago 23h Goldman SachsCompany Rating: 3.9/5Open Roles for Accountants: Operations Associate in Accounting Services, VP of Finance, Finance & Ops Accounting Analyst, Analyst of Corporate Services and Real Estate, Internal Audit Associate, US Tax Associate, Finance and Corporate Accounting Associate & more.Leadership Rating: 86% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “Excellent group of people to work with. Worked with professionals from around the world.” —Former EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h 1.9★ 23 hours ago 23h N/A 3.0★ DeloitteCompany Rating: 3.8/5Open Roles for Accountants: Financial Audit Specialist, Summer Scholar Analyst, Finance Operations Senior Manager, Health Actuary Senior Consultant, Encore Financial Services Manager & more.Leadership Rating: 92% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “Excellent technical training, flexible hours outside of busy season, constantly learning and developing.” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs 23 hours ago 23h 2.8★ Accounting Manager Utah Radiology Associates Provo, UT SalesforceCompany Rating: 4.3/5Open Roles for Accountants: Senior Accountant of Commissions, Senior Revenue Accountant, Tax Manager, Project Accountant, Accounting Manager, Accountant & more.Leadership Rating: 97% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “Please are great and super supportive. When you join the company, everyone is there for you, to help you learn and do the best you can. 6 months in, it’s still the same. In addition, the culture of the company is great. Not only are you encouraged to support your colleagues but you’re also encouraged to help the community. Volunteering is a big part of the company and trust and customer success are one of out most important values. We’re not just saying it. We’re actually practicing it too. In addition, for such a large company, we’re moving lightning-fast, we 3 major releases a year. This dictates a fairly fast pace for planning, developing and releasing.” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs Boston Consulting GroupCompany Rating: 4.1/5Open Roles for Accountants: Tax Analyst, Financial Accountant, Accounting Analyst, GC Accounting Team Leader & more.Leadership Rating: 94% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “Great learnings every day – not only from daily research work but also from colleagues (of course interact and appreciate the culture and environment). Approachable seniors and other team members enhances learning and exposure across topics – Ample opportunities to grow and nurture yourself (you have to make the most of the opportunities that come your way).” —Former EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs Accounting Manager Next Day Plus Orland Park, IL Senior Accountant Corso LLC Coachella, CA 4.6★ AccentureCompany Rating: 3.9/5Open Roles for Accountants: Federal Staff Accountant, Federal Accounting Operations Specialist, Accounting & Finance Business Advisor, Finance and Accounting Senior Principal, Client Relationship Sr. Manager, MIRS Accounting Intercompany Senior Analyst & more.Leadership Rating: 92% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “I have worked with Accenture in two countries – the US and India. I felt that there is deep respect for one another and one can trust & rely upon another to deliver on commitments. There was an extremely high degree of ownership and accountability at an individual level – a deep sense of personal commitment.” —Former EmployeeBrowse Open Jobs Accountant Systimmune Redmond, WA Hot New Jobs For You Accounting Manager Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee Pensacola, FL 23 hours ago 23h Cisco SystemsCompany Rating: 4.0/5Open Roles for Accountants: Accounting Operations Analyst, Tax Manager, Partner Account Manager, Senior Accountant, Tax Analyst & more.Leadership Rating: 90% Approve of CEOWhat Employees Say: “Very supportive leadership in ensuring you are set up for success and continually helping you to identify and plan for future roles you may want to take on.” —Current EmployeeBrowse Open Jobslast_img read more

Man Utd midfielder Lingard not slacking off during summer break

first_imgManchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard isn’t slacking off during his summer break.Lingard has squeezed in some training while in between various holidays in Dubai, Las Vegas and LA.The 24-year-old posted a picture of himself at 1am rehydrating after a late workout.The players will head back to Carrington on July 8, a day before they head out to the USA for their preseason tour.last_img

​Stoke sign AFC Wimbledon starlet

first_imgStoke City have completed the signing of Joe Bursik from AFC Wimbledon.The England U17 goalkeeper moves to the bet365 stadium on a full-time scholarship.Bursik was one of only two players from non-Premier League clubs apart of England’s European U17 Championship final loss to Portugal last month.The 16-year old has been with the Dons since he was eight years of age and managed to get on the bench for the first team last season.Dons boss Neil Ardley said: “Sometimes these decisions are not just down to me and you have to look at what is best for the player and the club.”Unfortunately, we have lost Joe, but he goes with our best wishes for the future. “We must give Bayzo [goalkeeping coach Ashley Bayes] credit for helping to bring Joe through.last_img read more

