Website optimization 6 easy to ignore the details

for the website optimization, the basic operation of many webmaster general direction on the site and the Shanghai dragon is the no big problem. But whether you webmaster countrymen will be ignored in the optimization of the detail of the hold on. The following is the 6 point summary of the neglected details.

, a domain name selection keyword similar

two, web programming language

I have seen a website, he in the root directory into a zblog, often update, now the site of the rankings are good, and the zblog in the beginning of the period to the expected effect, and the successful drive included web page update. read more

How to update the website quality content

third, website content is not only the text but also reflect the value of. The value is to give your users value higher than his expectation. For example, we are the sales site, then, in addition to the introduction of the product function, product price, we must learn to provide some high value-added things, for example, notes tell customers to buy the product, tell the user to select the product in addition to the price we have to pay attention to the details of what, finally we need to teach him some maintenance tips. You can also install and use our products through the steps and methods of display pictures, through these very irritating of grounding method, let the consumer recognition of our company and service, so you get the value of enterprise content is undoubtedly the best show, the trust search engine will be for you the site a lot of extra points. read more

The site is how to do 360 intercept

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

Why was the 360

after the interceptionSolve

3 peer competition, now the increasingly complex network environment, peer competition, the slightest mistake will be eyeing, once reported, 360 will be added to the blacklist intercept (360 website security testing)


special chain optimization:

site to intercept

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain read more

Three To summarize the effect of Mo Xiang Mega dragon website optimization techniques in Shanghai

focus on the website of Shanghai dragon

update frequency must be much less

A5 related sites, but has a strong content and quality of the chain, the second is to pay attention to the details of the optimization of Shanghai dragon, the author of the blog yesterday when the optimization changes, reference some local A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis official blog, found the details as well, and the author is that the code of others so utterly ignorant of the reference to do is to do the practice, like Ma brother said, to go beyond imitation is a means that a lot of Shanghai dragon ER technology itself is not very good, study every day is not the answer, everyone has the experience of each person, and the total it completes the search engine optimization guide for a website is very good, the soft site literati is like this, without too much technical support Hold, we do the content, the chain, the chain is good, which is the most basic of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, everyone knows. read more

The ratio of mobile search mobile terminal to increase Shanghai Longfeng optimization to develop

mobile, China Unicom, telecom 4G network, the mobile phone Internet speed has second ultra broadband speed; with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the arrival of the era of the big screen mobile phone, HD era has arrived early, the mobile phone is an integral part of human life. The future of mobile phone users and user beyond the PC will become a reality. This time you have questioned the mobile terminal Shanghai dragon optimization, necessity of website optimization of mobile terminal

How to read more

Only PK Zac who is superior

PK, Cardiff victory. Although ZAC’s "Shanghai dragon every day a" daily visit number are

Look at the screenshot:

you should see flow difference as much as three times.

PK, in which a PK ZAC Zac win, Biff only strong in technology, but also the convenience of english. In fact, as long as the long-term concern of the two Shanghai dragon ER who can feel it, love Google or Shanghai as long as the slight change of Shanghai dragon algorithm, ZAC can predict in advance and to respond, but only relative to the ZAC, was slightly behind the beat. read more

Novice to make the chain al1 natural and orderly is the key


love Shanghai Search Guide Second Edition put forward the concept of natural fresh, then around the concept of Web site outside the chain is always wrong, so how can we guarantee the chain to do with nature? In fact, look at some products such as love fall in love with the sea Shanghai Encyclopedia of the chain can let yourself get some inspiration. And to love Shanghai encyclopedia as the research object is the most capable principle to cash outside the chain of natural and fresh.

, a fresh and natural key read more

How to build a website on the one and only

how to set up a is not popular, but also to highlight the brand’s website title? The author thinks that we should do the following: first, don’t use keywords to write the heading. This is a common problem in Shanghai dragon Er website, they often think of a website to get keywords ranking will repeatedly appeared in the website, actually this is wrong. Keywords natural can appear in the title above, but don’t put the keyword as a title, this will only make your website become featureless. Second: the title to hit the nail on the head. The pace of life is fast, the user is with his needs to find the site, so their purpose is very strong, if not on your website title to describe the purpose, the user can easily overlook your website. Third: the title should be unique and outstanding brand. We can use the Robin of the Shanghai dragon VIP title as an example: read more

n 2012 2013 Shanghai Dragon Medical change direction


search engine optimization, the first half of the year from the end of June in Shanghai for love in smooth water collection station, large-scale K station in September to refuse medical station wide right down, the rest of the "a fish escaped through the Seine" is scanty, we can see that love Shanghai for medical industry websites have become increasingly demanding, more management strictly.

home page

4. the use of home as far as possible the high conversion rate of brand reputation with word word do up. read more

How to do web pages open slow


website right down topics:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


1 open Internet Explorer property page, in the "general" tab browsing history column click the "delete" button

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

caused the page open speed is very slow and there are many reasons, there may be too many wrong cache, load and so on, below I introduced several methods to solve this problem, we try to read more

Examples to explain how to choose the long tail keywords Shanghai Dragon

in "the long tail" of Shanghai dragon in talk about some superficial views of the long tail theory. Still feel that unknown words entirely. He thinks that it is mainly on the long tail keywords don’t understand thoroughly, these days, every day in the study of "Shanghai dragon in the long tail" screenshot shown in the website data, otherwise experience, want to do some explanations with this topic in this article.

noted that long tail keywords are relevant only to the amount of search, because beginners easily think of a long tail keywords "long" is those words more words or phrases in combination, popular Shanghai dragon circles through the love of Shanghai related search methods for long tail keywords also further verified the long tail of the form is "long" because of love, Shanghai must search longer than your search term. But in fact, to understand the "long tail" distribution to get a visual impression from the long tail theory diagram, then it does not have a relationship with that of long tail words. read more

Harbour Forum on how to do the chain will be more effective

or in the case of A5, when posting that explains, no nonsense. For me I have little time, before I do not understand, some things did not reply directly to nutrition was the moderator found a month, then the shield Oh, is the so-called chastened, so just know.

can see this page is not included, then we can reply, the following screenshot is already included posts, grasp a time here, to do a long time you will know.

