Not Even LeBron Could Overcome The Celtics HomeCourt Magic

The NBA’s most impressive playoff homestandsBest schedule-adjusted points per game differentials at home (according to Elo ratings) for NBA playoff teams, 1984-2018 21987Detroit Pistons70+17.0+12.5 62016Oklahoma City Thunder63+13.3+8.0 71994Indiana Pacers61+12.3+7.8 92007Utah Jazz71+10.0+7.4 With their 96-83 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night, the Boston Celtics just got that much closer to becoming the first Eastern Conference team to eliminate a LeBron James-led squad in eight years. (Incidentally, the last team to do it also wore Celtics green.) And once again, it was all about the Celtics’ home-court advantage playing at TD Garden, where Boston is a perfect 10-0 in these playoffs.Where does this rank among the playoffs’ greatest historical performances at home? If we use FiveThirtyEight’s Elo ratings to measure each team’s schedule-adjusted performance in every game, the Celtics are winning by 7.2 more points per game than we’d expect based on the quality of their opponents. Since the 1984 playoffs (when the NBA expanded the field to its modern 16-team format), that ranks these Celtics as the 10th-best home team in any single postseason: Source: It wasn’t always pretty in Game 5. Despite rookie swingman Jayson Tatum’s big numbers (24 points, 7 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 blocks), the Celtics’ 36.5 percent field-goal percentage was the 10th worst by a winning team in a conference final game since 1984. But Boston’s defense made up for it. It held the Cavaliers to 88.0 points per 100 possessions, their third-worst offensive game of the whole playoffs, rendered three Cavs starters (JR Smith, Tristan Thompson and George Hill) practically invisible and limited a visibly exhausted LeBron to only the fourth game of the postseason in which he didn’t personally account for at least 20 percent of the positive actions by either team while on the court.(That’s according to NBA Advanced Stats’ Player Impact Estimate metric, in which LeBron “only” graded out at 18.1 percent in Game 5. He still led all Cavs who logged any meaningful playing time, but James’s PIE was below his playoff average of 23.1 percent. That’s how high a standard we hold LeBron to: Somehow it’s seen as disappointing if he doesn’t literally do the work of two players when he’s in the game.)The Celtics’ home-court advantage in these playoffs has generally been fueled by offense as much as defense — even after Game 5, they’re scoring 11.5 more points per 100 possessions at home than on the road, while allowing 10.8 points per 100 possessions fewer — but on Wednesday night, it mostly came down to the work Boston put in at the defensive end. Pesky Celtics defenders Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart led the way on this end, holding Cleveland shooters to the game’s two lowest shot-quality numbers as individual defenders, according to Second Spectrum’s quantified shot quality metric.As for the Cavs, Game 5 continued their yearlong pattern of extreme up-and-down basketball. After losing Games 1 and 2 by an average of 19.0 points per game and then winning Games 3 and 4 by an average of 19.5, they turned around and lost Game 5 by 13. Predictably, it happened as they reverted back to their poor-shooting ways; they made just 26.5 percent of their 3-pointers Wednesday, which is the kiss of death for this Cleveland team.But who can say when they’ll heat up again? As The Ringer’s John Gonzalez wrote earlier this week, we all need to stop waiting to find out who these Cavs really are. There’s nothing to really learn about them at this point, except that they’re maddening and impossible to predict. And with Cleveland in a do-or-die situation at home in Friday’s Game 6 — remember, James’s teams are 10-3 when facing elimination since 2012 — the roller-coaster ride is far from over.Check out our latest NBA predictions. 42018Golden State Warriors71+14.8+10.5 11996Utah Jazz81+20.7+16.1 81984Los Angeles Lakers92+14.5+7.6 32016Cleveland Cavaliers91+17.9+11.9 51986Houston Rockets91+11.3+8.0 RkSeasonTeamWinsLossesPPG Diff.Vs. Expected 102018Boston Celtics100+11.5+7.2 read more

Its Time For Drew Brees And The Saints To Break Up

201311-511-56-10 Broncos1984-90Elway (30)1.1 Vikings1968-78Tarkenton (38)9.0 Rams1999-04Bulger (27)10.8+ 201011-58-86-10 If there’s still a good NFL team lurking in Louisiana, it’s hiding. Since a gritty win in Philadelphia in the divisional playoffs on Jan. 4, 2014, the New Orleans Saints have gone 7-12, despite playing one of the NFL’s easiest schedules. According to our Elo ratings, they’ve suffered the sharpest decline of any NFL franchise since the start of the 2014 regular season. And after an 0-2 start this year, they have just a 15 percent chance of making the playoffs.Once upon a time, this would have been no big deal: The Saints have had a mostly miserable history, and they still rank 28th out of the 32 active NFL franchises in lifetime winning percentage. But we’d grown used to something different. Under quarterback Drew Brees, the Saints won a Super Bowl and were consistently in the championship conversation. Despite the occasional hiccup, they maintained a league average Elo rating (1500) or higher for more than six consecutive seasons, from Nov. 24, 2008, through Dec. 7, 2014.What happens when a franchise declines suddenly after such a sustained period of success? Can it sometimes be a false alarm? Can it replace a few parts and return to contention? Or is it doomed to years in the wilderness?The short answer: yes, yes and yes. It depends. It depends mostly on the quarterback situation and how the franchise manages it.I searched our all-time Elo ratings database for cases similar to the Saints’: teams that were very good for at least five consecutive seasons but then declined fairly quickly. (See the official criteria in the footnotes.1Specifically, I looked for cases since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 in which a team:Had a streak of five or more years in which its Elo rating was always league average (1500) or higher,Had an average Elo rating of 1600 or higher during the streak, andDeclined to an Elo rating of 1450 or lower within a year of the streak breaking. 20077-97-96-10 Dolphins1980-87Marino (26)3.0 Bears1984-89Harbaugh (26), Tomczak (27)0.9 Saints2008-14Brees (35)?? SAINTS’ RECORD WITH … Chiefs1965-74Dawson (39, injured)7.0 20088-88-87-9 Steelers2004-13Roethlisberger (31)1.3 Colts2002-11Manning (35, injured)3.1 YEARDREW BREESAVERAGE QB (PROJECTED)REPLACEMENT QB (PROJECTED) 20127-95-113-13 200913-311-510-6 ) There have been 14 of them since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, including some of the fabled dynasties of the modern NFL.In the table below, I’ve also named the team’s incumbent quarterback — or quarterbacks, in the event of a controversy — at the time the 1500-plus Elo streak was broken.2If the incumbent was knocked out because of an injury, I still list his name rather than his understudy’s. Finally, I’ve listed how long it took the team to recover to contender status, which I define as having an Elo of 1600 or higher. Total87-5975-7159-87 Cowboys1966-86White (34, injured)5.0 Raiders1982-87Wilson (30), Hilger (25)3.2 200610-610-68-8 TEAMHIGH-ELO STREAKQB AT END OF STREAK (AGE)YEARS TO RECOVER TO CONTENDER STATUS Colts1963-72Domres (25), Unitas (39)3.1 20150-20-20-2 201113-310-69-7 At first glance, this list doesn’t look all that bad for the Saints. The median team took 3.1 years to recover to contender status; the average team3The St. Louis Rams have yet to achieve a 1600-plus Elo rating since the Kurt Warner years ended. For purposes of calculating this average, I’m using their current time of 10.8 years since their high-Elo streak was broken — but the Rams could take longer still to recover. took 4.1 years.But the average looks better than it otherwise would be because of a series of teams that had a stud quarterback in the prime of his career. Dan Marino’s Dolphins, John Elway’s Broncos, Donovan McNabb’s Eagles and Ben Roethlisberger’s Steelers each endured a rough patch. But those QBs were between 26 and 31 when the slump began, leaving their teams with plenty of time to adjust around them.Brees, by contrast, was 35 when the Saints’ Elo streak was broken last season. Past teams like the 1974 Chiefs, 1978 Vikings and 1986 Cowboys that held on to their aging QBs a year or so too long (sometimes through intermittent injuries) took longer to recover — and it was only once a new quarterback replaced the veteran that they did.The 2011 Colts, with Peyton Manning, and the 1999 49ers, with Steve Young, appear to be exceptions — both franchises rebounded pretty quickly after miserable seasons. But Young and Manning were injured so severely that their teams were forced to contemplate life without them — or at least had a convenient excuse to move on. Both had already played their last games for their clubs4And Young, forced into retirement, had played his last in the NFL. at the time their Elo streaks ended, it turned out.Brees is in the all-time inner circle of franchise quarterbacks: Only five others (Manning, Brett Favre, Marino, Elway and Tom Brady) have accumulated more passing yards with a single club. The problem is that a quarterback who’s been good for as long as Brees can obscure deterioration in the team around him. ESPN’s QBR includes a calculation of how much a quarterback is worth to his team in each game, relative to an average or replacement-level QB. This allows us to estimate how often a replacement QB would swing a game from a win to a loss, or vice versa. For instance, if the Saints win by 7 points and QBR estimates that Brees was worth 8.2 points, that’s a game where the quarterback made the difference. 20147-95-114-12 Eagles2000-05McNabb (29)3.0 49ers1981-99Young (38, injured)2.1 Basically, we’re looking for cases in which a quarterback plays really well in a close win.5Or plays poorly in a close loss. Brees has had a lot of those clutch wins.6The Saints don’t have an especially good record in close games under Brees, but he’s played extremely well in close games, win or lose, according to QBR. He’s salvaged a lot of wins from the jaws of defeat and kept the Saints competitive in games in which they’d otherwise have been blown out. Since 2006, his first year with the Saints, the team is 87-59 in the regular season.But with a replacement-level QB, they’d be 59-87 instead, according to this method. And the last few years would have been especially awful: The Saints would have gone 3-13 in 2012, 6-10 in 2013 and 4-12 in 2014 with Mark Sanchez or Brandon Weeden or some other replacement-level QB at the helm.Or … maybe not, since the Saints would have had a lot more money to invest elsewhere in the roster. Brees’s contract counts for $26.4 million against the salary cap this year, making it the biggest cap hit in the league. Because the top NFL quarterbacks are probably underpaid relative to the disproportionate value they can provide to their clubs, that’s not even all that terrible a contract so long as Brees is among the top half-dozen quarterbacks in the league — as he was until this season. But the minute Brees gets hurt, or reverts to league average (or worse) because of age, the Saints are left with a rotting carcass of a roster and a salary cap crisis.In fact, for all their irrationality in other areas, NFL teams have usually been able to anticipate these problems and have been remarkably unsentimental in parting ways with aging franchise quarterbacks in the salary-cap era. The first signs were in 1993, when Joe Montana was traded.7The salary cap would not officially be implemented until 1994, but NFL teams were aware of its impending impact at the time of Montana’s trade in April 1993. Then came Phil Simms — who, after a somewhat miraculous comeback season in 1993, was unceremoniously released the next spring. Troy Aikman might have retired anyway because of injuries, but he was ushered out the door. The same goes for Young, who was not welcome back in San Francisco. Warren Moon was passed around like a joint at a Phish concert toward the end of his career. Kurt Warner was benched. McNabb endured a fate worse than being benched: He was dealt to Washington. Favre had a reality-TV-style mess of a divorce from the Packers. Manning was let go once the Colts knew they had an opportunity to draft Andrew Luck.These NFL teams have generally recognized that it’s better to break up with an aging quarterback a year too early than a year too late. And almost none of those decisions look bad in retrospect.8The Colts releasing Manning without much of a fight might be the closest call, given Manning’s record-setting years in Denver, but they can’t exactly be unhappy with Luck. Brees may still have something left — quite possibly enough to lead another franchise somewhere to a deep playoff run — but it’s probably time for he and the Saints to move on from each other.Check out our NFL predictions for odds on every Week 3 game. read more