Everton ready to spend big on Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud

first_imgEverton are ready to bid big for Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud.The Sun says Everton are planning a £20 million shock move for Giroud.Toffees boss Ronald Koeman will battle West Ham and Marseille for the unsettled French striker, 30.Giroud will become a priority for Koeman if Everton’s £100m Chelsea target Romelu Lukaku goes.And he sees Giroud, who is worried about lack of game time with the Gunners, as an ideal replacement.last_img

Good word-of-mouth is hard to find

first_imgBusinessWeek has named top companies for customer service. The top five based on this methodology are:1 USAAUSAA keeps its promises, customers say. Ninety-six percent of home and 98 percent of auto policyholders report that USAA meets their commitments to call back regarding claim issues on time. 79% definitely would recommend2 FOUR SEASONS HOTELS AND RESORTSWhen a Four Seasons executive says the luxury chain has an “obsession to be perfect,” he means it. In 2006, just 2% of guests reported major problems with their hotel stay, halved from 4% in 2005. 60% definitely would recommend.3 CADILLAC AutomotiveServicing a vehicle at a Cadillac dealer after the warranty expires is a top-notch experience, customers report. The brand scored at least 47 points higher than the industry average on all six related factors. 51% definitely would recommend.4 NORDSTROM RetailNordstrom’s famed service levels didn’t disappoint our respondents. Customers ranked the courtesy of the Seattle-based department store chain’s people tops among all retailers. 57% definitely would recommend.5 WEGMANS FOOD MARKETS SupermarketsYou know they’re good if customers rank the ease of returning things higher than Nordstrom. Wegmans received the best scores of any retailer for the ease of returning items to the store. 60% definitely would recommend.Wow. Am I the only one who finds it remarkable that all of these companies got all “A”s and “A+”s and yet in many cases, only about half of respondents would definitely recommend it? Good word of mouth is tough to earn even when you’re extraordinary. By contrast, bad word of mouth tends to be very ordinary. It’s easy to earn and fast to spread. Just ask JetBlue.It’s hard to find people who are good at spreading good news – and for us, that means it’s hard to find supporters who will – and are great at – evangelizing for us. We’ve got a lot of people creating personal fundraising badges right now, though not everyone is as good as this at it. If you’ve got even one supporter who is great at good word of mouth, you’ve got a rare and priceless person. Take very good care of them. If you’ve got one supporter who’s mad as hell, take very good care of them, too.last_img read more

Improving Transportation and Referral for Maternal Health

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Posted on May 6, 2010July 14, 2014Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Please join the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Global Health Initiative, the Maternal Health Task Force, and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for the fifth event of the series on Advancing Policy Dialogue on Maternal Health.This event will feature:Víctor Conde Altamirano, Obstetric Nets Manager, CARE BoliviaJohn Koku Awoonor-Williams, East Regional Director, Ghana Health ServiceSubodh Satyawadi, Chief Operating Officer, GVK Emergency Management & Research Institute of IndiaPatricia Bailey, Public Health Specialist, Family Health International and Columbia University.May 20, 20103:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.6th Floor Flom AuditoriumWoodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWPlease RSVP to globalhealth@wilsoncenter.org with your name and affiliation.Access to skilled birth attendants and emergency obstetric care are key solutions to improving maternal morality, yet functioning referral systems and poor road infrastructure delay efficient care. Increased research, funding, knowledge sharing, and coordination between private and public sectors are necessary to make transportation and referral a global health priority.Today’s discussion will highlight the lessons and knowledge gaps identified at a Wilson Center workshop in Washington DC with 25 experts from the transportation and maternal health communities, as well as representatives from the private sector and donor community.Víctor Conde Altamirano, obstetric nets manager, CARE-Bolivia will discuss how transportation and referral data is being incorporated into Bolivia’s health system to improve maternal health. John Koku Awoonor-Williams, east regional director, Ghana Health Service, will address the utilization and maintenance of ambulances in rural Ghana. Subodh Satyawadi, chief operating officer, GVK Emergency Management Institute will discuss the lessons learned and challenges faced through India’s “Emergency 108” call system. Strategies and recommendations identified at the Wilson Center workshop in Washington DC will be provided by Patricia Bailey, public health specialist, Family Health International.About the Maternal Health Policy SeriesThe reproductive and maternal health community finds itself at a critical point, drawing increased attention and funding, but still confronting more than a half million deaths each year and a high unmet need for family planning. The Policy Dialogue series seeks to galvanize the community by focusing on important issues within the maternal health community.The Wilson Center’s Global Health Initiative is pleased to present this series with its co-conveners, the Maternal Health Task Force and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and is grateful to USAID’s Bureau for Global Health for further technical assistance. The Averting Maternal Death and Disability (AMDD) program at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health provided valuable technical assistance to this transportation and referral meeting.If you are interested, but unable to attend the event, please tune into the live or archived webcast at www.wilsoncenter.org. The webcast will begin approximately 10 minutes after the posted meeting time. You will need Windows Media Player to watch the webcast. To download the free player, visit: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download.Location: Woodrow Wilson Center at the Ronald Reagan Building: 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW (“Federal Triangle” stop on Blue/Orange Line), 6th Floor Flom Auditorium. A map to the Center is available at www.wilsoncenter.org/directions.Note: Photo identification is required to enter the building. Please allow additional time to pass through security.For information on previous and future events in this series, click here.Share this:last_img read more

