Athletic is still in the Cup after flirting with the elimination against a bold Tenerife

first_imgPhoto: EFE A dumbfounded Athletic Club continues in the Copa del Rey after flirting with the elimination before a bold Tenerife, who says goodbye to it after a notable participation when falling into the penalty shootout.The presence in the Heliodoro of a historical such as Athletic intimidated enough to fear the worst, but what could never be foreshadowed, not even the Bilbao team itself, was that it had such an unfortunate and unprecedented start, that not only stunned their own players but also to Tenerife.Only a minute of play had elapsed when Moore, a meter from the area, received a hard tackle from the Herrerín goal in his desperate start, an action sanctioned with the expulsion of the Basque goal, while, in a row, the launch of Luis’s foul Milla touched Williams, inside the area, with one of her hands.In this way, the referee, after the pertinent consultation of the VAR, punishable the lack of the attacker, Joselu was responsible for scoring from the fateful point in minute seven, while at the edge of the first quarter of an hour a Yuri center Raúl García nodded for a timely Williams to score the tie with his chest.But when the Biscayan cadre seemed to be replaced by his initial misfortune, with the score again matched and also with a conscientious control of his rival, another bloody and devastating mood blow arrived. This time it was Elliot who, within the area, got rid of several rival defenders and, from the left, focused on the penalty spot so that Yuri, in his eagerness to clear the ball, left him at the feet of an outstanding Joselu, that with a dry shot he scored his second goal. The Garitano win the Canaries on penalties after the final 3-3center_img After the resumption, a poisoned launch of Lekue from the front deflected Ortolá to corner, but in the second attempt Bilbao was successful, although with the close collaboration of Milla, who after missing a pass in the 53rd minute, left the ball at the mercy of Williams for the striker to face the area and beat Ortolá with a low shot.This new balance in the scoreboard led to a much more open clash, now with repeated arrivals in the respective areas, and with the occasional occasion, such as a Joselú heel in the 78th minute that Ezkieta successfully resolved, ending this danger until concluding this second part.The tie forced the dispute of the mandatory extension, an added time in which both teams continued to insist on decanting their respective colors, but hardly shooting at the door, until a penetration in the Nahuel area ended with a demolition of Lekue and with the consequent penalty, which this time transformed Dani Gomez in the 105th minute.But two minutes to the end of the extension, Yuri neutralized the local advantage with a shot from outside the area that ended up in the net to force the penalties.Data sheet:3. CD Tenerife: Ortolá; Luis Pérez, Carlos Ruiz, Sipcic, Alex Muñoz (Nahuel, m.75); Moore, Luis Milla, Undabarrena (Dani Gómez, m.93), Javi Alonso (Aitor Sanz, m.66); Elliot (Lasure, m.50) and Joselu.3. Athletic Club: Blacksmith; Lekue (Capa, m.106), Yeray, Unai Nuñez (Ezkieta, m.4), Íñigo Martínez, Yuri; Muniain, Dani García, Unai López (Vesga, m.82); Williams (Villalibre, m.95) and Raúl García.Goals: 1-0, M.7: Joselu. 1-1, M.16: Williams. 2-1, M.20: Joselu. 2-2, M.53: Williams. 3-2, M.105: Dani Gómez. 3-3, M.117: Yuri.In the penalty shootout (2-4) Aitor Sanz and Nahuel scored for Tenerife, and Raúl García, Muniain, Vesga and Villalibre for Athletic Club.Referee: Pablo González Fuertes (Asturian Territorial Committee). He drove Herrerín (m.1) with a direct red for knocking Moore out of the area and Carlos Ruiz (m.93) for a yellow card, in addition, he admonished the Undabarrena (m.21), Alex Muñoz (m .31), Moore (m.91) and Ortolá (m.115), and visitors Williams (m.6), Dani García (m.37), to coach Gaizka Garitano (m.65), Raúl García (m .75), Yuri (m.91) and Íñigo Martínez (m.98).Incidents: Round of 16 match of S.M. Cup the King played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium before 17,484 spectators. In the ninth minute of the game the public cheered the name of the visitor Williams for the recent racist insults received in Cornellá, Barcelona.last_img read more

The missing piece of the communications map

first_imgI recently confessed on this blog that I had to throw out the first half of my book because it wasn’t very good and start over mid-way through my writing process. Here’s an analogy from the cutting room floor that I did like: a map of Sherwood Forest as the map for reaching our audiences. In the middle of it is the marketing territory we sometimes want to avoid but all must pass through.If we are working for a good cause, Sherwood Forest is located on our mental map between somewhere between our mission statements or strategic plans and our outreach efforts. Most organizations or activists have mission statements and even strategic plans. These are the ideas and documents that tell us why we are in business and what we want to accomplish. Picture this as the west side of a map that shows how to reach our audiences. At the other end of our mental map, to the east, is an outreach or communications plan. Most organizations have at least an informal version of this plan. It tells us how to get our message out – for example, press conferences, canvassing, printed matter and public service announcements. Now visualize the empty space on our line between our strategic plan and our communications plan. This is the uncharted, dense, dark wood we’re calling Sherwood Forest. It is tempting to circumnavigate it, because it seems so much easier to bypass the wood and take our mission directly to the people. We all like to figure out what we’re trying to accomplish and then go straight to promoting it. This is skipping the crucial path through the forest. It’s assuming that being right is the same thing as being convincing, and therefore giving people information will get them to take action. We start by saying “we need a brochure” rather than asking, “who are we trying to reach and what do they want?” Many marketing efforts stumble because information alone does not change hearts or minds.We need to backtrack and determine how to translate, position and compellingly package our agenda for our audience before we start promoting. Taking time to do this ensures that when people hear our public service announcement or read our brochure, they will take action. Sherwood Forest is where we go from mission orientation to market orientation. It’s where our advocacy efforts either come together and gain power or fall apart, lost somewhere in the undergrowth. OK, so it’s a little overblown. That’s why it did not end up in the book. But I revive it here to say, before we go east and decide how to communicate, we should make the journey into our audience’s world and figure out what they think, what they do and where they are. Then and only then can we figure out how to express our Western orientation – our mission – in terms that will travel well.Wow I’m stuck on the travel analogy this week too. Maybe I need a vacation?last_img read more