Skeptical Football For Once My MVP Isnt Peyton Manning

Even better, Mariota has already missed games. If you’ve read Skeptical Football much, you know I love when QBs sit, because it’s just about the closest you can come to isolating a variable that the sport has to offer. Seven starting quarterbacks have played and missed at least two games each this year.7Oddly enough, though Dallas is desperate to get Tony Romo back (and rightfully so), their problem since he left hasn’t been moving the ball — at least relative to their horrendous defense. You can see what happened once the QBs were out in the chart next to this paragraph. I’ve also added the “gold standard” of WOWY seasons, Aaron Rodgers’s absence from the Green Bay Packers in 2013, for comparison.Note that Mariota’s line is strikingly similar to Rodgers’s! Of course, the latter came over a larger number of games (played nine and missed seven), but this does raise the tantalizing possibility that Mariota may be an elite-level QB already.Defensive Player Person of the MidyearPerhaps the single weirdest thing to transpire this season has been the twists in fortune for the Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning — both architect and foundation of the league’s best and most consistent offense over the past few years — seems to be racing for the exits. Not only is he no longer the league’s best player, but he’s also struggling to put up even average production. Yet the Broncos are still 7-1, thanks to what is shaping up to be one of the league’s best defenses in years. So far, it’s on par with the 2013 Seahawks, which puts it right around 12th-best since 2006.Here’s a comparison of the Broncos’ offensive and defensive drive efficiency over the past few years: This NFL season has had its share of head-scratching quirks, but I’m not buying that it’s been as “super weird” as it seems. A lot of stuff happens in the NFL, so every year seems like a crazy year. Variance is tumultuous. In 2010, no teams started the season 4-0; this year we had four teams start 7-0. There had previously never been more than two.1In my opinion, the crazy year by which all crazy years must be measured is the 1999-2000 season featuring the Greatest Show on Turf.Where has all this weirdness left us? In a familiar place. If the playoffs started today, eight of the 12 teams that made the playoffs last year would return. There are still three unbeaten teams, but they include the defending Super Bowl champions and two playoff teams from a year ago. Cincinnati and Carolina are both surprises at 8-0, for sure, but in the past four seasons the Bengals won 40 games and made the playoffs four times, and though the Panthers have already exceeded their win total from last season, they are only one season removed from a 12-4 campaign. They also finished last year on a 5-0 spurt (counting their wild-card win) before losing in the divisional round of the playoffs. (Incidentally, Carolina’s last regular-season loss was in November 2014.) More importantly, both have quarterbacks who were already very productive. A good team with a productive QB is only a small change of fortune away from being a great team.The biggest surprise in the league has perhaps been Seattle’s relatively weak start after almost winning the Super Bowl, but the Seahawks are still 4-4 and even “control their own destiny” in their division, where they are two games behind the Arizona Cardinals, against whom they have two games scheduled.If anything, this season would seem to be suffering from a glut of predictability. The better teams keep winning, teams with leads have been holding on to them. Otherwise, quarterbacks are throwing for more and more yards, and kickers are getting better and better. Shocking!Here are my midseason awards:Most Valuable PlayerFor about a decade now, picking my MVP has been simple: It’s probably Peyton Manning, barring his absence.2And even then, I’m not entirely sure. Like, have I ever been more confident of Manning’s value than when the Colts went 2-14 without him in 2011? Has Manning always been the best? I don’t know. But my confidence in Manning’s value has always been the greatest. Sadly, it’s time to face it: Manning is finally playing like an old guy with a bunch of injuries. He may yet return to form — the ends of quarterbacks’ careers can be hard to predict — but for now, at least, there’s an opening at the top.I had to wrestle quite a bit with who deserved midseason MVP. As I’ve explained before, “MVP” and “best quarterback” are pretty much the same thing, so we can start there. QB metrics depend on so many factors that making subtle distinctions is virtually impossible. And of course QBs affect more than just passing — a good passing game can open up the running game or give a team’s defense more rest, etc.To figure out who should at least be in the conversation for the award, I started with passing stats and used ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating (QBR). QBR isn’t perfect, but it’s fairly comprehensive — meaning it accounts for things like scrambling and yards gained from pass interference penalties3It also doesn’t treat all interceptions as being equally bad, one of the biggest sins of most QB metrics. — and it doesn’t have to be too precise for these purposes. To measure broader impact, I used expected points added (EPA) per drive on offense.4I used an ESPN version of the stat that discounts garbage time. Then I started plotting: Carson Palmer has the highest QBR in football, and Tom Brady leads the most efficient offense. Andy Dalton places second and third in each metric. Although it’s technically possible that a less productive QB is actually more valuable than these three contenders,5There is no QB metric that I’m aware of that is capable of accurately identifying great QBs on bad teams, and I doubt it’s even possible with existing data. (Although with individual player tracking, this could change.) that requires a different kind of speculation. I think it’s safe to make them our three finalists.With no clear leader among the three, I either have to make decisions — such as which is more meaningful to QB assessment: passing game efficiency or team offensive efficiency? — or I need to broaden the investigation a bit.When I looked at the historical context to see if any of these guys stands out as being better than the others, I found that all three of their teams have seen a sharp upswing in offensive efficiency (measured by EPA/drive) this season. The Patriots have improved by about 0.6 EPA per drive on offense, the Bengals by 0.7 and the Cardinals by a whopping 1.0.But these kinds of changes can mean different things to different types of squads. The Patriots’ improvement brings them back in line with where their offense was in 2011 and 2012, so the shift serves more as a confirmation of how strong their offense is. The Cardinals and Bengals are in uncharted territory for their clubs (at least in recent history), which tends to suggest either that they’ve gotten extremely lucky or that something big has changed. The difference between these two is that we have a plausible explanation for the Cardinals’ improvement: Palmer’s return from injury (he missed 10 games last year, plus the playoffs). For the Bengals, although we can look around at details, for the most part their ascension remains a mystery. Maybe it’s as simple as a quarterback with a marquee contract starting to play like a marquee quarterback. But that’s just a possible (and not very robust) explanation, whereas Arizona’s improvement has a tangible origin.Palmer is 12-2 as a starter for the Cardinals over the past two years, and the team is just 5-5 without him (and also lost to the 7-win Panthers in the playoffs). With Palmer, the Cardinals offense has scored 0.75 points above expectation per drive. Without him, this plummets to -0.11. This 0.86-point swing — per drive — is huge and can explain most of the Cardinals’ good fortune this year.Thus, on epistemic grounds alone, Palmer seems more likely than Dalton to be the best quarterback. Am I completely comfortable with that assessment? Absolutely not. But success that comes packaged with its own reason is more likely to hold up.So let’s say it’s between Palmer and Brady.Unfortunately for New England, Brady doesn’t miss enough games to have his With or Without You (WOWY) stats measured very well. However, the Patriots franchise has been relatively stable, and Brady did miss a considerable amount of playing time in 2008. If we compare the Patriots offense in that year (led by Matt Cassel) to its offenses in 2007 and 2009, we can see that it was about 0.4 expected points per drive worse off (0.6 points per drive in 2008 vs. 1.0 in surrounding years).Of course, it’s a little bit unfair that Brady gets knocked his whole career because he sat one year and his team didn’t implode. But being a cold-hearted empiricist means valuing evidence for its reliability. This is why I’m confident about the greatness of Randy Moss, Dennis Rodman and Peyton Manning more than others: Not only did each perform well, but they did so in a variety of circumstances.Normally in spots like these, I try to follow the principle that, all else being relatively equal, I should go with the better-known commodity. But “known” in this case is a bit different. We know that Brady’s offenses produce — they have for many years now — but we don’t really know who’s responsible. Thus, it’s close, but my midseason MVP goes to Carson Palmer.6I’ll also give him the “Comeback Player of the Year” award just because it’s obvious — even though he hasn’t led a ton of comebacks.Rookie of the MidyearThis was a really easy pick and required no trickery. Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota had a ridiculous debut on opening day and has been putting up good stats for a QB on such a bad team. I know, Tennessee fans, you’ve been down this road before when you saw Vince Young win the Rookie of the Year award in 2006, only to watch him fade and leave football entirely in just six years. But the gap between Mariota and Young is like the gap between Peyton Manning and Rick Mirer. Mariota has averaged 8.2 yards per pass attempt (adjusted for sacks, touchdowns and interceptions), while Young averaged just 5.2. Young’s accolades were mostly based on his 8-5 record as a starter — making Young yet another example of how things like win-loss record are completely irrelevant for evaluating rookie QBs. Mariota has struggled to find wins (he is 2-4), but that should be perfectly acceptable to Titans fans: You need your rookie QB to produce yards and touchdowns (or possibly interceptions), not wins. Granted, a big chunk of Gostkowski’s outlier-ish value on kickoffs comes from the Patriots’ successful surprise onside kick against Washington, but he also has the third-highest touchback rate and has given up only one return of more than 30 yards (and no touchdowns). Note, a good kicker is more valuable to a team with a great offense, because more field-goal attempts, extra-point attempts and kickoffs mean more opportunities to add value. If Gostkowski’s present form holds up, he may be worth multiple points to the Patriots per game. That would be great for a linebacker (or virtually any non-QB), much less a kicker. Note the “X” made by 2014-15 offense and defense: The decline of Manning has been almost perfectly offset by the arrival of Wade Phillips, defensive coordinator and my DPOM.If this defense is anywhere near as good as it has looked so far, the Broncos could be a legitimate threat, because returns to form for previously good quarterbacks aren’t uncommon. Or, put it this way: If Peyton Manning “regresses” — toward his own mean, that is — the Broncos could be a powerhouse.Special Teams Player of the MidyearLast, but certainly not least, I couldn’t let this occasion pass without recognizing the accomplishments of Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski, who has been perfect so far this season on field-goal and (longer) extra-point attempts, including several long field-goal attempts, and has been the most consistent kicker-offer as well: read more

Opinion Houston Ohio State present similar styles to Sooners

Buckeye football players waiting to run out of the tunnel and onto the field before the first game of the 2016 season against Bowling Green on Sept. 3 at Ohio Stadium. The Buckeyes won 77-10. Credit: Mason Swires | Assistant Photo EditorWhen Ohio State and Oklahoma storm the field at Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium, it will mark the first time the two programs played in 33 years. However, the Sooners had a similar look at the Buckeyes in Week 1.Oklahoma took on former OSU offensive coordinator Tom Herman and his Houston Cougars to open the season. Herman runs nearly the same offensive scheme as he did with OSU, so the Sooners should be very familiar with the offensive attack of the Buckeyes.Houston’s 33-23 victory and offensive success might appear to foreshadow success for OSU’s offense, but it also means that the Oklahoma defense will be better prepared for what the Buckeyes may throw at them. The style of Cougars’ quarterback Greg Ward Jr. and OSU redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett draw similarities in the areas that had Oklahoma’s defense discombobulated.While it might seem like Oklahoma has the best insight prior to the game due to its game against Houston, it would be foolish to forget about the masterful preparation skills of coach Urban Meyer. On Sunday, Meyer called his former colleague Herman.“Yeah. We did talk to Tom. Just got their thoughts on personnel,” Meyer said at Monday’s press conference. “It was more about personnel because they have a couple of new players as well in the back end of their defense, and what’s their thoughts on the defensive line.”The Buckeyes and the Sooners do not have an extensive history, but these are two of the most storied programs in college football history. In early August, the Associated Press released its top 25 college football teams of all time, with OSU and Oklahoma ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively on that list.The offense of Houston has had more success statistically than OSU, racking up 1,427 yards as compared to OSU’s 1,193. So far, the Cougars have leaned on their run game to put points on the board, while OSU has enjoyed a balanced scoring attack from the air and on the ground.While both teams have dynamic coach-quarterback duos, each team is playing for a different reason. Oklahoma needs to win to regain momentum for the postseason, while the Buckeyes are looking to remain seated in the top four.As the game draws near, there is potential for the matchup to be an instant classic read more