Investing in Health Systems and Providers = Investing in Women

first_imgPosted on April 19, 2013March 13, 2017By: Charity Ndwiga, Program Officer, Population CouncilClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Women deserve to receive high-quality care and support during pregnancy and childbirth, which can be times of intense vulnerability for them. When women give birth with the assistance of skilled professionals at properly equipped healthcare facilities, they are at much lower risk of complications, including death, disease, and disability.Yet today, just four in 10 women in Kenya deliver in health facilities. And when they do, they find that public and private hospitals often are unprepared to provide the level of service women require and deserve, including respectful maternity care.Today, Kenya’s healthcare system faces a major unaddressed challenge, namely, how to reform a system characterized by insufficient and poor organization of resources and other inefficiencies that negatively affect women seeking skilled delivery care. Addressing these challenges will require government investment in facilities and equipment and procuring and distributing essential medicines and supplies.But equipping facilities is just one part of the equation. Ensuring that healthcare staff know how to provide equitable and respectful patient-centered care during childbirth is another. In addition to improving infrastructure and procedures, healthcare systems must recruit qualified staff and ensure they are effectively trained and deployed. If healthcare providers can learn how to support women during pregnancy and childbirth, teach women how to take care of their newborns, and reinforce women’s confidence and self-esteem, the health status of individuals, families, and communities will improve.The Population Council—working with the Ministry of Health, the Federation of Women Lawyers, and the National Nurses Association of Kenya—is changing the way healthcare providers think about quality maternity care. Working with communities, health facilities, and policymakers, the Council and its partners have documented the types and prevalence of disrespect women experience at hospitals and health centers in Kenya and are implementing and closely monitoring interventions to improve the quality of maternity care women receive.From developing training packages on respectful maternity care and offering group and individual counseling sessions to all staff who work in maternity units to promoting maternity open days when pregnant women and their families can visit the place where they will deliver their babies and meet the staff who will care for them, the Council and its partners are devising solutions that will create a culture of excellence where respect for patients is the norm.For more on the Population Council’s work to reduce disrespect and abuse during labor and delivery in healthcare facilities in Kenya, visit the Heshima Project. To read more posts in the respectful maternity care guest blog series, click here.Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Health insurance for MTV/Viacom permalancers

first_imgThe first of the MTV Networks permalancers have started coming to Freelancers Union for health insurance in the face of cuts to their benefits from Viacom. (Read coverage of this story in The New York Times and on Gawker.) If you’re one of the workers affected by those changes, here’s some quick info on how to get covered by our group plan. The first step is joining Freelancers Union–which is free. We have some basic eligibilty rules for insurance. You must be able to show 20 hours/week of freelance employment for the last 8 weeks or $10,000 in freelance income during the last 6 months. You must work in an eligible industry. (Anyone working for Viacom is covered by the Media/Advertising sector.) You’ll also need to show that you actually are a freelancer, as opposed to a regular employee. Getting paid on a W-2 doesn’t automatically mean you’re not a freelancer. If you have a contract that says you are “project-based,” to us, you’re a freelancer. When you fill out your eligibility application for insurance, you may have a hard time providing certain documentation, or you may see requirements that seem to disqualify you. If that’s the case, contact us and we’ll try to help you! We want to get the Viacom permalancers covered. Also, join the Freelancers Union Meetup for the MTV Networks permalancers. It’s a new platform for organizing and keeping everyone informed.last_img read more

