The Myths Marvels Monuments A Cultural Mosaic

first_imgThe Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic 2022 World Cruise is comprised of eight individual segments of 12 to 19 nights, each available for individual booking. Highlights include:Central America focus-visiting Jamaica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, the Panama Canal and comprehensive exploration of the Mexican Riviera.Polynesia and South Pacific focus, from Hawaii to Tonga, with 12 days at sea to fully relax and indulge in the all-inclusive luxuries of Crystal Serenity.New Zealand and Australia focus, exploring the Lord of the Rings landscapes and the famed Barossa and Margaret River wine regions, with overnights in the cosmopolitan hubs of Auckland and Sydney.Indonesia and Indian Ocean focus, beginning along Australia’s west coast and highlighting the sacred temples of Bali and Sri Lanka, plus an overnight in Singapore to explore the famed skyline and on to the blissful Maldives.Intensive exploration of the Arabian Gulf and Holy Land, including overnights in Mumbai, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings (Safaga, Egypt) and Jerusalem/Tel Aviv; also visiting the ancient sites of Petra, Limassol and Rhodes and transiting the Suez Canal.Exploration of the Black Sea coast, overnighting in Istanbul and Monte Carlo and visiting historical and picturesque cities in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania, along with the Italian Riviera.Fascinating Trans-Atlantic route exploring Gibraltar and the famed limestone St Michael’s Cave; the military bastions of Cartagena, Spain; and Ponta Delgada, capital of Portugal’s Azores archipelago.Special events on board and ashore will highlight the Full World Cruise voyage, while dozens of Destination Discoveries ashore allow guests to visit some of the world’s most remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From architectural treasures like Sydney’s Opera House, Mumbai’s Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal to cultural wonders like the historic cities of Istanbul and Rome and mosaics of Paphos, there are experiences offered to suit virtually every traveller’s preferences.With Full World Cruise options ranging from 82 to 116 nights, guests can choose to sail round-trip from Miami or Los Angeles (116 nights); from Miami to Monte Carlo (102 nights); Los Angeles to Monte Carlo (100 nights); or Los Angeles to Miami (86 nights). Depending on the embarkation and disembarkation selected, Full World Cruise voyages may begin or end with a Panama Canal transit. Each of the Full World Cruise options affords benefits including two complimentary private transfers between port city airport and the ship; an extravagant gala event ashore; exclusively themed onboard events; special gifts; “As You Wish” shipboard spending credits; and fare savings for early booking and Crystal Society.A new deposit policy offers 15% reduced deposit requirement for any Full World Cruise guests also deposited on Crystal’s 2020 and/or 2021 Full World Cruises. Bookings are now open for previous, current, and future Full World Cruise guests; bookings open to the public on 10 April 2019.Lead image: Crystal Serenity at Busselton, WA – Image: Guy DundasGo back to the enewsletter Go back to the enewsletterCrystal Cruises has unveiled its 2022 Full World Cruise aboard the Crystal Serenity, a singular circumnavigation featuring five embarkation and disembarkation choices ranging from 86 to 116 nights, each option offering World Cruise benefits. The Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic voyage marks the line’s 27th annual World Cruise, exploring the Panama Canal; Hawaii, Tonga and Samoa; Australia and New Zealand; Indonesia and Sri Lanka; Egypt, Israel and the Black Sea; and Greece and the French Riviera.“Crystal’s 2022 World Cruise again ups the ante of luxury exploration, a true full-circle global odyssey with a focus on choices,” said Carmen Roig, Crystal’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales.“A Full World Cruise with Crystal is the journey of a lifetime, and we believe it should be exactly what our guests want it to be. Multiple options to join or leave the ship in Miami, Los Angeles or Monte Carlo make it possible for guests to plan their air travel and calendars on very personal terms, and numerous opportunities to connect with the facets of the destinations that are most meaningful to them make it a truly personal experience.“The 2022 World Cruise will enchant even the most seasoned travellers, as our team outdoes itself each year to create original itineraries packed with the perfect mix of historical treasures and natural wonders,” she added. “Full World Cruisers will also enjoy a bevvy of special incentives and benefits that sweeten the experience even further, from shipboard credits and shoreside events to conveniences like our newly added complimentary two-day laundry service and medical office visits.”last_img read more