Badgered again Just like in football Wisconsin ends Buckeyes unbeaten streak

With all coach Thad Matta had accomplished at Ohio State, he had never won at Wisconsin’s Kohl Center as the Buckeyes’ coach. Saturday, OSU arrived in Madison undefeated and No. 1 in the country to give the coach, perhaps, his best chance yet. But alas, a new year produced the same result. No. 14 Wisconsin (19-5, 9-3 Big Ten) handed OSU (24-1, 11-1 Big Ten) its first loss of the season Saturday, 71-67. Junior guard Jordan Taylor led all scorers with 27 points, 21 of which came in the second half, on 8-for-13 shooting for the Badgers. As expected, the Badgers came out at the slow pace that so many teams have implemented against the Buckeyes this year. As they played exclusively in the halfcourt, Wisconsin was able to open up an early lead. However, when freshman point guard Aaron Craft entered the game for the Buckeyes, the Badger offense quickly changed from methodical to simply stagnant. As Craft stifled Taylor, Wisconsin had a stretch in the first half in which it went more than six minutes without making a field goal. After junior guard William Buford tied the game at 26 with a minute to go, a basket from fifth-year senior forward David Lighty gave the Buckeyes their first lead of the game, 28-26, at halftime. The Badgers quickly tied the game at 28 to start the second half, but the next several minutes were all OSU. The Buckeyes went on a 21-4 run that lasted more than six minutes as they opened up a 47-32 lead with 13:30 to go. Wisconsin, however, wasn’t going away. Taylor scored eight unanswered points for the Badgers and a pair of free throws from sophomore forward Mike Bruesewitz cut the lead to five. Taylor scored again on the next possession, and a 3-pointer from freshman guard Josh Gasser completed a 15-0 Wisconsin run and tied the game, 47-47. With the game tied, 55-55, and just more than six minutes remaining, a basket from senior forward Keaton Nankivil gave the Badgers their first lead since the first half. Another 3-pointer and a pair of free throws from Taylor put Wisconsin up seven with just more than four minutes to go. OSU cut the lead to two with less than a minute to go, but a Bruesewitz 3-pointer and a turnover from Craft on the ensuing possession put the game out of reach. Buford led the Buckeyes with 21 points, and forward Jared Sullinger’s 19 points and 12 rebounds gave the freshman his 12th double-double of the season. The Buckeyes play again at 9 p.m. Tuesday at home against Michigan State. read more

Football Wayne Davis announces transfer from Ohio State

Redshirt sophomore safety Wayne Davis announced his intentions to transfer from Ohio State to continue his collegiate career elsewhere via Twitter on Thursday.New Chapter #GodsPlan— Wayne Davis Jr (@Waynedavis1_) May 10, 2018Davis had three years of eligibility remaining, but did not see meaningful time at Ohio State, and looked to be remaining on the sidelines for the upcoming season.A consensus four-star recruit out of high school, Davis redshirted the 2016 season, but appeared in only two games for a total of 10 snaps last season. He was listed as the 335th prospect in the 2016 class, the 33rd cornerback and No. 7 prospect in the state of Virginia, according to 247Sports composite rankings.Following Davis’ transfer, Ohio State is now down to 85 scholarships, the mandated number the NCAA requires from any college team.Davis was unlikely to see playing time given the depth of safeties at Ohio State. Junior safety Jordan Fuller, who has already been announced as a probable starter, will likely be paired up with either sophomore Isaiah Pryor, sophomore Brendan White or redshirt sophomore Jahsen Wint for the 2018 season. read more

Revealed WinniethePoohs forgotten penguin friend to star in new book

first_imgOne of Mark Burgess’ illustrations from The Best Bear In All the WorldCredit:Mark Burgess Owl meets PenguinCredit:Mark Burgess The book is published on October 6Credit:Mark Burgess One of Mark Burgess' illustrations from The Best Bear In All the World Owl meets Penguin Christopher Robin and Pooh embark on some sledging funCredit:Mark Burgess Penguin is the first authorised new character to be based on one of Christopher Robin’s toysCredit:Mark Burgess Penguin has a better idea Penguin has a better ideaCredit:Mark Burgess “However, having studied and written about the works of A. A. Milne, it was also daunting. “But, for me, the challenge was more than just attempting to play A. A. Milne in his own literary game; I also wanted to find a way of successfully introducing a brand new character into Pooh’s world, whilst being sympathetic to the tone and style of the original books.”While pondering what other toys Christopher Robin might have owned but which were never written about, I remembered seeing a photograph of father and son playing on the nursery floor with Winnie-the-Pooh and – a penguin! “The thought of Pooh encountering a penguin seemed no more outlandish than his meeting a kangaroo and a tiger in a Sussex wood, so I started thinking about what might have happened if, on a rather snowy day, Penguin had found his way to Pooh Corner…” Penguin is the first authorised new character to be based on one of Christopher Robin's toyscenter_img Sibley said there had been no official record of why the penguin had been left out, but speculated it could have been to avoid similarities with Pip, Squeak and Wilfred, a popular cartoon-strip of the day which starred the same animal. Sebastian Wormell, Harrods archivist, said: “Harrods is famous as the original home of Winnie-the-Pooh, but the Toy Department where Mrs Milne bought the iconic bear hosted a huge array of stuffed animals.“In the early years of the 20th century, toy penguins soared in popularity as the exploits of Antarctic explorers such as Shackleton and Scott fascinated the public.” The book is published on October 6 It will now be brought to life in all its Antarctic glory as the star of the new authorised story, Winter, published this October to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Winnie-the-Pooh.It is the first authorised new character to have been based on one of Christopher Robin’s real toys, with the Milne estate hoping it will fit seamlessly into the Pooh canon. Brian Sibley, its author, is one of four writers commissioned to create their own stories for the new sequel, The Best Bear in All the World, serialised exclusively in the Sunday Telegraph today.Sibley said: “For someone who has loved Winnie-the-Pooh & Co from his earliest childhood, the idea of visiting the ‘100 Aker Wood’ in search of a new story was wildly exciting.  The new book is said to have the “enthusiastic support” of the Trustees of Pooh Properties and The Shepard Trust.Rupert Hill, trustee of Pooh Properties: “We think that Brian’s Penguin is a charming and natural addition to the existing characters in the stories.We hope that this new anthology, written and illustrated in the style of A.A. Milne’s original books, will bring great joy to readers old and new.” Christopher Robin and Pooh embark on some sledging fun Anyone who grew up with the books of A.A. Milne will be well versed in the antics of Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore and friends.This year, the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood are to get a new companion– none other than a penguin.A new, official Winnie-the-Pooh sequel will introduce a forgotten friend to Christopher Robin, after its author found inspiration in a long-lost photograph of the real-life child and his toy.The photograph shows the young Christopher at home with his father A.A. Milne, playing with the teddy bear which inspired Winnie-the-Pooh, and a stuffed penguin.But while many of Christopher’s toys, including Kanga, Roo and Tigger, made it into the storybooks, the penguin languished long-forgotten in the photo album – until now. The penguin toy is believed to have been bought as a gift for Christopher Robin my his mother, Daphne Milne, who purchased each of the toys which inspired Eeyore, Kanga, Roo and Tigger at Harrods toy department while her son was small, beginning with Pooh on his first birthday.Owl and Rabbit, the woodland friends who came later, were the product of Milne’s imagination.But while Penguin is believed to have come from the department store shelves as well, it never made it into the pages of the books.  Mark Burgess, who was tasked with illustrating The Best Bear in All the World, said: “I try to go for the spirit of EH Shepard’s drawings rather than slavishly copying.“I love all the characters but I did especially enjoy drawing Penguin. With a new character I feel I’m not quite so much in Shepard’s shadow. I hope Penguin has some more adventures!”The Best Bear in All the World is written by Paul Bright, Kate Saunders, Brian Sibley and Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Mark Burgess. It will be published in hardback by Egmont Publishing on Thursday, October 6. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Golden eagles back from the brink as numbers soar to highest level

first_imgScotland is the only place the golden eagles now live in the UK Scotland is the only place the golden eagles now live in the UK An eagle swoops down to take prey at the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland  An eagle swoops down to take prey at the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland Credit:Nature Picture Library / Rex Fea Andrew Bachell, Scottish National Heritage Director of Policy & Advice, said: “It’s wonderful to see golden eagles reaching favourable conservation status nationally.“These beautiful birds are such an important part of Scotland’s nature, a species which people love to see when they visit our wilder landscapes. It’s particularly encouraging to see greater recovery in some areas where persecution had been thought to be a major constraint in the past.“That picture is uneven though, and we would still expect eagles to be doing better in parts of the eastern Highlands. We will continue to look at all the factors which may be limiting numbers, in the hope that we will see further spread of the range and increase in numbers of eagles in the future.”Landowners groups said they were working hard to protect golden eagles.Tim Baynes, Director of the Scottish Moorland Group, part of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “Our members are passionate about the golden eagles on their land and it is in large part a tribute to their management and collaboration that the population has increased.“We are pleased that golden eagles are now in ‘favourable conservation status’ for the first time since national surveys started.”center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Golden eagles  are out of danger for the first time since national surveys began, after a count found there are now more than 500 breeding pairs in Scotland.The bird’s status has been changed to ‘favourable’ from ‘unfavourable’ after a rise of 15 per cent from 442 pairs in the last survey in 2003 to 508 today.The most recent recovery takes the population to numbers which have not been seen since pesticides wiped out hundreds of birds in the 1960s.Golden eagles are regarded by many people as Scotland’s national bird and it is likely that Scotland is now home to the entire UK population, following reports earlier this year that England’s only resident golden eagle had died. The recovery is the result of increased monitoring and satellite tagging of eagles and stronger sanctions against wildlife crime.“The sight of a golden eagle soaring in the sky above is an awe-inspiring part of our natural heritage, and this increase in numbers of golden eagle pairs is great news,” said Duncan Orr-Ewing, Head of Species and Land Management at RSPB Scotland.“Across many parts of Scotland there’s been a very welcome turnaround in how people respect these magnificent birds, part of a more enlightened public attitude towards birds of prey.“However, the continued absence of golden eagles in some areas of eastern Scotland remains a real cause for concern and suggests that much more work needs to be done.” The first golden eagle survey was carried out in 1982, and the most recent was conducted during the first six months of 2015.Golden eagles tend to live in remote areas, but can often be seen performing spectacular undulating flight displays in spring.The northern Highlands and the central spine of the country, between the Great Glen and Stirlingshire, saw the greatest increase in eagle numbers between 2003 and 2015. There were also modest increases in the west Highlands and islands.However in parts of the Highlands west of Inverness has remained stable between 2003 and 2015, after showing a significant drop in occupied territories between the 1982 and 1992 surveys. It is thought that the poor spring last year may have harmed breeding.Golden eagles also continue to be absent in many parts of the eastern Highlands. Less than one third of the traditional ‘home ranges’ in this area were occupied by a pair of eagles. Many of the vacant territories in this area are on ground managed intensively for driven grouse shooting and in recent years, four eagles fitted with satellite tags have been found illegally killed in the central and eastern Highlands.last_img read more