How to tell when a spark of inspiration is worth pursuing

first_imgWhen you have a creative spark, it’s easy to run with it and get carried away. Unfortunately, not all creative ideas are created equal. When you have a creative desire, it’s important to know how to determine whether or not it’s a worthy pursuit.Next time you’re struck by a spark of creativity, take the time to evaluate whether it’s a fleeting creative impulse or a deep-rooted creative calling. This can be extremely challenging because creativity is such an intensely personal thing.As is the case with most personal opinions and intentions, we’re often too close and too invested in our own ideas to be objective. We have to find a way to separate and disconnect ourselves from our desires in order to contemplate and evaluate them from an unbiased perspective.Here are 5 ways to detach yourself from your creative aspirations, approach them more impartially, and determine whether to pursue them or let them go:1. Focus GroupPresenting your ideas to a focus group is one way to gauge interest and gain feedback. Your focus group could consist of friends and family, clients, or a sample of your target market, depending on what type of project you’re considering.The key to using a focus group, particularly for something as intimate as a creative pursuit, is to keep the responses anonymous. This will ensure that you’re gaining an honest and unbiased perspective on your concept.2. Mastermind GroupEnlisting the help of a mastermind group is another way to involve others in your creative process. You may want to survey a mastermind group as opposed to a focus group if you’re feeling called to a creative project that could be incorporated into your business, rather than a personal project.In this case, your peers and accountability partners will be able to help you approach your idea from a more practical and logical perspective and evaluate the value it could bring to your work.3. Pros & Cons ListA pros and cons list is a tried and true method for assessing an idea or potential project. When using this approach to evaluate a creative concept, start with the pros. Free write everything that’s inspiring you – really let your creative juices flow and pour out of you.Then, consider the cons. You may want to take a few hours or days between composing the two opposing sides of the list so that you can both allow yourself to feel fully expressed in your creative desire and have the ability to assess the desire more objectively. Once you finish, you could share it with a focus group or mastermind group to gain more input.4. Key QuestionsThere are two ways to ask yourself key questions to help evaluate your creative concept. Asking who, what, where, why, and how can help you develop more clarity around your idea. An alternative approach involves asking yourself a series of why questions. For this method, start by asking yourself a basic question like, why do I want to pursue this creative endeavor?Once you compose an answer, formulate another why question. So if your answer was, because I want to incorporate more creative work into my business, then your next why question might be, why do I want to incorporate more creative work into my business? The goal is to keep asking why questions until you get to the crux of your desire, and then you can assess whether or not it aligns with your creative concept.5. MeditationMeditation allows you to clear your mind and revisit your creative idea with a fresh, new perspective. It may not be for everyone or every scenario, but meditation is a proven technique to help you quiet extraneous outside noise, tap deeply into yourself, and listen to your inner voice or gut feeling.If you don’t have a regular meditation practice, you may want to try meditating and familiarize yourself with the technique before using it to objectively approach your creative idea.Everyone has creative instincts. You may find creative inspiration everywhere you go or feel like you have a constant stream of creative thoughts swirling around in your head.However, if you acted on each and every creative notion that crossed your mind, you might never get anything else accomplished in the day! Before you invest yourself in a creative project, ensure it’s going to be valuable and fulfilling.Using one or a combination of the five methods to help you detach yourself from your creative aspirations, approach them more impartially, and determine whether to pursue them or let them go will help you to make the best use of your valuable time, energy, and resources.last_img read more

