27 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

first_img Topics: Did you know there are over 56,000 WordPress plugins available today?WordPress plugins allow you to enhance your website’s functionality by adding features and capabilities that don’t come standard with the system.From writing tools to SEO tips to analytics, WordPress plugins will help you arrive at any solution you’re seeking, all while keeping your website as speedy as possible and saving you time along the way, too.But with so many options available, it’s tough to figure out the best ones to use.That’s why we’ve done the work for you.Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.Below you’ll find a list of the 27 best WordPress plugins (not in any specific order) that every marketer should explore. HubSpot Conversion ToolsGravity FormsJet PackSmushThe SEO FrameworkJust WritingHustlePretty LinkGoogle XML SitemapsPixel CaffeineBroken Link CheckerCalculated Fields FormAkismetAll in One SEO PackTitle ExperimentsTablePressEditorial CalendarTinyPNGW3 Total CacheImsanityOptinMonsterRevive Old PostHead, Footer and Post InjectionsGoogle Analytics by Monster InsightsRedirectionYoast SEOAutoptimize These 27 plugins have been reviewed by some of the top marketers in the industry. They’ll also keep both you and your WordPress website running efficiently and effectively. If you want more, check out the official WordPress plugin page. Best WordPress Marketing Plugins 1. HubSpot Contact Form Builder and Conversion ToolsSource: WordPressHubSpot’s drag-and-drop form builder allows you to easily build contact forms to use on your WordPress website. The plugin also includes a pop-up creator, live chat widget, contact database, and previously written code for you to simply copy and paste into WordPress.HubSpot’s Contact Form Builder plug-in is unique because it’s an all in one plugin — it helps you stay efficient by keeping all of its features in a single location. Christine Kilbride of Majux Marketing says having a large number of plugins can slow down your website. But because HubSpot provides everything in one plugin, the tool keeps your site fast and responsive.2. Gravity FormsSource: Gravity FormsIf you want to add complex and highly customizable forms to your website, Gravity Forms is a good option for that.Gravity Forms allows you to build multi-step forms, polls, quizzes, surveys, and more. With this plugin, you can create a wide variety of smart rules and conditions. For example, you can create a rule to limit which domains are accepted on your forms to exclude non-business domains like gmail or even domains from your competitors.Moreover, you can easily set up integrations with a variety of tools such as HubSpot for your marketing and Zapier for automation flows. Gravity Forms also integrates with Paypal or Stripe so you can accept payment directly via your forms.3. JetpackSource: WordPressJetpack is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that offers advanced features such content tools, mobile themes, and more. You can take advantage of all of Jetpack’s features to enhance your website, or pick and choose just what you want to activate based on your unique needs. Some of these features include automated social media posting, site statistics and analytics, and different SEO tools to help you measure and promote your website success.4. SmushSource: WordPress”Smush quickly compresses and optimizes images in bulk, letting you focus on other things,” says Izaak Crook of AppInstitute. Smush servers do all of the work for you, meaning your images will remain high-quality while reducing their file size. This frees up space on your server so your website will be significantly faster.5. The SEO FrameworkSource: WordPressWith The SEO Framework, your website’s search rankings will improve drastically with the help of the plugin’s numerous, automatic optimization features. These features have the ability to optimize every page, post, and term on your website so it is not only easier to find on the internet, but it is also more searchable on all social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. No matter if you’re new to SEO or an expert in API, The SEO Framework will help you optimize your website.6. Just WritingSource: Just WritingJust Writing takes WordPress’ Distraction-Free Writing Mode (DFWM) to a whole new level. This plugin introduces important features like spellcheck and paragraph styling to help you focus on your words without having to constantly drop out of DFWM to implement basic formatting.7. HustleSource: WPMU DEVHustle is from the same team behind Smush, which we listed earlier in this post. Hustle is WPMU DEV’s marketing plugin featuring popups, slide-ins, embeds, and social share bars.The popups, slide-ins, and embeds can all be used as lead generation forms or an informational ad with