5 Things Suggesting OJ Got Away With Murder

first_img 2 of 28 22. Robert Kardashian sits through trial. Preliminary Hearing Following the Murders of O.J. Simpson's Ex-Wife and Her Friend Source:Getty 19. O.J. Simpson with Nicole and the kids during happier times. 1994 Premiere 'Naked Gun 33 1/3' Source:Getty 23. Robert Shapiro x O.J. Simpson. Preliminary Hearing Following the Murders of O.J. Simpson's Ex-Wife and Her Friend Source:Getty A quarter of a century later, Simpson said that he prefers to “focus on the positives” instead of reflecting on that fateful day that changed the trajectory of his life forever.OJ Simpson Criminal Trial - Simpson Tries on Blood Stained Gloves - June 15, 1995Source: Lee Celano / GettyIn an interview with the Washington Post, Simpson spoke candidly about everything except that 1995 day in Brentwood, California. He remains living in Nevada, where he was in prison for nine years for kidnapping and armed robbery convictions in a 2007 sting operation.“The town has been good to me,” Simpson told the Post. “Everybody I meet seems to be apologizing for what happened to me here.”Chances are that he hasn’t been on the receiving end of too many apologies over those killings 25 years ago.OJ Simpson Criminal Trial - Arrest of O.J. SimpsonSource: Ron Galella / Getty Some people have pointed to the Nevada robbery as proof that Simpson was capable of committing murder, but no one — not even a jury of his peers — has been able to provide any proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty. With that said, Simpson has remained dogged by a handful of noteworthy indications that the former football star, actor and TV pitchman may have indeed gotten away with murder.1. DNA — The prosecution of Simpson’s case presented compelling DNA evidence, including matching bloody footprints, hair follicles, and a glove found near Simpson’s home containing blood that tested positive as belonging to Goldman. Blood was also found in Simpson’s Ford Bronco near the driver’s outside door handle. Other blood samples were smeared inside on the console, door, steering wheel, and carpeting. DNA tests showed some of the blood consisted of a mixture of Simpson’s genetic markers and the victims’. 22 of 28 Motorists Wave At O.J. Simpson During Police Freeway PursuitSource: Jean-Marc Giboux / Getty3. CHANGE OF ALIBI — O.J.’s initial alibi was that he was asleep at the time of the murder. His defense later changed that alibi with a series of stories, one of which claimed he was hitting golf balls outside his home. Simpson’s defense also claimed that a neighbor’s housekeeper, Rosa Lopez, saw his car parked outside the home. However, Lopez later confessed during cross-examination that she could not be precisely sure whether or not his Bronco was there. 5 of 28 1994 Premiere 'Naked Gun 33 1/3' 9 of 28 20. Johnnie Cochran lays down the law, circa 1995. Defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr. points to the d Source:Getty 10 of 28 40 Photos Of O.J. Simpson & The Key Players In His Murder Trial 17 of 28 9. The scene around O.J.’s October 3rd trial date. O.J. Simpson Trial Source:Getty 10. O.J.’s sister spotted near the crime scene. Murder Scene Source:Getty SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT: The LAPD is now testing a knife found buried on OJ Simpson’s former estate for DNA.— FOX&friends Weekend (@ffweekend) March 5, 20162. THE INFAMOUS CAR CHASE — On the day of his arrest, the LAPD chased Simpson in his white Bronco for hours. To top it off, the spectacle was all caught on tape. 19 of 28 Nicole Brown Simpson , O. J. Simpson , O.J. Murder Trial 14. O.J. tries on a glove that was used in the murder of his ex-wife. OJ Simpson Criminal Trial - Simpson Tries on Blood Stained Gloves - June 15, 1995 Source:Getty 12 of 28 8. Did O.J. do it? O.J. Simpson Source:Getty UPDATED: 6:51 a.m., June 12, 2019 —The downfall of O.J. Simpson began on this date 25 years ago, although the public didn’t realize it at the time. The former football star-turned actor-turned commercial pitchman’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman were both found dead in her southern California home on June 12, 1994. Five days later, Simpson caught the country’s attention by leading police on a slow, lengthy car chase that many found incriminating before he was arrested and taken into custody as the prime suspect for the killings. 1 of 28 28. O.J. at an evidentiary hearing in 2013. O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas Court - Day 5 Source:Getty 3. O.J. Simpson and his ex-wife Nicole Brown in seemingly happier times. 1994 Premiere 'Naked Gun 33 1/3' Source:Getty 20 of 28 Oj Simpson killed two people then got off not guilty…. Years later does a Tv confession about his book called “If I did it”. He then explains in the interview/book how he would have killed them both “HYPOTHETICALLY” of course, because it’s all just a made up story….