Woman guilty of breathtakingly wicked murder of trusting elderly neighbour

first_imgA “breathtakingly wicked” woman driven by her greed for cash and drugs is facing a life sentence after being convicted of murdering her 82-year-old neighbour by beating her to death with a rolling pin.Sandra Weir, 41, pretended she was a friend to Mary Logie and acted as her self-appointed carer while stealing thousands of pounds to feed a heroin addiction.The High Court in Edinburgh heard the killer’s sole focus in life was to acquire money for drugs and she was prepared to do anything for it, including murder.The jury took just 55 minutes to find her guilty of killing Mrs Logie on January 5 this year and stealing around £4,000 over a period of two years.Alex Prentice QC, prosecuting, told the court he believed the widow was attacked in her nightclothes at her home in Leven, Fife, in the morning and left seriously injured all day before Weir returned to deliver the final, fatal blows that evening. Mary Logie was described in court as a ‘decent and kind’ womanCredit:PA Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The assault was so ferocious that Mrs Logie, known to friends as Rae, suffered 31 injuries to her head and neck and had multiple skull fractures.The mother-of-three, who lived across the landing from Weir, also had injuries to her hand and fingers, indicating that she had tried to defend herself.The court heard she trusted her neighbour with her bank card and in return was bullied and intimidated by her. When the pensioner eventually discovered Weir had been stealing from her she decided to allow her to pay the money back, rather than go to the police.In a powerful statement after the verdict, the judge Michael O’Grady QC told the killer: “You too have heard and seen the dreadful detail of the injuries you inflicted upon her that day.“You too have seen the hurt, the courage and the dignity of her children as they gave evidence and listened along with the rest of us.”And I cannot help but observe that, throughout all of this, you have neither shown nor expressed a hint of compassion or a flicker of emotion.”In these courts we do not weigh the worth of victims; nor should we. All life is precious. But on the evidence before me, Rae Logie was a decent, kind tolerant and harmless elderly lady.”Indeed, she was decent, kind and tolerant towards you and offered you no harm or offence.”That you should have betrayed her trust and kindness by theft and deceit is shocking enough. That, in the last year of her life, you should have preyed upon her and undermined her confidence and peace of mind is shocking also.”But sadly – many of us have to come to recognise that such is the pernicious grip of drug addiction, betrayal and deceit come with the territory. But of course, it is the fact and manner of her death that are so breathtakingly wicked.”He added that Weir had left her victim for dead that day and when she found later she that she was still alive she “simply finished her off”.The trial heard earlier from Ronald Logie, 60, the victim’s son, that his mother always spoke favourably of her neighbour. The family even gave Weir a bottle of whisky for Christmas, days before she carried out the murderous assault.Described in court as a “much loved mother, grandmother and friend”, Mrs Logie was born in Methil, Fife and was married to her husband Walter for 33 years.The regular churchgoer had two sons and a daughter and had just spent Christmas in Yorkshire with her son Ronald days before her death.Weir will be sentenced on January 12. Mary Logie last_img read more

BBC refuses to pay Ofcom £9m a year fee amid regulation row

first_imgNew regulatory costs are said to equal that spend on Happy Valley Karen Bradley MP at Downing Street New regulatory costs are said to equal that spend on Happy ValleyCredit:Ben Blackall/BBC Karen Bradley MP at Downing StreetCredit:PAUL HACKETT According to tariffs published on the BBC website, the corporation pays around £900,000 an hour for high end drama, with foreign broadcasters often chipping in extra funds to pay for flagship series such as The Night Manager, which cost a reputed £3 million an episode.The new regulatory costs would amount to the rough equivalent of the BBC’s entire spend on a six-part drama series such as the crime dramas Happy Valley, or Line of Duty.Sue Owen, permanent secretary at the DCMS, is understood to have written to Sharon White, the chief executive of Ofcom, calling on her to cut the planned fees, but Ms White is said to have argued that the proposed charges are reasonable. The BBC has since invoked a little-known clause in the Communications Act, forcing ministers to arbitrate over the cost of the new regulatory regime.The corporation is said to be particularly annoyed that Ofcom has demanded £6.5 million for the past financial year, which covers a period before the broadcaster assumes its full regulatory duties.Ofcom insists that it will have a more wide-ranging role than the Trust, and will have to hold the BBC to account on new metrics such as diversity targets and new requirements to ensure that its programming is “distinctive”.An Ofcom spokesman said: “Licence-fee payers deserve a strong regulator that holds the BBC to account, and Ofcom’s new duties go beyond those of the BBC Trust.”We plan to deliver these effectively and efficiently, providing maximum value for money and ensuring the BBC meets audiences’ needs.”Ministers are yet to rule on the row. A DCMS spokesman said: “The department is having ongoing discussions with both Ofcom and the BBC Trust in the lead up to the transition of regulatory powers.”The BBC refused to comment. The BBC is refusing an order to pay £9 million a year to the broadcasting watchdog, in a behind-the-scenes row over the cost of the corporation’s new regulatory regime.Ofcom, which will take on responsibility for regulating the BBC in April, is locked in a private battle with the corporation after warning executives that it wants to appoint double the number of staff the BBC Trust, the broadcaster’s current ruling body, currently employs to regulate the broadcaster.The move will add more than £5 million to the regulatory bill currently footed by the licence fee payer, roughly equivalent to what the BBC spends on a six-part drama series. The Trust, which will be abolished under the corporation’s new royal charter, says it employs 35 regulatory staff, at a cost to licence fee payers of £3.8 million a year.Ofcom, which argues it has been given far wider powers to hold the BBC to account, has told the corporation that it plans to take on 77 staff to carry out the job – later falling to 55 – and has demanded a fee of £9 million a year from licence fee funds.The row has provoked a flurry of letters between the BBC, Ofcom and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and the corporation is understood to have appealed to Karen Bradley, the culture secretary, to force the watchdog to reduce its fees.Alex Towers, director of the Trust, is understood to have warned ministers that the broadcaster, which already faces making £800 million in cuts, will have no choice but to take the additional £5.2 million a year out programming budgets. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Scouts waiting list grows to biggest on record as 51000 children unable

first_imgTeenage girls joining the Scouts to improve their CVs are behind a growing waiting list for places as the movement faces the biggest volunteer shortage in its history. Around 17,000 new volunteers are needed to enable the 51,000 children waiting to join a group – the largest waiting list the Association has ever had. The movement’s annual census shows that the number of girls joining more than doubled between 2015 and 2016. The number of new girls doubled from 3,283 in the 2015 census to 6,728 in 2016. In the 12 months to January this year 5,626 girls joined – almost four times the 1,502 boys who signed up. Simon Carter, a spokesman for the Scouts, said that teenagers were increasingly aware that they had to look attractive to employers and universities. “Young people want a way of demonstrating to future employers the skills that they have got, and young women are particularly good at that,” he said. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Bear Grylls with some scouts One of the largest growth areas has been Explorer Scouts – those aged between 14 and 18, where numbers have more than doubled from 17,000 to 40,000 over the past decade.  Girls and women now make up more than one in five members of the organisation, a change which has been reflected by the most high-profile members of the Association.Last month the movement launched a star-studded recruitment drive fronted by five celebrities, four of whom were female. Ellie Simmonds, Helen Glover, Anita Rani, Steve Backshall and Megan Hine signed up to become ambassadors for the movement in order to encourage a greater diversity of members to join.In 2013 the Association said that the Duchess of Cambridge’s move to start volunteering at her local Cub group was behind one of the largest increases in volunteers and members it had ever seen. But despite this Tim Kidd, the Scout Association’s Chief Commissioner, said that it was hard to get enough volunteers to keep the groups going because volunteers were increasingly trying to juggle full time work, family and volunteering.  Our adult volunteers today seek much more flexible volunteering arrangements than in the past, so that they can fit it around their busy livesTim Kidd He said: “Our adult volunteers today seek much more flexible volunteering arrangements than in the past, so that they can fit it around their busy lives. “Many adults who are signing up with the Scouts have a limited amount of time to donate to us, and so we need more volunteers as a whole in order to accommodate the continued demand for Scouting among young people.”The Association said that it attempts to preserve a ratio of one adult to every three children. It currently has 154,000 volunteers, the highest number ever in its history, but would need 17,000 more to be able to maintain this ratio. The greatest demand for volunteers is in Surrey, where 3,433 children are waiting to join.Last month ONS figures revealed that people aged 25 to 34 were giving up just six minutes a day on average to volunteering – a significant drop since 2000, when the figure was 15 minutes. Experts in volunteering said that economic uncertainty and the high cost of living meant they had less time to give up.  Bear Grylls said in 2013 that the Duchess of Cambridge had drawn more people to scouting Credit:Martyn Milner/Scout Associationlast_img read more

Pippa Middletons wedding day Duchess of Cambridges sister marries fiancé James Matthews