a call to action.Embeds are your in-content ads or opt-ins and can be displayed using the built-in options such as before or after your post content, or both. You can also use shortcodes or widgets to display the embeds in more specific locations. That is in addition to the vast array of targeting options that apply to all other content types as well.You can store all submissions locally or choose to use one of the many integration options, including HubSpot, to send them to your CRM or mailing list.All of Hustle’s features and integrations are included in the free version.8. Pretty LinkSource: Pretty LinkPretty Link makes it easy to manage and track your internal website links. You can shorten links (the way you would on a site like bit.ly), track the number of hits to a link, discover traffic sources, and find out the browser and host provider of your site visitors. You can also use the plugin to easily create redirects (301, 302, and 307s). 9. Google XML SitemapsSource:  WordPressThe Google XML Sitemap plugin makes it easier for search engines, like Google and Yahoo, to crawl your site and retrieve information. It will also notify search engines when you create new content so you don’t have to manually submit changes to search engines.10. Pixel CaffeineSource: WordPressPixel Caffeine allows you to manage Facebook Pixel and Facebook Product Catalog all within the plugin. Tony Capetola of Sales Orders says Pixel Caffeine is a great plugin because “marketers can make use of some more advanced features like the ability to track Facebook Ad conversions within WordPress’s dashboard, the ability to create custom audiences based on last visit time (retention window), WordPress taxonomies (categories, tags, etc.), and previous customers behavior (works with WooCommerce), etc.”Added bonus: Pixel Caffeine automatically keeps up with Facebook’s latest updates so you don’t have to.11. Broken Link CheckerSource: WordPressWant to prevent Google from following broken links on your website? Broken Link Checker parses your posts to identify broken links and notify you when they surface. To save you time, the plugin makes it easy for you to edit a broken link from the plugin page, eliminating the need to manually go into each post to make changes.12.  Calculated Fields FormSource: WordPress”[Calculated Fields Form] allows you to create simple calculators for your WordPress site. You can easily build finance calculators, quote calculators, booking cost calculators, health/ fitness calculators, and other link-worthy tools,” says Roy Harmon of Advertoscope.With this plugin, you can also create forms with automatically calculated fields and use predefined form templates that will save you time and ensure accuracy.13. AkismetSource: Spider My WebAkismet helps you avoid (and eliminate) spammy comments on your blog. The plugin automatically reviews and filters comments when it detects any signs of spam. You can easily keep tabs on which comments are caught or  filtered to maintain control over what’s being displayed on your site.14. All in One SEO PackSource: WordPressAll in One SEO Pack helps you optimize your WordPress website for organic search. The plugin works for people with varying levels of SEO experience, from the non-technical to the coders.Kim Smith of GoodFirms says, “The plugin supports content as well as image XML sitemap while providing advanced canonical URLs. It supports key Google SEO tools such as AMP and Analytics and notifies search engines about the updates and changes”.The plugin has XML sitemap and image XML sitemap support (which is what informs Google about the URLs on your website that are available for crawling), and it also provides you with support in other areas including Google Analytics and custom post types, which is helpful for marketers who are working to measure the success of their campaigns or SEO work and goals.15. Title ExperimentsSource: WordPressThe title of a blog post has a direct impact on click-through rates (CTR). Title Experiments makes it easy for you to A/B test one title against another so you can track what converts best and increase your CTR.16. TablePressSource: WordPressTablePress is a plugin that helps you create, customize, and embed beautiful and unique tables on your WordPress site. Your tables can include all types of data and be placed anywhere on your website. Swadhin Agrawa of DigitalGYD.com says, “TablePress makes it insanely easy for anyone to create a customizable and responsive table on their blogs.” WordPress Website 19. W3 Total CacheSource: WordPressLooking to improve the performance of your website? This optimization plugin helps all marketers deliver a better user experience by increasing server performance, reducing load times, and providing CDN integration (which increases your website’s performance and decreases loading time to enhance