Customers Unhappy at Winners Inc. Delay

first_imgCustomers at the offices of Winners Incorporated on Broad Street.Many unhappy customers of Winners Incorporated recently prevented some staff members of the company from leaving its head office on Broad Street, because their winnings were not paid by the management.They told journalists that the company failed to pay their winnings, which prompted their action. “I have lost a lot of money with Winners in the past and when the time came to pay us what we won, they refused to do so,” one of the unhappy customers said.He said information came from Winners Incorporated suggesting to them to take their grievance to the National Lottery Authority (NLA), one of the disgruntled customers said Winners Incorporated management is aware that most of the customers cannot seek any legal help.“Some of us (people with winning tickets) are worried and don’t know if we will continue to play with Winners Incorporated because of the situation,” one said.Several of the customers also accused Winners Incorporated of not responding to their concerns since they have been partners in their betting game.A lady customer refused the company’s claim that “it does not have to pay when the odd number is not correct. But how can I know if the odd number is correct? Anytime I win big money, they can say the odd number is not correct and so they will not pay.”“They just fooled us every day because they delayed paying our money,” another customer said.Responding to Winners Incorporated, a man who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak said the company engaged the unhappy customers and finally paid out their winnings. He could not explain the cause for the delay and refused to get into the details on the odds that was seemingly responsible for the crisis.He, however, denied that the delay in payment was deliberate and intended to fool them. “We have been in the sports betting business for a long time and we always take care of our customers,” he said. “We have settled their concerns and all is fine.”Sports betting have been around for some time and another company Doxxbet Liberia Inc. is also said to be a strong competitor in the sector.Said a spokesman: “We at Doxxbet Liberia Inc. are always aware of our responsibility, including the odds we are offering. We understand that Liberian customers deserve a high-quality service and that is what we have been offering for many years. We will try to keep the same level of effort and dedication, so our customers always consider us fair and trustworthy company.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Fire Hall rezoning draws criticism

first_imgThe land is currently zoned as general commercial (C4) and would have to be re-zoned as public and institutional (P2) before the Hall can be built.The amendments to the two bylaws will be subject to a third reading which will take place next council meeting.The land where construction of the new Fire Hall is proposed was purchased for over $1 million and the project is expected to cost around $10.5 million. The proposal to rezone the land where the new fire hall will be built has drawn criticism from a member of the public.At Monday’s public hearing during the council meeting, Margaret Fenton spoke against the proposal. She said her main reason for not wanting the Fire Hall in that area is because her dog is sensitive to sirens and howls whenever it hears them.Before purchasing a nearby property, she said she checked the zoning of the land. She added that she only received notice of the potential rezoning 10 days ago.- Advertisement -Councillor Don Irwin said the city had been considering building a new Fire Hall for some time and asked Fenton if she had checked with the city prior to purchasing her property. Fenton said she had checked the online city zoning map.The construction of the new fire hall is planned on 93rd Avenue behind Sobeys.The city wants to amend the Official Community Plan Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw to build the new Fire Hall in that area.Advertisementlast_img read more

The missing piece of the communications map

first_imgI recently confessed on this blog that I had to throw out the first half of my book because it wasn’t very good and start over mid-way through my writing process. Here’s an analogy from the cutting room floor that I did like: a map of Sherwood Forest as the map for reaching our audiences. In the middle of it is the marketing territory we sometimes want to avoid but all must pass through.If we are working for a good cause, Sherwood Forest is located on our mental map between somewhere between our mission statements or strategic plans and our outreach efforts. Most organizations or activists have mission statements and even strategic plans. These are the ideas and documents that tell us why we are in business and what we want to accomplish. Picture this as the west side of a map that shows how to reach our audiences. At the other end of our mental map, to the east, is an outreach or communications plan. Most organizations have at least an informal version of this plan. It tells us how to get our message out – for example, press conferences, canvassing, printed matter and public service announcements. Now visualize the empty space on our line between our strategic plan and our communications plan. This is the uncharted, dense, dark wood we’re calling Sherwood Forest. It is tempting to circumnavigate it, because it seems so much easier to bypass the wood and take our mission directly to the people. We all like to figure out what we’re trying to accomplish and then go straight to promoting it. This is skipping the crucial path through the forest. It’s assuming that being right is the same thing as being convincing, and therefore giving people information will get them to take action. We start by saying “we need a brochure” rather than asking, “who are we trying to reach and what do they want?” Many marketing efforts stumble because information alone does not change hearts or minds.We need to backtrack and determine how to translate, position and compellingly package our agenda for our audience before we start promoting. Taking time to do this ensures that when people hear our public service announcement or read our brochure, they will take action. Sherwood Forest is where we go from mission orientation to market orientation. It’s where our advocacy efforts either come together and gain power or fall apart, lost somewhere in the undergrowth. OK, so it’s a little overblown. That’s why it did not end up in the book. But I revive it here to say, before we go east and decide how to communicate, we should make the journey into our audience’s world and figure out what they think, what they do and where they are. Then and only then can we figure out how to express our Western orientation – our mission – in terms that will travel well.Wow I’m stuck on the travel analogy this week too. Maybe I need a vacation?last_img read more