first_imgCarole Middleton and her son JamesCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth The big day begins A couple arrive The Duchess, who eschewed a formal role herself, marshalled her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and their six companions in front of the world’s cameras, shushing the noisiest and laughing as they larked about on the church steps. At one point Prince George seemed overexcited to the verge of tears before being firmly settled by his mother.Guests included the Duke of Cambridge, Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry, who attended the church ceremony without his girlfriend Meghan Markle after much speculation that she would accompany him. Miss Markle, who is in London, is thought to have attended the private evening reception instead, although she avoided cameras. Pippa Middleton is escorted by her father Michael Middleton Oh dear! Storm clouds gathering at #StMarksChurch #Englefield for #PippaMiddleton #PippasWedding— Robert Jobson (@theroyaleditor) May 20, 2017 The first sight of Princes William and Harry… but so far no sign of Meghan Markle.Will she go in a different way to avoid attention? Or was she never invited?We think she’ll be there.Also, so far the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t arrived – we saw her leaving London with the Duke earlier and caught a glimpse of her hat. The groom’s brother Spencer Matthews, star of Made in Chelsea, was best man and welcomed attendees, accompanied by Pippa’s brother James Middleton. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews smile for the cameras  The happy couple are married!Wedding bells have just rang out, with supporters peering through the trees and hoping to document the exit of the bride and groom on their phones. Prince George waves as he leaves in a carCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images 11:14AMMore Federer Another guest  Credit: Stephen Lock / i-Images Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry Serena Hood from Vogue arrives with her husbandCredit:Stephen Lock / i-Images Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, right, stands with her son Prince George as she looks across at Pippa Middleton and James Matthews after their weddingCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth 9:19AMVillagers tight-lipped about the details Soooooooo, now the dust has settled from the ceremony and we know all about the dress and the pageboys and bridesmaids and all that, there is one thing that hasn’t been answered:  where is Harry’s squeeze?We didn’t see Meghan Markle arriving at the church, and we haven’t seen her leave.So far it’s the slightly awkward elephant in the room.Did she attend wedding? Will she make it to the reception?What on earth is going on?Helen Horton digs deep here. Some wonderful hats on display Pippa Middleton in her dressCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth Pippa Middleton and James Matthews smile for the cameras  11:39AMHere’s Carole A hour before the ceremony and the first arrivals are turning up.Can’t blame them for being early, can you? The happy coupleCredit:Flynet Pictures  12:58AMParty is going well She said of the bride:She stood and waved and looked just lovely. As all brides do, they glow, no matter how expensive their dress is.She looked absolutely beautiful.The 68-year-old, whose daughter and son married at the same church, said the bride and groom looked “very happy” as they waved to the small crowd gathered on the church green.As the doors opened, the bells started and it was just brilliant.There were about six little ones, well-behaved, and they all stood on the porch and it was lovely.(Prince) George was waving, (Princess) Charlotte was waving and Kate stooped next to them.I just love it. I think it’s so good for the village, so good for the country, and it just gives it a happy mood and we need a happy mood.There’s so much sadness in the world, so much nastiness. And to have something like this just gives the county a little bit of a lift up.It just put a buzz in the community.She said she marvelled at the dresses and said:All I hope is that they bought from British brands.The dresses were magnificent but the heels – I wonder how they’re going to walk in those.Princess Beatrice was there, Roger Federer was there. It was beautiful.(I came) Just to say ‘I was here’. 10:59AMDonna Air arrives The brothers side-by-side And here’s a lovely image, the Duchess of Cambridge adjusting her sister’s dress on her wedding day: The Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William 11:18PMA beautiful spitfire flyby greeted guests at sunset Pippa Guests arriving at the wedding 1:02PMWhere is Meghan Markle? Prince William, left, and his brother Prince HarryCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth Pippa looks backCredit: JUSTIN TALLIS Roger and his wife Mirka The mother of the bride with her son James: The Telegraph’s Eleanor Steafel has been speaking to some of the locals who have been given a prime viewing spot:Three hundred people who either live in Englefield or work on the estate are lining up to be shown into a pen which has been created on the lawn in front of the church – a token of thanks from the estate for all the upheaval.Michelle Cooke, who works as a teaching assistant in the local primary school, has brought her 10-year-old son George with her. “We’re hoping to have a good view,” she says. “It’s so exciting to have this happening in our village. My son is hoping to see Prince Harry, he’s a big Harry fan!” 4:11PMJust married! James Matthews and Pippa Middleton drive into BuckleburyCredit: Geoff Pugh We saw him tweeting when he left the house, but now Pippa’s Uncle Gary has arrived. He is with his daughter Tallulah, meaning she obviously isn’t a bridesmaid.  Brilliant couple who gave everyone time and attention – this is the 1st ever E-Type ever made btw— Gary Goldsmith (@garygoldsmith65) May 20, 2017 The long arm of the lawCredit:Andrew Matthews/PA Wire Donna AirCredit: Geoff Pugh Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank arrive If you think he’s sticking two fingers up you’re wrong – it’s threeCredit: JUSTIN TALLIS Maria Borrallo walks to the churchCredit: JUSTIN TALLIS 7:05PMPippa’s Uncle Gary has praised the “brilliant couple” Princess Charlotte of Cambridge Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Eleanor Steafel, sadly without an invite for the ceremony, is outside the church:Many locals have been left disappointed as the bridal party drove straight from the main house to the church without going past the waiting crowd of well wishers. One Englefield resident told me: “Its just a shame she hasn’t come past. If you way to be in the public eye, and you’ve broadcasted the wedding around the world, people should be able to see more of it.”Another resident told me that though she only lives a few minutes away, she wasn’t issued with a wristband and was devastated not to be allowed in the pen where locals were allowed to watch from.”It’s a bit mean really,” she said. “I didn’t realise I needed a wristband otherwise I’d have called up first and asked for one.” Pippa’s uncle, Uncle Gary, is on the way too.And he’s been tweeting: Pippa Middleton arrives for her weddingCredit: Kirsty Wigglesworth 11:11AMPrincess Eugenie arrives Princess Eugenie arrives for the weddingCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth 11:08AMGroom and Spencer Matthews alert Serena Hood from Vogue arrives with her husband 10:36AMThe first arrivals Eleanor Steafel says:The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister arrived at St Mark’s Church in a vintage, open top Rolls Royce, just in time to pose for a few pictures before the heavens opened. Looking radiant in her Giles Deacon dress, with her father Michael holding her arm, Pippa has just walked down the little path into the 12th century church, where she was met at the door by Prince George and Princess Charlotte.  A woman from Glasgow has traveled all the way down to Berkshire for the wedding.She telephoned Harriet, wife of Nick Wynne-Jones, the priest at St Mark’s church to ask for the time of the service.She was told that it was a private event, but the woman did not take no for an answer.She informed Harriet Wynne-Jones that she had already booked herself into a hotel and would be attending the event.Will she cause even more of a stir than Spencer Matthews? 4:56AMGames of  ping pong with Roger Federer Some of the male guests were sporting some loud tartan, possibly because the Matthews family owns an estate in Scotland.Serena Hood, executive fashion editor at Vogue, looked fabulous in a high-neck blue maxi dress with a white box clutch and gold heels.And the page boys and flower girls looked adorable in their cream and gold ensembles.   Another guest  11:07PMThe newly weds chose royal favourite ‘I Vow To Thee, My Country’ as one of the hymns Pippa Middleton and her new husband James Matthews 11:46AMPrince George and Princess Charlotte The lace is a big hit”It’s simple and pretty,” says David Emanuel, host and creative director of Say Yes to the Dress UK, who also designed Princess Diana’s wedding dress. “I predicted it would be soft and pretty and very English, which it is.””I love the lace, it looks so clean, so pristine, she looked immaculate,” agrees couture designer Edwing D’Angelo.It’s a little bit sexy – but not too much”I think the capped sleeves and delicate v-back show her arms, without being too over the top. It really emphasises her waist,” says Peta Hunt, editor-at-large, You & Your Wedding Magazine.”She’s got the key hole back detail which is how to show a bit of skin without being too much,” agrees bridalwear designer Charlotte Balbier. “I believe if you’re going to show off the back detail then you must go high at the front, and she’s done that. I love the high neck, that’s my favourite part.”The dress totally suits the setting”Because it’s an English country wedding, she went for soft and pretty,” explains Emanuel.”It’s a very English girl’s dress, for the classic English wedding,” agrees Hunt. “It’s a really appropriate dress for that venue and the fact she’s having a country garden reception.”Hunt thought that the pearl-embellished tulle veil, which was designed by legendary milliner Stephen Jones, flowed beautifully.”It’s Britishness at its best, which is what we needed. She didn’t want loads of sparkle, I’m glad she stuck to her roots.”Giles Deacon was an excellent choice”Looking at the dress, she was obviously looking for a romantic feel and I think [Giles Deacon] gave her that with this dress. I absolutely love his work, it was a great choice,” D’Angelo says.Emanuel thinks that the choice of a fashion-forward designer like Deacon over more mainstream or traditional names means Pippa is showing off her fashion credentials.”In his past, he’s worked for big fashion houses and then he went into ready to wear and now he’s doing couture…he’s relatively new on the scene.”Pippa is going to be a trend-setter”I’m sure we’re going to get lots of girls following her lead with this dress,” Hunt says. “It’s an easy look for us all to emulate. It is what most girls dream of looking like, I feel.” Guests arrive in Scottish garbCredit:AP Photo/Tim Ireland Now the dust has settled, let’s find out what the villagers thought of Pippa’s big day.Englefield resident Elizabeth Mary Reeves sported a silver wristband with the wedding date 20.05.17 printed on, given exclusively to locals who were let into the private church grounds to get a better look. Pippa Middleton and her new husband James MatthewsCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images 11:26AMCarole Middleton wears pink Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, left, stands with her daughter Princess Charlotte, bottom left 1:14PMSomething old? The Rev Nick Wynne-Jones, who is the church’s resident priest, officiated. The couple’s hymns included Be Thou My Vision, Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken and I Vow To Thee, My Country. The Telegraph’s Eleanor Steafel has just caught a glimpse of the mother of the bride.She says:The mother of the bride has just arrived. Carole Middleton is wearing pale pink. Well here is the post wedding picture we’ve all been waiting for, the embrace:  I hear #PrinceHarry & #MeghanMarkle have arrived at Pippa’s evening reception at Bucklebury… & there may be pix… #pippaswedding— Emily Andrews (@byEmilyAndrews) May 20, 2017 As requested – Baby girl in Mary Katrantzou & Edwina Ibbotson hat with Sophie Hulme bag & Dior shoes – thanks all plus the team @Selfridges— Gary Goldsmith (@garygoldsmith65) May 20, 2017 Pippa Middleton graduated from bridesmaid to bride on SaturdayCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images Pippa Middleton and her new husband James Matthews leaveCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images Prince William, right, talks to James Middleton after the wedding Spencer Matthews, left, gestures as he stands with James Middleton, right, and Donna AirCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth The guests are all filing away now and making the journey to Bucklebury for the reception.Eleanor Steafel collared bellringer Geoffrey Eastlake outside. He said:We thought it went very well. There were eight of us in there altogether.It was lovely. We weren’t nervous at all, we often do weddings. Gary Goldsmith afterwards praised the “brilliant couple” who he confirmed “gave everyone time and attention” despite the demands of being in the spotlight. Members of the public arrive ahead of the wedding 11:01AMBREAKING NEWS: Federer arrives Meghan Markle did not attend Pippa’s church service but there are rumours she may attend the evening celebrations. The Duchess of Cambridge stands with her daughter Britain's princess Charlotte, a bridesmaid James Middleton’s girlfriend Donna Air arrived in what looked suspiciously like an ivory dress to the wedding, a faux pas. However, it could be called pale yellow to avoid embarrassment.Prince William and Prince Harry looked typically dapper in their morning suits. Media ahead of the weddingCredit:Andrew Matthews/PA Wire 1:39AMPrince Harry drives Meghan Markle to the party Swiss tennis player Roger Federer (L) and his wife MirkaCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images 8:55AMA Scottish gate-crasher? 4:46AMDetails emerging of menu  Pippa Middleton graduated from bridesmaid to bride on Saturday Doesn’t he look dapper. Spencer Matthews brother of James Matthews, greets Donna Air An eclectic guest list included ITV broadcaster Tom Bradby, Vogue executive fashion director Serena Hood, and Gabriella Windsor, the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.As the ceremony neared, two vintage Jaguar Mk IV cars pulled up to cheers, with the Duchess of Cambridge and the eight youngest members of the party inside.Joining Prince George as page boy were Casimir Tatos, Pippa’s godson and the son of Ari and Marie-Sophie Tatos, Edward Sebire, the son of one of James Matthews’s friends and business associates, and William Ward. Prince George waves as he leaves in a car Rumours have been swirling for months, but today it was finally revealed that Pippa Middleton’s wedding dress was designed by British fashion designer Giles Deacon.The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister wore a high neck, cap-sleeved ivory gown with a corseted bodice and bespoke lace detailing to marry financier James Matthews, 41, at St Mark’s Church Englefield, Buckinghamshire.Crowds at the church thought she looked ravishing, but what do fashion’s finest think? We asked three bridalwear experts for their verdicts… The pageboys and bridesmaids 10:02AM’I want to see Prince Harry!’ The couple’s hymns reportedly  included Be Thou My Vision; Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken, and I Vow To Thee, My Country.The readings included Love Is An Adventure by Pierre Tielhard du Chardin, read by Pippa’s brother James and Spencer Matthews read a passage from the Paulo Coelho novel, The Alchemist. Spectators waved as the wedding party wandered up towards the private Englefield House, led by Mr and Mrs Matthews.Guests file out of the church as Pippa and James, having tied the knot, greet members of the public: At Englefield House guests heard speeches and saw the cutting of the wedding cake. After toasts, Mr Matthews drove his new wife into the sunset – or at least to their reception – in an E-type Jaguar convertible, waving as well-wishers cheered from the side of the road.  Luckily, they have a very posh and fancy gazebo to hide in, a monstrous glass-and-steel contraption imported from Belgium.It even has a covered decking so if one of the wedding guests sneak out for a cheeky fag, the drizzle won’t make them damp. The Telegraph’s Eleanor Steafel reports that celebrity Geordie Donna Air has just arrived, minus James Middleton.He will presumably will be walking down from the main house with the family.There was some speculation that Donna Air would miss out on an invite because of a “no ring no bring” policy – but that is obviously not the case (unless she’s crashing the wedding, of course). Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge Gary Goldsmith and his daughter  Meghan Markle made it to the reception thanks to Prince Harry, who was seen driving her into the Middletons’ Berkshire estate after reportedly collecting her from Kensington Palace. The dress! Pippa MiddletonCredit:Kirsty Wigglesworth The Duchess of Cambridge helping her sister Pippa Middleton with her train 9:57AMThe big day begins! Duchess heads to her sister’s wedding 9:07PMIs Meghan Markle at the evening celebrations? The event has been dubbed the society wedding of the yearCredit:Andrew Matthews/PA Wire Security is understandably tight ahead of the event, if only to keep back all the royal fans.The wedding is of course a very private affair. The Duchess of Cambridge with her daughter Some wonderful hats on displayCredit: Stephen Lock / i-Images Roger Federer has just arrived with his wife Mirka.Your correspondent is very excited about this.He looks ace. Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank arriveCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth Pippa Middleton and James Matthews kiss after their wedding at St Mark’s ChurchCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth James Middleton, brother of the bride, walks with his mother Carole MiddletonCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images The service is well under way now and we assume it is all going to plan. But we will find out in the next few minutes…Will that wedding bell ring? Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, left, stands with her daughter Princess Charlotte, bottom leftCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth Word is seeping out of what was on offer for the guests at the reception.The Daily Mail is reporting that guests were sipping £75 a bottle sparking wine from  Sussex vineyard Nyetimber as well as feasting on  £40,000 worth of caviar, reportedly donated by a Russian millionaire.Meanwhile the Mirror is suggesting that they were drinking champagne and eating  haggis, lamb, serrano ham and parmesan. According to the Mail guests were even able to play ping pong with former Wimbledon champion  Roger Federer.  