user experience).20. ImsanitySource: Imsanity”Imsanity is a popular, free WP plugin for managing image file size. It automatically resizes images without loss of quality and saves you from having to manually scale them before upload,” says Marina Dolcic of MorningScore.The Imsanity plugin matches the size of your images with the display in a browser. It resizes previously uploaded images by automatically scaling them down and replacing the original images with the new versions, which saves you time as all of the work is done for you.21. OptinMonsterSource: WordPressLooking to grow your email list? This plugin comes with an easy-to-use form builder to help you create opportunities for your visitors to convert. From popups to slide-ins to sidebar forms, OptinMonster offers a variety of different templates for lead generation forms. The plugin also integrates with several email marketing providers, such as MailChimp, HubSpot, AWeber, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor.22. Revive Old PostSource: WordPressFormerly known as Tweet Old Post, this plugin helps marketers extend the life of their old social posts by automatically re-sharing them to social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You have the ability to schedule posts and manage multiple accounts so you can easily drive more traffic to your content.23. Head, Footer and Post InjectionsSource: WordPressMost WordPress users end up needing to use several plugins — some people even use dozens. Head, Footer and Post Injections is a plugin that allows you to copy any unique code that you use for other plugins, keep it in a centralized and organized location, and easily insert it wherever needed. The plugin is theme-independent, meaning you’ll never lose your data (no matter how many times you change your website theme).24. Google Analytics by Monster InsightsSource: WordPressThis plugin uses an API with Google Analytics that makes it easy for you to track the performance of your blog directly from your WordPress account. With added data for search result pages and error pages, Google Analytics by MonsterInsights makes performance reporting easy.25. RedirectionSource : RedirectionRedirection is a free redirect manager that allows you to set up your 301 redirects and manage 404 errors. There is a logging feature so you can see all of the redirects on your site as well as information about each visitor that is redirected.26. Yoast SEOSource: YoastYoast is your all in one SEO plugin.”This highly effective WordPress plugin makes the process of delivering SEO improvements on a site much easier,” says Sean Flannigan of coolblueweb.Yoast helps you get the most out of your website SEO with straightforward XML Sitemaps, breadcrumb navigation control, content analysis, snippet previews, and several integrations that show you how your website performs in different search engines. Nicolas Straut of Fundera, says, “This plugin identifies and suggests solutions for potential SEO problems in your content, identifies what you’ve done well and helps you easily edit your snippet, keywords, and other post details.”27. AutoptimizeSource: StackPath”[Autoptimize] makes it easy for non-technical marketers to make their sites lightning fast. We all know how important it is to have a fast website — without it, our Google rankings suffer and potential customers will go somewhere else,” says Jon Nastor of Hack the Entrepreneur.This plugin aggregates and caches (a.k.a. stores) scripts and styles, which enhance your site’s overall performance. Autoptimize also has extensive API available so you can tailor the plugin to your website’s needs.These are only 27 of the thousands of WordPress plugins available to marketers. WordPress plugins can help you improve your site, whether it’s speeding up your page load time, improving your site’s functionality, or tracking metrics. These powerful tools are often free, have features tailored to individuals and businesses of all sizes, and are fairly easy to use. Give a plugin or two a try and see how much it enhances your day-to-day WordPress experience — and your business. 17. Editorial CalendarSource: WordPressKeep your blog organized with the help of this plugin. Editorial Calendar uses a drag-and-drop functionality to simplify the way you schedule and manage your blog content. You can also manage posts from multiple authors, quickly edit titles and publishing times, and manage drafts within the plugin.18. TinyPNGSource: TinyPNG”This free plugin allows you to quickly compress images so they load faster. This is important for SEO value and ensuring people don’t bounce off your pages due to slow load times,”  says Todd Kunsman of EveryoneSocial.TinyPNG will make your website faster by automatically optimizing your JPEG and PNG images upon upload, renaming them to TinyPNG and TinyJPEG. Images are analyzed, and then the plugin compresses them appropriately. Once this happens, the image is then sent back to your WP website to replace the original image. The plugin will make your website load faster while saving you storage space. Originally published Jan 21, 2019 9:02:00 PM, updated August 15 2019 Don’t forget to share this post!last_img read more