Four Ways the Internet Is Transforming Small Business

first_img Topics: Much of my current thinking on small business strategy has been shaped by how the nature of business is being transformed by the Internet. Below are four internet-caused business transformations that disproportionately benefit small businesses that are prepared to leverage them.1. Increasing Market “Efficiency” The most striking thing to me about the internet is how it tends to make all markets more “efficient.” The story I heard that really drove this home for me was when I heard that eBay’s founder started the company because he was a rabid collector of Pez candy dispensers and his rolodex did not include enough people of similar interest, so he started a marketplace where people could trade this niche good. The rest is history with eBay being the ultimate connector of sellers of niche goods (vintage Burberry jackets, Fred Lynn baseball cards, Jerry Garcia Band posters, etc.) to buyers of these niche goods who could not otherwise find them in their mall or through their rolodex. As my co-founder says, the internet is great at connecting makers of left-handed monkey wrenches with left-handed plumbers around the world. It turns out that most small businesses (and startups) have relatively niche-y products that they generally sell to companies in their rolodex and companies two degrees away from their rolodex. The internet disproportionately favors small businesses since it enables them to position their niche goods to people shopping for that particular niche good regardless of the numbers of degrees of separation from their rolodex.2. On the internet, no one knows you’re a small-business. At the risk of being cliché, I have included a cartoon that sums up this transformation for me pretty well. When someone hits your website for the first time based on a Google search, the surfer has no idea if you are a one person company or a one thousand person company, they are just looking for a solution to meet a need. Most small businesses I know have a website that is a copy of their old brochure. The problem with the website starts with the fact that it cannot be changed without serious brain-damage, so it’s positioning is as generic (least niche-y) as possible. The rationale here is si mple: When small business owners write the content for their website, they tend to play it “safe” and keep things generic so as to drive away the least number of customers. Since they can’t change things, they feel that keeping it generic is safer (because they don’t know when they’re going to change it again). The other problem is that the website is not seen by Google as relevant — if you type in the name of the company it is found, but if you type in the market description, it is buried, which essentially means it is non-existent beyond your rolodex.3. Changing Nature of Business Shopping I had been consulting for a 25-person venture-backed security software company in Boston for a few months on sales and marketing before getting consumed by my current mission . What struck me was how the folks running the software company were using the “best practices” from the 1980’s and 1990’s to try to attract prospects and convert them to customers and how utterly broken those practices were in light of how the internet has transformed the way buyers of their types of goods had changed the way they shop. Ten years ago, a potential customer for this type of niche/new security software would likely go to a Gartner conference, talk to their IBM rep, talk to their Symantec rep, or call Deloitte & Touche. If the potential customer was referred to the software company by one of the major vendors, the prospect would likely engage one of the vendor’s sales reps who would be their primary source of information on their products. In other words, the entire sales process involved them talking with humans. Today, a potential customer for this type of niche/new security software would likely start by searching the phrase describing it into Google. They would then likely visit any of the top vendor websites Google served up, they would likely consume any blogs they found on the topic from the vendors or analysts or customers of the vendor, and they would likely participate on the blog of the vendor that most closely matched their criteria. Once the potential customer had narrowed things down pretty well and was already well educated, then she would likely “self-select” with that vendor through a form on their website. At this point, a salesperson would engage the potential customer and quickly realize that the potential customer knew about as much about the products as he did. The interesting thing about this example is how ten years ago the whole sales process involved a sales person from the vendor feeding asymmetric information to the prospective customer. Today, the top half of the sales process is completely out of control of humans on the vendor side. It was frustrating to hear the software vendor’s salespeople wonder where the leads were. The reality is that there are potential customers out there for their products, but the prospects’ self-identification just occurs a whole lot later in the sales process. The problem this particular software company had was that its website was not “seen” by Google when you did simple searches on their marketplace because it was not optimized, so they ended up having to spend a ton of money on Google AdWords™. Their website was hard to change, so they stuck with lowest common denominator language which put them in a shark tank from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective. Also because it was hard to change, they were not able to create custom landing pages/messaging based on where the searcher came from. Their website did not have a blog where potential customers could intellectually engage with the founders and technical architects who they really wanted access to (not the sales folks). …I see this set of problems repeat itself in 99% of all small businesses and startups. Business has changed and there needs to be a new set of tools to help you take advantage of the change.4. Changes In Knowledge Creation & Retrieval I spent much of my career implementing and selling knowledge management systems. The problem with knowledge management systems is that everyone wants the knowledge that collectively comes out of the system, but no one wants to feed the system. It turns out that even just a few extra mouse clicks to share a nugget of knowledge in a centralized system is more than 90% of users are willing to do. I suppose there are a couple of reasons for this. First, those few extra mouse clicks are a few extra minutes at the office versus at home with their family. Those few extra mouse clicks help the company, but might not do anything to fundamentally improve their bonus that year. This is a somewhat pessimistic view, but I suppose some of their rationale might be that information is power and the lack of transparency increases leverage. Much has been written about the new crop of web2.0 applications. In my mind, the thing that web2.0 companies got right is a new way of thinking about knowledge management. For example, I use a product called del.icio.us which has replaced my browser based web favorites. Del.icio.us gives me a better way to organize my web favorites (via tags v. folders) than my browser did which helps me personally. The really sophisticated thing that del.icio.us does is that it leverages my (and all its other users) self serving behavior to incidentally create value for the network by giving users a powerful new way to search on articles that is driven by the masses versus driven by some media company. There are numerous other examples of these systems which are fundamentally better at incentives to contribute knowledge which ends up creating much more knowledge. – Brian Halligan Marketing Trends Originally published Oct 2, 2006 7:10:00 PM, updated May 08 2019 Don’t forget to share this post! 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Social CRM: Lessons for Retaining Customers with Inbound Marketing

