PNG defeats Tonga 38-0 in rugby 9s qualifier

first_imgThe BSP Stadium is filling up, with 90 per cent of seats occupied.PNG with speed, power and purpose outplayed the Tongans with seven tries to one.The try scorers for PNG were:  Ase Boas, Sailas Gahuna, Israel Eliab (2 tries), David Lapua, Willie Minoga, Lawrence Tu’u and Wartovo Puara Jnr. The Tongans’ only try was scored by Sione Fa.last_img

Universities in Punjab and Haryana to start a scholarship programme named after Sangram Singh

first_imgUniversities in the state of Punjab and Haryana will start a scholarship programme named after Sangram Singh.The scholarship will be awarded every year to 50 deserving students ofthe universities.Singh is known for his charity and social causes. He has created awareness about animal welfare and adopted a school in Satara. In an exclusive interview with Smarica Pant from India Today Education, Sangram Singh talks about the scholarship program and the condition of sports in our country.  How will the scholarship named after you, help students?Sangram Singh: The scholarship will be given to 50 meritorious students of the institution and it will help them to enrich in both sports and education. Apart from the scholarship program, how would you like to help the poor students of this country?SS: I always want to be the medium of poor students so that the students can enrich themselves in their desired field and last year, I also helped the poor students of a school near Lonavala. The youth is the power of the country and to construct a good nation, poor students needs to be helped. In India, Cricket gets prime importance in the field of sports. According to you, which other sports has the capability to climb high in this country?SS: It is true that Cricket has been given prime importance in the country but to me, wrestling is in number two and I am organising shows to boost the other sports as well.Physical education and fitness is not given much importance in most Indian schools. How important is PE in schools? How do you think this situation can be changed?advertisementSS: Physical Education is important for the development of body and mind, it is wrong if the schools are excluding that from their syllabus. It said that a sound body begets a sound mind and the development of a person is quite impossible without proper health. If a student wants to choose between academic education and a particular sport, which would you advice him to choose?SS: Which field they choose is up to the students as they have the opportunity to succeed in either of the streams. However, education is necessary for every person and without that, it is hard to reach the zenith of success.   How can one continue a career in sports when he/she has passed the physical prime?SS: Age cannot be a barrier. If you have a dream, you can achieve success at any point of time in your life. Read: TET-pass unemployed youth get AAP supportRead: Omar Abdullah not pleased with NEET in Jammu and KashmirClick here for more on education from India Today.last_img read more

Always Take Something Forward

first_imgJerlyn Thomas, one of the members featured in our subway ad campaign, is a NYC-based web designer and developer. You can read her thoughts on design, food, and nerdy stuff on her blog. She’s very excited to have the internet in her pocket. I’m more of a permalancer. I have a permanent 10-6 job. I work at an agency, mostly working on flash-related accounts. I like the regular hours, and I get to go home and work on my own projects. It’s a good balance with my day-to-day work and my regular hours.  I love that I can have the balance between what I work on during the day and still get to work on my projects. My advice to new freelancers is to create a balance. If you don’t find work doing what you want to do, make up projects to keep up your skills. Just make something up while you look for jobs. Or volunteer somewhere to do work. There are always people who are looking for help. I love the freedom I have as a freelancer. I’m about to take a vacation. It’ll be my first time back to the Commonwealth of Dominica—where I’m from—and I wouldn’t get to visit for as long if I weren’t a freelancer. See Jerlyn in our subway poster after the jump. Every project I work on I try to take something forward. I worked on the interface for the nook 2. It was a new platform. Now I’m starting to focus on iphone apps. Now there are things like the ipad. Currently, everyone is using mobile. We have to look at things in different ways than just websites. When you do mobile, you have to know that people are carrying the internet in their hands. I get my health insurance through Freelancers Union. I looked around at different websites, and liked what I found. Getting insurance was kind of a process. I got stuff sent back a number of times. But I’m a really active person, and I want to make sure I’m protected. The cost is worth it. It’s part of the sacrifice of being a freelancer. Insurance is important, especially for freelancers. – Jerlynlast_img read more