— Andrew Long (@_AndrewLong) May 17, 20185. THE “IF I DID IT” BOOK — There’s no greater way to say “I’m guilty” than to publish a book detailing how you would hypothetically do it, all in the name of profit. An excerpt from the book reads:“If I had actually done it… I would have brought my good gloves that day. I would have thought it was shame they shrunk when I left them out on the patio, but I would have brought them just the same. They were my lucky gloves, and I would have needed them cause I was going to stab my slut of a wife… hypothetically.”SEE ALSO:“Concussion” Doctor Bennet Omalu Suspects O.J. Simpson Has CTE Brain DiseaseO.J. Simpson Almost Killed Himself In Kim Kardashian’s Childhood Bedroom Before Infamous Bronco ChaseCuba Gooding Jr. Set To Star In Televised O.J. Simpson Trial Miniseries 24 of 28 21. The Juice at his 1994-1995 murder trial. A photograph dated 29 September 1994 of O.J. Simps Source:Getty 13 of 28 8 of 28 26. O.J. heads to the place he knows best, court. ME. simpson.4.KL.5/15––SANTA MONICA––O.J. Simpson a heads for Santa Monica courtroom Thursday, 5/15, Source:Getty 40 Photos Of O.J. Simpson & The Key Players In His Murder Trial 5. Judge Lance Ito listens to defense motions to exclude Mark Fuhrman’s testimony and the prosecutions’ response to retain the information 11 September during a court hearing in the O.J. Simpson murder trail. Judge Lance Ito listens to defense motions to excl Source:Getty 7. Deputy District Attorney Chris Darden asks Judge Lance Ito in the O.J.Simpson case 13 January to bar the defense from asking Los Angeles Police detective Mark Fuhrman if he ever uttered a racial epithet. Deputy District Attorney Chris Darden asks Judge L Source:Getty 25. O.J. Simpson leaving the courthouse after the civil trial that followed his murder trial. ME.OJ.for mika.1122.RG –– O.J. Simpson leaves the Santa Monica Courthouse after a day of testifying Source:Getty 12. The crowd cheers after hearing the verdict on October 3rd, 1995. O.J. Simpson Trial Source:Getty 26 of 28 center_img Entertainment, News and Lifestyle for Black America. News told by us for us. Black America’s #1 News Source: Our News. Our Voice. 28 of 28 The Duality Of The Role Fear Plays In ‘The Talk’ 15 of 28 16. Deputy district attorney Marcia Clark is shown during testimony at the preliminary hearings. Preliminary Hearing Following the Murders of O.J. Simpson's Ex-Wife and Her Friend Source:Getty 16 of 28 Skip ad 15. O.J. Simpson and his ex-wife Nicole Brown in seemingly happier times. The Simpsons At Harley Davidson Café Source:Getty 6. O.J. x Johnnie Cochran. Murder defendant O.J. Simpson (L) points towards p Source:Getty Continue reading 40 Photos Of O.J. Simpson & The Key Players In His Murder Trial 14 of 28 4. AI Cowlings, the friend who drove O.J. during his infamous Bronco chase. Press Conference with Al Cowlings (Pro Football Player and Friends with O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown) Source:Getty 7 of 28 18. Robert Shapiro reads O.J.’s damning letter to the press. O.J. Simpson Letter Source:Getty 6 of 28 21 of 28 #OJSimpson’s new alibi:— TrivWorks (@TrivWorks) March 4, 20164. MOTIVE — According to the prosecution, Simpson had plenty of motive to kill his ex-wife. Simpson was reportedly prone to jealous rages (evidenced by taped 911 calls from Nicole herself), including allegedly hitting, stalking, and degrading her — all signs that he was quite capable of murder. 27 of 28 1. O.J. seen talking to his lawyers Robert Shapiro, Johnnie Cochran, and Robert Kardashian during a trial date. O.J. Simpson (C) confers with attorneys Johnnie Co Source:Getty O.J. seen talking to his lawyers Robert Shapiro, Johnnie Cochran, and Robert Kardashian during a trial date. ‘The Talk’ 101 13. A much earlier photo of O.J. and his good friend AI Cowlings, circa 1979. O.J. Simpson Source:Getty Launch gallery 25 of 28 Thanks for signing up! Get ready for Exclusive content, Interviews,and Breaking news delivered direct to your inbox. Get ready for Exclusive content, Interviews,and Breaking news delivered direct to your inbox. 11 of 28 27. O.J. at an evidentiary hearing in 2013. O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas Court - Day 2 Source:Getty 23 of 28 How The News Cycle Dictates ‘The Talk’ Parents Have With Their Kids 11. The infamous Bronco chase. O.J. Simpson White Bronco Chase Source:Getty 4 of 28 2. The late Robert Kardashian defends his friend O.J. Simpson in court. Murder defendant O.J. Simpson (R) listens to testi Source:Getty 17. O.J. Simpson and his kids at Nicole Simpson’s funeral. O. J. Simpson And Children Source:Getty 3 of 28 More By NewsOne Staff 24. Robert Shapiro in 2015. 22nd Annual Race To Erase MS - Arrivals Source:Getty 18 of 28 SUBSCRIBE last_img read more