first_img Public Relations Originally published Apr 5, 2010 1:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 Topics: Learn how companies are using inbound marketing techniques to generate higher volume and lower cost leads and customers. Date and time: Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 1:00pm EDT  Reserve Your Spot Now Live Webinar: The State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation center_img Inbound Marketing The tools of inbound marketing are most often talked about for attracting new prospects and converting them into customers. However, these methods can be used for the equally important activities of customer satisfaction and retention.  Brent Leary , an authority in the emerging Social CRM industry recently compiled insight and expertise from 15 customer experience leaders across all industries in a new ebook The Social Contract .Lessons for Leveraging Inbound Marketing for Customer Retention  Customer Care is the New PR & Marketing – In fact Chris Brogan and Julien Smith of Trust Agents fame stated that customer care is the new PR, while Sanjay Dholakia of Lithium said that it is the new marketing. I think they are both on to something. Whether you want to call it word-of-mouth marketing or an extension of social media marketing, it is crystal clear that customers WILL share their opinions about you. The opinions, good or bad, that customers share about your product or brand do more to shape the market’s perception of your company than almost any marketing you could do. And the web provides them endless forums to share: blogs, Twitter, Facebook and countless interest based sites and forums. Customer Service & Marketing Should Work Together More – “Never before have customer service professionals been in a position to be directly seen and heard by their customers and the C-level executives. These comments are a permanent record of what customers think about your company. Can’t take them down, delete them or destroy them. And you can’t pretend any longer that they don’t exist. They do,” expanded Dr. Natalie Petouhoff of Forrester Research . Never before has there been more transparency about product and service quality – making it more likely that only ‘good’ offerings will thrive. Perhaps this also means that the relationship between marketing and customer care should be one that is cultivated with greater care. These two teams are far too often silo’d but can greatly benefit from intense collaboration. Solve Product & Service Fundamentals Before you Launch Social Media Initiatives – “The thing that organizations need to realize is that, although engaging with customers via social media channels can provide very real benefits, it is not going to remove – or for that matter even mask – problems with an organization’s level of customer commitment, the quality of actual products/services, or the efficacy of a company’s post-sales customer-service and support processes.” John Burton SAP ‘s Director of Product Management in the CRM organization highlights the downfalls of jumping in with two feet before looking to see if the pool is full. His lesson is on point, whether you are in marketing or customer service – without a clear value proposition, tweeting for marketing will only make folks more confused, just as opening up a Facebook page for customers who are dissatisfied is a misappropriation of resources. First work with customers to fix the basics and then use social media to engage in ongoing dialog that can keep making it better and develop loyalty. Empower Customers to Become Part of the Service or Marketing Equation – Ellen Filipiak, SVP of Customer Care at DIRECTV, shares how forums and customer engagement have not only made dents in the direct cost of customer care, but how they engage with users to uncover new needs and get folks willing to test new features on their behalf. In fact, on DIRECTTV’s self-service help forums a group of only 8 volunteer customers provides 28% of the FAQ responses. It is these same users who get early access and are spreading the gospel about DIRECTTV. The ability to interact and the empowerment with information and tools is an excellent customer care and marketing vehicle. No Matter the Purpose, Authenticity and Personal Relationships Trump Technology – Another cable customer service expert, Frank Eliason of Comcast reiterated that it is about the relationship. “…the basics of Customer Service are invaluable in this space. One that I learned early on is personalization. We would never answer a call with ‘XYZ company, what do you want?’ We identify ourselves. That is why my team members each have their own Twitter ID and can personalize it as they see fit.” Luckily for marketers, there are a number of ways to interact in social media forums on behalf of your company while also identifying yourself as an individual. This best practice will be around as long as humans have personalities and feelings – which I for one, hope is a very long time.Inbound Marketing TakeawaysInbound marketing spans the entire organization. Share tools and best practices across departmental boundaries.Ask yourself what you as a marketer can learn from your customer organization about developing authentic and meaningful relationships that span physical and digital realms.Practice authenticity in your marketing as if you were a customer care professional with a long term relationship with that prospect – even if you are tasked primarily with ‘bringing the leads’ you should set up a long term relationship for your whole company to win and retain the best customers.Image Courtesy of lomokev Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more