13 Signs You’re Actually Starting To Fall In Love

first_imgHow do you know when you are falling in love? Sometimes it’s easy to know, sometimes it’s not. Here are 13 signs that love is in the air!Starting a new relationship can be so great. You go on lots of exciting dates, you have first kisses, first sleepovers, you get wined and dined, and meet their friends. It’s all nerves, tension, flirting, and fun.But when do you move from just dating someone to something more serious? When do you know that this person is actually more meaningful to you? When do you know that you are falling for them and that love is in the air?Love is different for everyone, and there is no set of exact feelings that you will have that definitely mean you are in love. Only you know how you feel. However, with that said, people often do get very similar feelings when they start to fall for someone.If you are wondering whether you are actually in love with someone, or just want to tell the difference between true love and a crush or infatuation, then these 13 signs that love is in the air could help you figure it out!So, are you in love? Let’s take a look!#1 You wake up and think of them. If, as soon as you wake up in the morning, you think of your new love interest *in a good way, of course*, then it is a solid indication that you might be falling in love. This is particularly true if you think of them last thing at night too. Someone being always on your mind is a sign that love is in the air.#2 You daydream about them. If you find your mind wandering off, and you make up little scenarios about the two of you together, it shows that you are thinking about them all the time. It could be fantasizing about the future, or just the hot sex you are going to have later, but having daydreams shows just how strong your feelings are.#3 The thought of losing them is terrible. Do you well up at the idea of losing them, even though it is unlikely to happen? If you think about breaking up and it’s devastating *or even imaging losing them when the two of you are old and grey*, this shows how deeply you care for them.You now can’t imagine ever being without them, and know that they’ll always be by your side – this is truly a sign that love is in the air!#4 When you look at them, you get a rush of that “warm, fuzzy feeling.” The feeling you get when you are in love with someone is a kind of surge of positive emotion.It makes you feel like you could burst with happiness, but at the same time, aware of how vulnerable you are. It’s kind of like having butterflies, but more complex and intense than this – if you feel it, you’ll know!#5 You feel like you “get” each other. Being in love is about truly knowing the other person, and letting them know you too. If you have let each other in, feel as though you could tell one another anything, and understand each other completely, then it shows what a deep and special connection the two of you have.#6 You would do anything to make them happy. Being in love with someone makes you feel very selfless. If you feel as though you would do anything to make the other person happy, then it probably means you are in love with them.What’s more is that you also know just what it is that will bring a smile to their face, and so do your best to make that happen as often as possible!#7 You know their hopes and dreams. When you love someone, you want to know everything about them. You know what their aspirations are, from practical career ones, to their wildest fantasies.You are their biggest supporter and believe in them completely. You push each other on and try to help one another achieve as many of your dreams and goals as possible.#8 You get excited about seeing them. So, you only saw each other that morning and then both went to work, but the thought of seeing them again at the end of the day is so exciting. The rush you feel when you walk through the door and there they are is totally unlike anything else. You can’t explain it, but you just feel so happy to be together, even if you are doing nothing at all.#9 You feel more emotional than usual. As we said before, being in love can make you feel vulnerable and can make you look at the world in a different way. In order to truly fall in love, you have to give yourself to that other person completely, and doing so can be quite scary.Because of this, you are way more sensitive to your own feelings and theirs as well. They can make you cry with joy, but also with sadness much more easily than anyone else would be able to.#10 You have little secrets. Love is all about sharing things with one another, and letting that person see sides of you that no one else does. Inevitably, you end up having little secrets that only the two of you share.It doesn’t necessarily have to be big, “take this to the grave” type of secrets, but just little things such as the weird bedtime routine you have, or that you secretly find your boss really annoying. There are just some things that you keep just for the two of you, that no one else is privy to, and that’s what makes your relationship so special.#11 You completely trust one another. You can’t really be in love without truly trusting that other person. While it might be nerve racking to do so, love means you are able to put all your faith in that other person.You know that when times get tough, they will be there for you. You know if you have a big fight, it doesn’t mean you don’t care for one another or that you are going to break up. You feel safe and solid, even when you aren’t getting along as well as you should!#12 You accept each other’s flaws. Being in love is about totally understanding and knowing the other person. Often when we first start out in a relationship, we only let that person see the good sides of us, and we keep the bad part of us hidden from view.You can only truly love someone, and be loved, when you have shown one another all of your sides. Once you have accepted each other for who you truly are, then you can call it love.#13 They are your best friend as well as your lover. Being in love isn’t just about the physical side and the flirting. There is a great friendship underneath it all as well. Good friends depend on one another and support each other, but they also give each other space to grow and freedom to be an individual too.So, do any of these sound familiar to you? If so, it might just be that love is in the air and you are really falling for your partner – what a wonderful feeling that must be!Sourcelast_img read more