Greek island ferry crews to launch 24hour strike Sept 24

ATHENS, Greece — Ferry services to Greek popular island destinations face severe disruptions next week due to a strike called by the country’s powerful seamen’s union.The PNO union says the walkout will keep ferries tied up in port for 24 hours starting at 6 a.m. on Sept. 24.Coastal shipping firms have urged the union to reconsider, saying the strike would harm Greece’s key tourism industry.PNO said in a statement Tuesday that it is protesting proposed legislation that’s been roundly criticized by labour unions because it will make it harder for them to call strikes.The country’s umbrella civil servants’ union has also called a 24-hour strike for Sept. 24 to protest the draft law that was presented by Greece’s new centre-right government.The Associated Press read more

BBC refuses to pay Ofcom £9m a year fee amid regulation row

first_imgNew regulatory costs are said to equal that spend on Happy Valley Karen Bradley MP at Downing Street New regulatory costs are said to equal that spend on Happy ValleyCredit:Ben Blackall/BBC Karen Bradley MP at Downing StreetCredit:PAUL HACKETT According to tariffs published on the BBC website, the corporation pays around £900,000 an hour for high end drama, with foreign broadcasters often chipping in extra funds to pay for flagship series such as The Night Manager, which cost a reputed £3 million an episode.The new regulatory costs would amount to the rough equivalent of the BBC’s entire spend on a six-part drama series such as the crime dramas Happy Valley, or Line of Duty.Sue Owen, permanent secretary at the DCMS, is understood to have written to Sharon White, the chief executive of Ofcom, calling on her to cut the planned fees, but Ms White is said to have argued that the proposed charges are reasonable. The BBC has since invoked a little-known clause in the Communications Act, forcing ministers to arbitrate over the cost of the new regulatory regime.The corporation is said to be particularly annoyed that Ofcom has demanded £6.5 million for the past financial year, which covers a period before the broadcaster assumes its full regulatory duties.Ofcom insists that it will have a more wide-ranging role than the Trust, and will have to hold the BBC to account on new metrics such as diversity targets and new requirements to ensure that its programming is “distinctive”.An Ofcom spokesman said: “Licence-fee payers deserve a strong regulator that holds the BBC to account, and Ofcom’s new duties go beyond those of the BBC Trust.”We plan to deliver these effectively and efficiently, providing maximum value for money and ensuring the BBC meets audiences’ needs.”Ministers are yet to rule on the row. A DCMS spokesman said: “The department is having ongoing discussions with both Ofcom and the BBC Trust in the lead up to the transition of regulatory powers.”The BBC refused to comment. The BBC is refusing an order to pay £9 million a year to the broadcasting watchdog, in a behind-the-scenes row over the cost of the corporation’s new regulatory regime.Ofcom, which will take on responsibility for regulating the BBC in April, is locked in a private battle with the corporation after warning executives that it wants to appoint double the number of staff the BBC Trust, the broadcaster’s current ruling body, currently employs to regulate the broadcaster.The move will add more than £5 million to the regulatory bill currently footed by the licence fee payer, roughly equivalent to what the BBC spends on a six-part drama series. The Trust, which will be abolished under the corporation’s new royal charter, says it employs 35 regulatory staff, at a cost to licence fee payers of £3.8 million a year.Ofcom, which argues it has been given far wider powers to hold the BBC to account, has told the corporation that it plans to take on 77 staff to carry out the job – later falling to 55 – and has demanded a fee of £9 million a year from licence fee funds.The row has provoked a flurry of letters between the BBC, Ofcom and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and the corporation is understood to have appealed to Karen Bradley, the culture secretary, to force the watchdog to reduce its fees.Alex Towers, director of the Trust, is understood to have warned ministers that the broadcaster, which already faces making £800 million in cuts, will have no choice but to take the additional £5.2 million a year out programming budgets. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more