The Mirror, meanwhile says that there was a ban on mobile phones at the party to prevent footage of the festivities being leaked out. Another guest rocks up Pippa Middleton and James Matthews smile for the cameras Credit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth The Duchess of Cambridge with her daughterCredit: James Veyseycenter_img For locals, the day began early when residents with special wristbands were invited into a pen on the church lawns. Tennis ace Roger Federer was cheered as he walked with his wife, Mirka, while Middleton uncle Gary Goldsmith waved to the assembled press with his daughter Tallulah. He later praised the “brilliant couple” who he confirmed “gave everyone time and attention”. James Middleton, brother of the bride, walks with his mother Carole Middleton Another guest rocks upCredit: James Whatling Photography A stream of Range Rovers, BMWs and Mercedes Benz cars are now offloading more and more fashionable guests adorned with fascinator hats. Outside St Mark’s Church in EnglefieldCredit:Andrew Matthews/PA Wire The event has been dubbed the society wedding of the year 9:26PMSpitfire displays greets evening guests to the wedding We’ve had the weather update from the Met Office (see below) but now The Telegraph’s Eleanor Steafel puts her weathergirl hat on from the scene.Here’s the outlook:It had been a glorious sunny morning in Berkshire, perfect for an English country wedding. But the grey clouds are coming in and it’s looking like the wedding party might be getting a little wet when they arrive in an hour’s time. Pippa Middleton in her dress After the ceremony, which lasted nearly an hour, the new Mr and Mrs Matthews emerged as bells rang out just before 12.30pm.Kate continued her role as big sister and marshalled the young bridesmaids and page boys into the classic cars that had brought them to the church as guests filed out and walked to nearby Englefield House. The tennis ace and his wife MirkaCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images 11:23AMWilliam and Harry – but no Meghan A Spitfire performs a flypast at the wedding reception at the Middleton estate tonight to celebrate the marriage of Pippa Middleton to James Matthews. Credit:Flynet Pictures  Gary Goldsmith and his daughter Credit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images The blushing brideCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images The Duchess of Cambridge helping her sister Pippa Middleton with her trainCredit:SAMIR HUSSEIN/WIREIMAGE/CHRIS JACKSON/GETTY IMAGES Media ahead of the wedding The church path at Englefield, Berks, was turned into something of a catwalk, as guests walked in front of Royal-watchers, curious locals and the cameras. Maria Borrallo walks to the church Pippa Middleton dazzles in lace dress by Giles DeaconGuests tuck into foie gras at Pippa’s ‘two-tier’ wedding In pictures: All the celebrities and royal guests Meghan Markle driven to the reception by Prince Harry’Sssh’: Duchess keeps the children in lineIs this Pippa Middleton’s honeymoon hotel?​Most stylish looks from Pippa’s weddingWho is James Matthews, Pippa’s husband?It had been designed with military precision, with several heirs to the throne on the guest list, the cream of high society in attendance and a picture perfect English country setting.Add a stroke of luck with sunny weather, a brood of adorable bridesmaids and page boys, and a kiss for the camera, and Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’s wedding went off as smoothly as could be.The bride, wearing a Giles Deacon gown, beamed to the waiting world on the arm of her new husband, with a troupe of eight excitable youngsters stealing the show under the watchful eye of a discreet Duchess of Cambridge. Pippa looks back The dress! Pippa Middleton Pippa Middleton is escorted by her father Michael MiddletonCredit: JUSTIN TALLIS Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince HarryCredit:Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William have been pictured heading out from Kensington Palace and on their way to her sister’s wedding.Look closely, and you can see Kate’s hat. 10:55AMDing dong get ready for the wedding bells The big day Guests arriving at the weddingCredit:Stephen Lock / i-Images Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince HarryCredit:Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage Donna Air Swiss tennis player Roger Federer (L) and his wife Mirka 3:28PMWhat the experts thought of Pippa’s dress The tennis ace and his wife Mirka 9:43PMMeghan Markle managed to avoid the hour and a half security queue Spencer Matthews, center, stands at the entrance of St Mark’s ChurchCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, Pool 10:08AMHello, hello, what’s going on here then? Organisers and villagers have remained staunchly tight-lipped about the details of the society wedding of the year in the build-up and the finer points of the event have been a closely-guarded secret.Reports suggest it will be a lavish affair with a nod to the groom’s Scottish connections included in his outfit, entertainment and the food.According to the Daily Mail, the menu will include haggis canapes, Scottish lamb and whisky while there will also be a piper and a Spitfire flypast. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews kiss after their wedding at St Mark's Church The men in morning suitsCredit:Stephen Lock / i-Images They’ve arrived!Groom James Middleton and Made in Chelsea badboy, and we presume Best Man, Spencer Matthews are at the church on time.Spencer, of course, has a cheeky grin on his face. The Telegraph’s Eleanor Steafel is at the church as excitement builds:A small crowd of well wishers is gathering just down the hill from St Mark’s Church, where in a couple of hours Pippa Middleton will marry James Matthews.Kourtney Coleman has travelled all the way from the United States with her mother Joanne Kloser in the hope of catching a glimpse of the bride and her royal guests.”We were supposed to be here in March and our plans changed and when I realised when the wedding was going to be, we planned the whole trip around it,” says Kourtney.”I was on the streets for her sister’s wedding, so I just had to be here. We love all the royals. We just love Pippa.”My mother actually named her dog after Pippa. And my dog is named after George. I hope we get to see them!”David and Meryl Evans have travelled here today from West Wales to see the spectacle.”We were coming to the area on holiday and when we put the address into Google, we realised this was where the wedding would be taking place, so we thought we have to go!” says Meryl.”I hope we see something, I want to see Prince Harry!” Guests arrive in Scottish garb Spencer Matthews, center, stands at the entrance of St Mark's Church 8:24AMSpencer Matthews has been warned not to play pranks We are due to start our live-stream of the event shortly, but before then let’s indulge ourselves with a few questions (all of which we will find out the answers too soon). What will Meghan Markle wear to Pippa’s wedding?What will Pippa’s wedding ring look like?What will Carole Middleton wear to Pippa’s wedding?Is this Pippa Middleton’s honeymoon hotel?And finally, what will Spencer Matthews be up to??? Prince William, right, talks to James Middleton after the weddingCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth Prince George and Princess Charlotte of CambridgeCredit:Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage She’s kept us all waiting – as is tradition – but now is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.Here she is, the bride:  Carole Middleton and her son James Members of the public arrive ahead of the weddingCredit:Andrew Matthews/PA Wire 11:04PMBride’s father joked ‘I’ve lost two daughters now…but to great men’ The latter’s partner, Donna Air, was in attendance, while Spencer’s girlfriend Vogue Williams was omitted, although her spokesman confirmed she “wishes Pippa and James all the best on their special day”.Although the event was private, well-wishers travelled from as far afield as America to see the newlyweds and their Royal guests in the flesh. And it’s kicking off, first arrivals at Pippa’s wedding, waving to the media. Let the fun begin #PippaMiddleton— Lama Hasan (@LamaHasan) May 20, 2017 12:50PMAnd they’re off 11:52AMPippa’s amazing dress The first royalty arrive in the shape of Princess Eugenie: James Matthews and Pippa Middleton drive into Bucklebury We know this because a source has told E! News that Pippa Middleton has warned him off any funny business.The source informed the celebrity news site that Mr Matthews can be “a loose cannon, especially with no one on his arm.” They said he is known for “acting single” on nights out, and James’ wedding is “no exception.””She doesn’t want Spencer acting up during the day and has him warned to keep an eye on the booze,” they explained “Strictly no pranks. He was planning to write ‘LAD’ on the bottom of James’ shoes!” Meghan Markle, said to be at the evening do, managed to escape the heavy security imposed on other guests who spent an hour and a half being checked by security staff in Bucklebury Village Hall before being driven to the manor.  Spencer Matthews, left, gestures as he stands with James Middleton, right, and Donna Air Spencer Matthews, of Made In Chelsea love-rat fame, and the brother of the groom, will be one to watch at this wedding.He is known for his enjoyment of ‘hilarious’ pranks and generally being the centre of attention, so it is no surprise he has reportedly been told to keep shtum today by no other than P-Middy herself. Princess Eugenie arrives for the wedding More details on the wedding have just been released.The bridesmaids are Countess Philippa Hoyos, Lily French, Avia Horner and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. The pageboys are Casimir Tatos, Edward Sebire, William Ward and Prince George.All wore bespoke outfits by Pepa & Co.The bridal bouquet, made by Lavender Green, included peony, sweetpea, asilbe, freesia, waxflower, green bell and alchemilla mollis. Mother-of-the-bride Carol Middleton appeared to co-ordinate with Kate and wore head to toe pale pink. The jacket is by Catherine Walker&Co.Princess Eugenie looked elegant in a navy prom-style dress with subtle shoulder cut-out detailing and got extra fashion points for a statement Anya Hindmarch “crisp packet clutch” bag. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, right, stands with her son Prince George as she looks across at Pippa Middleton and James Matthews after their wedding Roger and his wife MirkaCredit: James Whatling A spokeswoman for event organisers Fait Accompli said: “There is no comment on the wedding detail, it is a private event.”And a spokeswoman for Table Talk, who are reportedly catering for the event, said: “I’m afraid we are not allowed to comment.”Security is expected to be tight with several senior royals attending, guarded as usual by Scotland Yard royalty protection officers. 3:35PMWas the bride upstaged? A resounding ‘no’ Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge adjusts the dress of Pippa Middleton Spencer Matthews pictured enjoying his famous wit at the Oxford Union Credit: Roger Askew/REX/Shutterstock A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “We are not prepared to discuss matters of security.”The details of Miss Middleton’s wedding gown have also been a tightly-held secret, with the names of a number of designers being put forward by royal-watchers from Amanda Wakeley and Jenny Packham to Oscar De La Renta, Giles Deacon and Alexander McQueen.Reverend Nick Wynne-Jones, who is the church’s resident priest, is expected to officiate at the wedding.A woman who answered his phone on Friday said he would not be able to talk about it because he had “signed a no comment contract”.As an Anglican church, St Mark’s must open its doors to parishioners as weddings are deemed to be public events under Church of England guidelines.The legal advisory commission of the General Synod published its guidance on celebrity marriages in April this year, when it said: “A marriage is a public ceremony which at the least all parishioners (including those whose names are on the electoral roll) are entitled to attend.”This was regardless of whether those who lived in the parish were Anglican or not, it added.Ian Southall, manager of the Englefield Social Club on the Englefield Estate, said the village had been busy with people making arrangements for the big day, many of whom included the world’s media.The feedback I’m getting is just, it’s happening.Apart from all the extra traffic it’s not going to affect me personally.I think a few people will go up (to the service).I saw lots of people around the church, I presume a lot of people were press.He added he did not think the wedding party would be dropping in for a dram of whisky from the club’s stock of single malts.They are not coming into the club, the club is getting used for something but I cannot really commentWe’ve been asked not to speak to the press, I don’t know why because we don’t know anything.With the Middleton family home just a few miles away in the village of Bucklebury, the couple and their guests will not have far to travel for the reception, which is reportedly being staged in the grounds of the property.Deliveries of equipment and goods have also been seen going into the substantial house, with reports claiming the family have spent tens of thousands of pounds on a glass marquee and upmarket portable toilets for guests. The groom’s brother and best man Spencer Matthews, greeted guests at the church entrance. His blue waistcoat and orange tie combination was a nice touch.Tennis star Roger Federer and his wife Mirka were on the guest list too. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews smile for the cameras Credit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth The pageboys and bridesmaidsCredit: Max Mumby A guest arrives in a kiltCredit:Stephen Lock / i-Images The long arm of the law The Duchess of Cambridge stands with her daughter Britain’s princess Charlotte, a bridesmaidCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images As guests finally arrived for the evening at around 8.30 pm, a WW2 Spitfire plane circled the manor before descending from the sky in dizzying loops and spins. It took off just in time, as the sun was going down and rain started to pour. The final guests were rushing to the gate to escape the weather.There are rumours Meghan Markle has been spotted outside Bucklebury home with Prince Harry. However, she was not among the guest forced to go through the security cordon.Other guests arriving to celebrate the newlyweds at the Middleton Manor included English tennis star Tim Herman and Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer.TV personalities Tom Bradby and Ben Fogle were also present, as well as Conservativee MP Richard Benyon, whose private estate played host to the couple. Spencer Matthews brother of James Matthews, greets Donna AirCredit:Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage Pippa’s father Michael Middleton apparently joked in his speech that he had now “lost both his daughters…but to great men”.  The happy couple, with James at the wheel, drive off to the reception at the Middleton mansion in a E-Type Jaguar.  Meanwhile, the nanny to Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Maria Borrallo, is there in uniform: The readings included Love Is An Adventure by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, read by Pippa’s brother James while Spencer Matthews read a passage from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. 12:05PM’People should be able to see more of it’ Giles Deacon said:I was thrilled to work with Pippa on her wedding dress. The dress is constructed with a cap sleeve, high neckline and features a corseted bodice with draping to the front and a heart-shaped detail at the back.The bespoke silk cotton lace was hand appliqued to create an illusion of the dress having ‘no seams’.The lace bodice is embroidered with pearl detailing over an organza and tulle underskirt, which has payer upon layer to enable a floor sweeping movement.It’s a privilege to show the craftsmanship that my team produces in London and a real testament to Pippa’s support of British fashion. The men in morning suits Outside St Mark's Church in Englefield The picture may remind you of the famous one taken at the Duchess’ wedding, at which Pippa Middleton wore a very striking dress. The happy couple 11:41AMHere comes the bride! 10:16AMUncle Gary on the way Princess Charlotte of CambridgeCredit:Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage Proud Dad x off we go— Gary Goldsmith (@garygoldsmith65) May 20, 2017 If you think he's sticking two fingers up you're wrong - it's three And finally, this:  Some of the first guests arriveCredit:Stephen Lock / i-Images Some of the first guests arrive Prince George waves goodbyeCredit:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images 10:13AMGrey clouds coming in A guest arrives in a kilt 12:31PMSpeak now or forever hold your peace The Sun is reporting that a  band can heard going through its repertoire which includes jazz renditions of Call on Me by Eric Prydz and The White Stripes Seven Nation Army.The paper adds that best man Spencer Matthews, the younger brother of groom James, could be heard earning rounds of applause and laughs for his best man’s speech which took place at the late hour of 11pm. The bride looked spectacular in a Giles Deacon dress, but what were the high profile guests wearing?The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attended the service at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire, along with best man Spencer Matthews, of course best known for appearing on Made in Chelsea. Surprisingly, Prince Harry’s girlfriend actress Meghan Markle didn’t attend the service.Kate Middleton looked understated but stunning in a blush pink, long sleeved Alexander McQueen dress (the designer she chose for her own wedding gown). Bridesmaids were Princess Charlotte, Pippa’s goddaughter Countess Philippa Hoyos, Lily French, and Avia Horner, daughter of James’ colleague financier Edward Horner and Lady Emily Compton. A couple arriveCredit: Stephen Lock / i-Images Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge adjusts the dress of Pippa MiddletonCredit:Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage The Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince The brothers side-by-sideCredit:Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage The blushing bride Pippa wore a bespoke veil made by milliner Stephen Jones, of tulle with a degrade of embroidered pearls. She also wore a tiara by Robinson Pelham, and ivory stain pumps by Manolo Blahnik with pearl detailing.Caroline Leaper, The Telegraph’s fashion news and features editor, gives her verdict here. Our jewellery expert Sarah Royce-Greensill has noticed Pippa Middleton is wearing the Robinson Pelham diamond earrings she wore when she was a bridesmaid at the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2011. 11:02AMUncle Gary and Tallulah Prince George waves goodbye 1:52PMView from the villagers 10:23AMThe unanswered questions And following the bride, the rest of the wedding party, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte: 10:32AM’It’s so exciting’ 1:10PMThe kiss Prince William, left, and his brother Prince Harry Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry 12:38PMDing dong! We have a wedding Spencer Matthews pictured enjoying his famous wit at the Oxford Union  With the ceremony over, the wedding party move on to the reception in Bucklebury.Prince George waves goodbye:  Good morning everyone. We are up bright and early to write about the event of the year.It’s a beautiful day for a wedding – but not for long.According to the Met Office, it’s set to rain later, so let’s hope the Royals and celebrities invited to the wedding remembered to bring a brolly or their painstakingly-styled hair is set to be ruined. 8:06AMWeather to put a dampener on nuptials  Pippa Middleton and her new husband James Matthews leave The guests are flooding in now, and include Serena Hood, Executive Fashion Editor at BritishVogue, and her financier Peregrine: Pippa Middleton arrives for her weddinglast_img read more

