Pandit, son to be cremated today

first_imgThe 61-year-old pandit and his son, who were found murdered in their Delph and Craig Streets, Campbellville, Georgetown home on Tuesday morning will be laid to rest today.Pandit Deonarine Liliah and Gopaul LiliahPandit Deonarine Liliah, called Dewan Liliah, and his 28-year-old son, Gopaul Liliah, were found after a tenant, who lives in the lower flat of the house, reported to Police that she had not seen her landlord or his son for days and that there was a foul smell emanating from the upper flat of the building.Guyana Times was told by a source close to the investigations that the Police were making strides in the investigation.Late Wednesday evening, Police swooped down on a Campbellville house where two suspects, wanted for questioning into the incident, were arrested.This publication was told that CCTV footage from a nearby house revealed a masked man jumping the western fence into the now deceased men’s yard. The footage also showed the suspect entering the home from the northern door and exiting via the back entrance, with two bulky bags and a bucket in his hands.According to information, the duo who lived in the upper flat of the property was last seen by the tenant on July 7, 2018.The 40-year-old woman told the Police that she recalled hearing footsteps about 21:00h on Saturday evening. When ranks from the Kitty Police Station arrived at the house they found the back door ajar and Gopaul Liliah’s lifeless body lying face down on the floor in a pool of blood while his father was lying on his back in the living room.Meanwhile, the bodies will be at Sandy’s Funeral Parlour at 10:00h today for viewing, then to the Good Hope Crematorium for cremation.last_img read more

Is Your Job Hurting Your Pay Potential?

first_imgAre you miserable in your current job? Even if your position pays well and looks great on paper, you should beware. Not only can the wrong job leave you unsatisfied, but it can actually hurt your career trajectory – and your future earning potential.Being in the wrong job can have far-ranging consequences to your future salary. From missing out on raises and promotions to working for a company with a bad reputation, there’s a host of ways a current role can negatively impact your future earnings.So before you commit even more time and effort to your existing job, check out these 6 signs to see if you’re in the wrong job and need to bail out:The company’s mission or your leader’s vision doesn’t fit In a tight job market taking any job you can get makes sense. But now the job market is relatively healthy so it may be time to rethink your current position, particularly if you don’t agree with the direction the company is going or you don’t respect its leaders.“There are occasions when a new CEO or new manager comes in and the company rebrands itself,” says Jennifer Hill, author of Stop Hoping-Start Hunting.  “If it isn’t aligning with your long term career path and personal brand it can hurt you to associate with that company.”The boss keeps taking credit for your hard workNo one wants to get thrown under the bus but when it’s your boss or manager who is doing it to you and stealing the credit, it could be a sign it’s time to start looking. After all not only does this breed resentment but it could prevent you from getting promoted if your manager gets all the accolades for your hard work. “Sometimes you will see it (the bad behavior) straight on,” says John Ricco, partner in recruiting firm The Atlantic Group. Other times it’s harder to detect, but either way there’s not much you can do about it.The job is just a means to a paycheckNobody wants to be in between jobs for too long which is why many will take a position as a “placeholder” until something better comes along, says Ben Carpenter,  author of The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals About How to Find a Great Job, Do a Great Job, Start a Business, and Live a Happy Life. While you’ll have money in the bank going that route, you’ll also be going through the motions instead of feeling engaged and strongly invested in the job. “Those feelings will carry over into how you actually perform,” says Carpenter.  “So if you are just phoning it in, and your work is suffering because of it, you do run the risk of negatively affecting your reputation with your leaders, clients and coworkers, which can/will affect you when you seek another job.”Complacency has set inWe all want to feel comfortable in our jobs but you also don’t want it to be too cushy that you don’t ever move up or leave. There’s a reason that old adage “when one door closes another opens” resonates with so many people. “If you stay in a position too long it can definitely damage your career,” says Ricco. One way to avoid that from happening is to plan where you want to be in your career in five, ten and twenty years, he says.Your company has a bad reputationIt’s ok to work for scrappy company trying to take on the competition or the market leader, but if your employer has a really bad reputation—think Enron bad—then it can hurt your future career. “If you are working for a company that other people don’t respect, your association with it can have negative fall back,” says Hill.  Not only will people question your character but you may not get an interview at the competitors to begin with.Your role adds little to the businessYou may love your job and tasks you perform but if that position isn’t one that impacts the business or is hurting your chances of moving up then you are likely in a dead end role.  “If your position is often overlooked, if you don’t have opportunities to shine a light on your individual work, etc., it’s going to be difficult for you to get the recognition that’s necessary for promotion,” says Carpenter. He says a surefire sign that your role isn’t helping your career is if you keep getting passed over for promotions or there isn’t a clear career path for your current role.If a number of these resonate with you, it may be time to look for greener pastures – and perhaps higher earnings down the road._____________________________________________________________________________________________TIME TO LOOK FOR A NEW JOB? Begin searching now to find a job you love. _____________________________________________________________________________________________last_img read more

An important message from Sara

first_imgWhen I founded the organization that became Freelancers Union in 1995, my goal was to build the next form of unionism for a networked economy in America. We started with a simple but profound idea — that freelancers, by joining together, could create solutions where they didn’t exist before. We called it Mutualism — it’s the idea that we can do together what we can’t do alone.That simple idea has grown into a thriving movement over 350,000 members strong. Many of you were members back from the beginning, or joined along the way, but what we know is that Freelancers Union was very much a part of defining the freelancers movement.I write to you today to let you know that I will be staying very much active in the freelancers movement, but I will now focus on new solutions to the issues facing freelancers – stay tuned on that front!Because we have joined together, Freelancers Union has built innovative businesses to create a new safety net for freelancers, with resources, community, and advocacy to help our members thrive. And we’re not done yet — especially in challenging times, we need to think creatively about finding new ways to build security for a workforce that is more important than ever.It’s that impulse — to build new, innovative solutions to the challenges facing freelancers — that is leading me to transition to focus on an exciting new venture that will continue the march toward a more secure world for freelancers.One of the great joys of leading Freelancers Union is watching the emergence of the next leaders among members and staff. Across the country, we have seen the rise of new member leaders, who lead SPARKs in over 20 cities. Seasoned freelancer advocates, powered by the enthusiasm of our members, helped enact landmark legislation in New York protecting freelancers from nonpayment, which is now a model in cities across the country and in the UK.These initiatives have been led by Caitlin Pearce, who is one of the top organizers of her generation. We have worked side-by-side for seven years, and she is simply outstanding. She is filled with ideas for the future and a dedication to listening to freelancers, and will be a champion for building the next safety net for freelancers across the country and empowering freelancers in the new economy.While I’ll be stepping down from leading Freelancers Union in January, I’m leaving the union in Caitlin’s very capable hands. I am confident that she will continue to build on our great momentum, and I’ll continue to be connected to the organization.As I look toward the new year, while many freelancers are understandably anxious about what the future will bring, I see a movement that grows stronger every day. More and more freelancers are joining together to make their voices heard. We’re building on that simple idea that started it all — that we can do together what we can’t do alone.Please stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming months, and best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2018.last_img read more