PNG defeats Tonga 38-0 in rugby 9s qualifier

first_imgThe BSP Stadium is filling up, with 90 per cent of seats occupied.PNG with speed, power and purpose outplayed the Tongans with seven tries to one.The try scorers for PNG were:  Ase Boas, Sailas Gahuna, Israel Eliab (2 tries), David Lapua, Willie Minoga, Lawrence Tu’u and Wartovo Puara Jnr. The Tongans’ only try was scored by Sione Fa.last_img

7 Reasons Why Having Good Girlfriends Is the Absolute Best

first_imgSeven reasons that having good girlfriends in your life can be crucial to your happiness.1. Their Honesty Is GoldenYour girlfriends are there to tell it like it is. They will tell you not to buy that T-shirt, because they know you have three ones just like it at home or because it doesn’t showcase your best assets. They will tell you whether or not the person you’re dating is deserving of your time and your energy. They will even tell you all the right things to pump you up when you’re feeling down and you’ll believe them, because they are right, and they always want the best for you.2. They Can Empathize With Some of Your More Personal ProblemsPMS is no joke and your friends fully understand. They are the ones who always have an extra tampon in their purse, and will send over a heating pad for when your cramps become something that feel like T-Rex is walking on top of your stomach.3. They Are DTFThat doesn’t stand for what you think it does, it stands for something even better. Your girlfriends are “down to friend,” meaning they are always ready to be on-call when you need a late-night vent session, a midday excuse to meet for lunch, or to help you start happy hour off a little earlier than usual, for the days when you just need a glass of wine (or two).4. They Become Your StylistTurning to your friends for fashion advice, the latest and greatest makeup products, or just to raid their closest for a new outfit to wear on a night out is part of the reason why having girlfriends is the best. Girlfriends are there to look at your Snapchats, your text messages, or even come over in-person, and check over your outfit choices you have for a job interview, a first date, or a big moment in your life.5. They Provide AccountabilityWhether you’re starting a diet, looking to not give up on your New Year’s Resolutions, or just want to make some mid-year changes to your life, your girls will be their as your unofficial accountability buddies. Some may even join your challenge with you so you’re not alone, while others will make sure they call you daily, or weekly, to see how things are going and how they can help you propel forward with whatever it is you’re looking to accomplish.6. They Know How to Help Mend a Broken HeartNobody is better at helping you cure a broken heart than your girlfriends. It’s like they have a magic potion available in their purse to hand you when you’re feeling down about a relationship that suddenly crumbled to the ground. They seem to know exactly what to do to get you back on your feet, whether it’s sit by your side and listen to every single word you have to say about the relationship or to takeover your dating apps and help you get back out there to meet the love of your life.7. They Are Your Number One CheerleadersYour girlfriends are the people who will always bring out the best in you, reminding you of all the amazing things that make you who you are. They will be there in the front row to cheer you on, and send you cards and texts to lift you up whenever you are feeling down. Your girlfriends are what cause you to smile with the mention of an inside joke and bring you endless happiness just with the thought of knowing they are always there.Sourcelast_img read more