Firefighters met with huge cheers as they leave Grenfell Tower

first_imgFirefighters leaving Grenfell Tower are clapped out by the communityCredit:Vincent McAviney They have also been told that everyone who needs further counselling will get it. Firefighters leaving the Grenfell Tower were met with loud cheers and applause from the local community.The emotional and exhausted looking firefighters wound down their windows to acknowledge the support as they slowly drove away from the scene after a harrowing shift.Scores of people lined the street to show their support as two fire engines past by. One or two members of the London Fire Brigade crew appeared teary eyed as they briefly nodded to thank well wishers. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img A man with a megaphone said: “Thank you for all you have done. We honour you, we thank you. May the Lord give you his peace, may he console you.”Firefighters have been working around the clock trying to recover the bodies of those who perished at the devastating scene.Almost 250 firefighters  rushed to tower block in the early hours of Wednesday morning. London Fire Service Commissioner Dany Cotton, said it was the worst she had seen in a 29-year career. Nine were reported to have suffered minor injuries, including burns, smoke inhalation and exhaustion – but the psychological impact is as yet unknown. Every firefighter involved finished their shift on Wednesday with a counselling assessment at Paddington Fire Station.  Firefighters leaving Grenfell Tower are clapped out by the communitylast_img read more

British doctors trial simple gut operation that cures or controls diabetes

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The increased number of people with diabetes has been linked to rising levels of obesity A simple gut operation that sees a plastic film inserted into the stomach could cure or control diabetes, British doctors have found.Patients taking part in trials at King’s College Hospital and University College Hospital in London and City Hospital in Birmingham found their diabetes had disappeared or become much milder after the operations.Francesco Rubino, professor of metabolic surgery at King’s, told The Sunday Times: “About 50 per cent of patients are diabetes-free after these procedures. Treatment costs £10 billion a year – about 10 per cent of the NHS budget. That figure is expected to rise to 17 per cent if the numbers suffering from the condition his five million, as is predicted, by 2025.The increased number of people with the disease has been linked to rising levels of obesity.Between 1993 and 2010 the proportion of obese people in the UK went from 13 per cent to 26 per cent for men and from 16 per cent to 26 per cent for women. Type 2 diabetes, which is often linked to obesity, is one of Britain’s biggest health problems and affects about four million people.center_img “The effect was immediate,” said Midmer, who weighed 20 stone and was on insulin when the trial started. I stopped feeling hungry, I ate much smaller meals and I lost 4½ stone.” The increased number of people with diabetes has been linked to rising levels of obesityCredit:Anthony Devlin/PA Wire “The remaining people demonstrate big improvements of blood sugar control and can drastically reduce their dependence on insulin or other medication.”In many patients, blood sugar levels go back to normal within days, long before declines in fat levels or weight.”The treatments stem from a new view of the causes of diabetes, a condition in which there is too much glucose in the blood.Diabetes has previously been blamed on the pancreas not secreting enough insulin, the hormone that controls glucose levels – but Rubino and his colleagues believe the gut is the key player.Andrea Midmer, 59, a nurse, took part in the trial, in which a plastic liner or “endobarrier” was fitted into her stomach to stop the walls of her upper gut coming into contact with the food she ate.last_img read more

