Raspberry Pis Gertboard expansion board already works video

first_imgIn the middle of December last year the Raspberry Pi Foundation made a surprising announcement that not only would we see the $25 PC released in 2012, it would also be getting an expansion board–possibly joining it at launch.The expansion board is called the Gertboard, and is being developed by Broadcom employee Gert van Loo in his spare time. When completed, it will allow Raspberry Pi owners to play around with flashing LEDs, electric motors, and a range of different sensors. It effectively takes the $25 Raspberry Pi beyond just being a very cheap PC.Gert clearly didn’t take much time off during Christmas and the new year celebrations, as he’s already got the Gertboard working, albeit with limited functionality. The video below demonstrates the 12 LEDs being lit up and the board powering an electric motor more than capable of lifting something like your garage door. As these are beta boards Gert is working with, the Raspberry Pi doesn’t yet connect directly on to the Gertboard, but that should happen when the final board ships.At the rate development of the Gertboard is happening, with further progress expected as early as next week, I can definitely see this being a day-one purchase option when the Raspberry Pi finally goes up for sale. That means not only will we have access to a very cheap Linux PC, but robotics fans and anyone already hooked on Arduino will have something new and inexpensive to start experimenting with.Read more at Raspberry Pilast_img read more