BBC art expert reveals rare painting worth thousands of pounds was destroyed

While the painting was not completely destroyed, the repair costs are estimated to almost equal the entire purchase fee and Dr Grosvenor admitted the artwork will never return to its pristine condition.He told The Sunday Telegraph: “I bought it in 2015 for £5,250. I probably spent the same again cleaning and reframing it. “And as I stood back to admire my handiwork, up jumped our cat, landing forcefully in the centre of the painting with a crunch. Disaster.” Dr Bendor Grosvenor featured in five seasons of BBC's Fake or Fortune Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A BBC arts experts has revealed how his cat wrecked a rare masterpiece painted by one of his favourite artists.Dr Bendor Grosvenor, who appeared in five seasons of Fake or Fortune, paid more than £5,000 for a painting by 17th century portrait artist John Michael Wright, which was clawed by his pet Padme.He was busy restoring the artwork after two small tears had formed because a cold winter followed by a hot summer had caused a stretcher displaying the painting to move.The 41-year-old covered the front of the painting with facing paper and brushed on a warm gelatin-and-water solution to preserve it before it could be sent to London to be relined.However, Dr Grosvenor was left dismayed when his cat launched itself at the painting before raking its claws down the middle of the portrait to leave a large gaping hole. “Wright is one of my favourite artists, and I bought this example because it was in excellent condition, with all the original glazes and details wonderfully intact.”Now, it’s obviously in less good condition – but at least the cat landed on his clothing, and not his face.”He added Padme is “not a fan of John Michael Wright, and regrets nothing.”Dr Grosvenor has found many lost works of art in his career, including a 2017 discovery of  the “lost portrait” of George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham at Pollok House, Glasgow, Scotland.It was thought to have been lost for more than 400 years.In 2009, he bested the Scottish National Portrait Gallery’s experts, finding their portrait of Charles Edward Stuart by Maurice Quentin de La Tour was in fact a portrait of Charles’ brother, Henry Benedict Stuart, Cardinal York.According to Tate, John Michael Wright was rated as “one of the leading indigenous British painters of his generation” for his Baroque style portraits.Having trained as an artist in Scotland under the tutelage of George Jamesone, he moved to England permanently in 1656 where he painted Stuart kings Charles II and James II. Dr Bendor Grosvenor featured in five seasons of BBC’s Fake or FortuneCredit:Stuart Nicol Photography read more

From bride to bump to a baby boy 12 months of Meghan

All hail, baby Sussex! At long last, 2019 has brought some unquestionably, humdingingly fantastic news: a little boy weighing in at 7lb 3oz for Britain’s most popular royal and the woman he so patently adores. Let the jubilation pour forth! And most of all, of course, there must be a collective high five to Meghan Markle – the woman who has born this little bundle for nine months of fevered anticipation tinged with impertinent speculation. As all too many women discover, pregnancy allows people to imagine that they have a right to an opinion over what they do with their bodies; a situation magnified when this woman is being scrutinised by a watching world. Where there is a bun in the oven so… read more

Bring in your football and badminton nets to save hedgehogs RSPCA asks

Since the 1950s, the number of hedgehogs in England has shrunk from 30 million to just one millionCredit:Chris Radburn/PA Wire Hedgehogs are dying because people are leaving netting out in their gardens, the RSPCA has warned.The leading animal charity says that dozens of the small, spikey mammals have become entangled in football, badminton and pond nets causing fatal injuries and urged people to pack their equipment away.Evie Button, Wildlife Scientific Officer at the organisation said:  “The RSPCA sees a spike in reports about hedgehogs trapped in sports and garden netting during the summer months.“Netting can be a particular hazard for wild animals, as they can easily become entangled.  As they thrash around trying to escape, the netting can tighten round them and cause terrible suffering. “The tight net can cut off the blood supply to their limbs, damage bones where they have tried to frantically escape, or worst of all, they can be strangled to death. “There is one simple way to prevent this from happening – please remove nets after use and store them securely and put any discarded or old netting safely in a bin. We also recommend that any garden netting, such as pond netting, should be replaced with solid metal mesh.”One example cited by the charity this summer was a hedgehog in a Birmingham back garden becoming entangled in a football net.Animal collection officer Cara Gibbon cut the animal free but it later succumbed to its injuries and was put down by a vet.“The netting was tight around the hedgehog and as he tried to free himself it was getting tighter and he was suffocating and really struggling to breathe,” said Ms Gibbon.“This is such a stressful situation for an animal, particularly a wild animal, to find themselves in.“We understand that many people are not aware that netting used to fence off areas and netting used for gardening or in sport can be really dangerous for animals – we’re trying to raise awareness of this.The problem could get worse in the coming weeks as hedgehogs become more mobile in their search for food ahead of hibernation.The small mammals eat slugs and snails and will travel further than usual in order to fatten up ahead of the cold winter months.The warnings come on the back of a government announcement that new road signs will be introduced, featuring pictures of hedgehogs inside a red triangle – designed to prevent accidents and reverse the decline in wildlife numbers.Since the 1950s, the number of hedgehogs in England has shrunk from 30 million to just one million.Jill Nelson, from the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, told the BBC that the signs were created after they held a meeting with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the former transport secretary Chris Grayling.”We welcome this focus on road safety and protection for all small mammals,” said Ms Nelson. A young hedgehog being held by a human Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Letter The PPPC has no generational conflict nor has it ever

Dear Editor,I have noted the statements by the Prime Minister Nagamootoo in the Guyana Chronicle with some amusement, where he expresses solidarity and mounts, in his view, a defense of older comrades and leaders of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) – comrades he claims are the ones who former President Bharrat Jagdeo wants to push out of the Party. Does he believe that we are suffering from such short memories?Moses Nagamootoo has always been the chameleon, much to the amusement of some of the older heads of the PPP who have known him all too well…unfortunately. He waxes and wanes, drifts wherever the winds blow and dances to the piper’s call once his objective of personal aggrandizement is met.Nagamootoo believes that we have forgotten how he has vilified the entire PPP and its leaders, calling the PPP “racist,” “fascist”, “fat cats”, to name a few, at  sittings in the National Assembly and at other public forum.  Now he is pretending to ‘defend’ the older leaders of the PPP as a means to target once again his nemesis, Bharrat Jagdeo.  His obsession with Jagdeo is understandable as he knows he is no match, nor could he ever be, with Jagdeo, or, in fact any of several leaders of the PPP.Instead, he should be more concerned about whether his party, the AFC, will survive the 2020 elections and whether it will be able to attract support to maintain its seats, or any seat for that matter. Surely he recognises that he is the one who will be pushed out; these are his ‘swan song’ months as Prime MinisterNagamootoo’s legacy in Guyana’s history will be one of the ‘whipping boy’ of the APNU to attack the Parliamentary Opposition with vile lies. Any time an assault has to be made on the PPP, it is Nagamootoo who is sent in by APNU to do its dirty work. It is he who was sent to the estates after the dismissal of 5000 sugar workers to try to convince them that sugar wasn’t dead, and that the government cared. His usefulness to the APNU, however, will grow thin despite his loyal gymnastics.No truer were the words written by our national poet, Martin Carter, that “the mouth is muzzled by the hand that feeds it”. Thus, his recent public foray to appear to defend the older leaders of the PPP is nothing but “classic” Nagamootoo – nakedly opportunistic, deceptive and self-serving.Nevertheless as an older member of the PPP leadership, and, in fact, the most senior female leader, I have no fear of being pushed aside by Jagdeo or anyone else. As a member of successive PPP/C administrations, I have been a constant and honestly served my government and the nation to the best of my ability.As a member of the PPP/C Parliamentary Opposition, l continue to serve and to carry my responsibilities with dignity and integrity. Yes, I am proud to be a part of the older leaders who have served and continue to loyally serve our party and nation.My work continues to be hectic and challenging, and, I watch with admiration other leaders like Dr. Roger Luncheon, Clinton Collymore, and former Prime Minister Sam Hinds, selflessly contribute their time, energy, experience and love to the Guyanese people from all walks of life who are suffering in these trying APNU/AFC times.I believe that my role will keep changing as long as I have life; I am morally bound to help to groom and nurture the younger leaders of the party to be courageous, principled and resilient in the struggles of the future to regain our threatened democracy and save our nation from its spiraling decline under the APNU/AFC regime.My sense of duty to the younger leaders is bolstered by the fact that in the 1970s older leaders of the party gave me, a young woman in her twenties, the guidance and opportunities to grow and be elevated in the PPP. Just as in 1997, the party gave its support to young Bharrat Jagdeo to be the successor to Mrs Janet Jagan after those elections.The PPP/C has no generational conflict, nor has it ever had. It began with youthful leaders in 1950 and have never been afraid of young people, but instead have embraced them and pushed them up, not out. They only have to work hard and serve with energy and courage, those that are “spent” – whether old and young – will not make it to the top.Every PPPC government from 1992 to 2015 has been characterized by young Ministers in the late 20s and those who were middle aged who brought experience to the table.Maybe Nagamootoo is reflecting on the generational gap that exists in his government’s administration where the very male senior citizens of urban upper middle class extraction reign supreme.I do not need any Nagamootoo to defend my survival in the PPP, and, in fact, no one should. One’s inherent political instinct would tell you if you listened that he remains a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’.Sincerely,Gail Teixeira, MP,PPP Executive and Central Committee Member Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMoses Nagamootoo for President – PPP threatens to expose his closet of skeletonsSeptember 8, 2014In “Politics”Nagamootoo, Ramkarran practicing ‘vengeance politics’ to get back at PPP/C – says RoheeAugust 4, 2016In “latest news”EYEWITNESS: Misreading…November 12, 2018In “EYEWITNESS” read more

Family members in US fear the worst for missing Jamaican media

Media worker Derrick Rodgers(Jamaica Observer) DERRICK Rodgers has been missing for two months.Family members, living in Georgia and Massachusetts in the United States, fear that the worst has happened to him. The 60-year-old Lawrence Tavern resident disappeared on October 13.His niece, Natalie Redman, contacted the Jamaica Observer recently saying that the family is on edge.“We reported it to the Constant Spring police, but we were told that the family would have to physically go in and make the report. After that, we contacted the father of the church he used to attend and he was able to go in and make the report. The police say that they have since circulated a missing person report at all their precincts across the island so now we are just waiting,” Redman told the Observer.She said that the family realised that something was amiss when her mother, Rogers’ sister, sent money for him through a financial institution and the money was not collected.“He is always in contact with us. He is never out of touch. My mom always sends him money and he always calls to say thanks. When she sent the money on October 13 he never called. We called and he didn’t answer. We called [financial institution] and they said that the money was not picked up.“Right now, to be honest, we’re on edge. You have to just be bracing yourself right now for the worst. There’s no way something hasn’t happened to him. [Getting] No response from him has us worried,” Redman said.She told the Observer that her uncle worked in media and was a former employee of Television Jamaica, Best FM, and Kool 97 FM.Redman said that the family has been circulating photographs of her uncle on social media but has received no feedback.“We don’t have a physical presence in the island to do any rigid follow-ups. No one has seen or heard from him. They are only saying that they know he lives at Top Hill and that’s in Lawrence Tavern,” the woman said.Efforts made by the Observer to get a comment from the Constant Spring Police Station were not successful.On December 10, Crime Stop Jamaica put out an alert for Rodgers, citing that he was last seen alive, according to a report from the Lawrence Tavern police, in his community.Rodgers is of dark complexion, medium build, and is about 167 centimetres (5 feet 6 inches) tall. His mode of dress at the time he went missing is unknown.“We are anxious. We are waiting, but we are worried. We are doing all that we can to find out what has happened to my uncle. It is unusual that he wouldn’t contact us for so long,” said Redman.Anyone knowing Rodgers’ whereabouts is being asked to contact the Constant Spring Police at 876- 924-1421-2 Police 119 emergency number or Crime Stop at 311. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCaribbean News Round-upOctober 15, 2015In “Regional”Caribbean News Round-upNovember 17, 2015In “Regional”Caribbean News Round-upNovember 11, 2015In “Regional” read more