1. high weight forum for

we are to do the webmaster, we are often in some forum posting and signature with the chain, but we made the chain so much with the signature, how can we know what is valid or invalid. We and others at the forum to do outside the chain, we observe that when the others found that the effect is very good, so what others do? We should control how to grasp a better time? You will witness this secret, this is not exclusive secret, male female. read more

Hotel industry network marketing how to carve up the cakeForeign media Shenzhen wants to become Ch

network marketing is aimed at possible proposed purchase behavior of customers in the virtual network market, according to the characteristics of the hotel product itself, determine the main marketing object, produced by the content of the website, to attract these groups to visit. For the hotel, the customer group is nothing more than several young people: customer groups, business groups, high-grade guest income customers, low income customers, leisure guests group. In determining the main object of network marketing, also must understand and focus on the population distribution of network users, namely by focusing on the network customer groups, according to their own product features, and finally determine the main target groups of network marketing. When the location is done, we need to be targeted for this part of the user group to promote, so that they have the need to quickly find you. read more

The 7 trap chain in you caught it

Links is a chain of the way many webmaster love, is the construction of the chain of the most simple and most common way. I link to you, you link to me, to each other to bring some clicks but also helps to search rankings. Some Shanghai dragon Er think exchange links have been a search engine drop right, has very little effect, but it is undeniable that the theme from related formal links still has a good effect.


The Three.

detection, some artificial detection. Anyway, hope everyone record in exchange links, including the exchange site, time, location, contact webmaster. Check regularly to prevent each other quietly take the webmaster do not know the link. read more

A PR0 website how to exchange links with the PR4 6 high weight website

joined the DOMZ directory

I think this is a let a lot of stationmaster and stop looking for love, the Shanghai encyclopedia is really difficult to pass? Not so, webmaster base submitted 2 times passed, actually this is the trick here, Adsense base will share their experience, look at the screenshot:

, a site internal optimization

two, create love Shanghai Encyclopedia

This is a >


believes that the exchange links many webmaster friends will pay attention to each other Links pr. If your site is 0 PR, and the other is PR 4-6, you will not stop, feel no hope? Is this psychology is also very normal. But it’s not a glimmer of hope? I think the answer is no.. Why do you feel hopeless? I think the reason is that your website is not confident, if your site is good enough to look to leave each other a good impression, I think the other party may not be too care about your PR value. So how to make your own website to leave each other a good impression? Webmaster base here to teach you a few common and very effective method: read more

Several factors of enterprise website ranking optimization of Shanghai Longfeng stable

(6) love Shanghai algorithm update: since Google exit China, love Shanghai has been firmly secured the top spot in the Chinese search engine. Shanghai love >


site outside the chain if there is a good ranking, the chain web site behind good support. Especially for new sites, in addition to the station optimization, the chain will be extreme. But the chain is not the pursuit of quantity, the quality of the chain is more important. In addition to many outside the chain is not stable, if the chain can not be screened, very easily lead to the accumulation of garbage chain, such a great impact on the website weight. read more

Some talk about behind the Shanghai dragon ranking

As for the various

as many people always talk about how many "best in the chain, what the best number, 35? 40? I don’t know, this is the significance of love? Shanghai lEE ask is: within the chain is determined by the position of web page on the site. So, the chain is on the site, the number of pages and position weight within the chain within the chain and independent, and correlated with the overall ratio.

is now a lot of new people into the industry of Shanghai Longfeng, met the idea and concept of too much, just look at the love Shanghai official fortunately, the key is mostly new first contact with all kinds of packaging outside the "invention" of the theory, some effectiveness, some of it really is packaging. The result is the feeling of Shanghai dragon that is too difficult to do, do not go to training. read more

The difference between XML and HTML site map site map

now do site optimization! Site map is a very important part of. But people often ask site is XML or sitemap, HTML or sitemap? Two with

first, let’s take a look at the difference between the two kinds of site map. HTML site map site map in the traditional sense, is to see the site. It is equivalent to a directory, for users to understand the network structure of the website, do not get lost.

then XML sitemap? Personally feel not so important, but not absolute! If the structure of your site is very good, the number and the number of included XML sitemap can not much difference between, do not need, or will your normal spider crawling station and included articles. If your site articles are more than 1700 articles, included only a few hundred articles, it is strongly recommended that you build a XML sitemap map. You can test through the site example: site:www.***贵族宝贝 check included number read more

Shanghai Longfeng mistakes correct mistakes

error three: Brush ranking unstable

error: the content must be original

Now the website is

webmaster tools, love stand like Shanghai Longfeng practical platform for the novice or experienced the Shanghai dragon Er, are essential tools. But these products are presented by the content, can not understand. For example, the chain and the chain. Take the following images as an example, to date, the website chain is 201 thousand, consistent with the results of retrieval. And this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er chain mistaken for a web site outside of the chain itself, to understand the source of this kind of data, we must first understand the search engine inside a domain advanced search instructions. read more

Share the formation of Shanghai dragon promotion team need to have conditions

two, to establish and perfect the editorial team

rules no Cheng Fangyuan, no common goal of the team is lacking spirit of cooperation, no fighting force. I do not deny that of course, foreign enterprise system is relatively small, but only based on the social and cultural foundation (dedication based), team formation in early need to clear the work process of compensation system. As for my suggestion is the incentive reward system to let subordinates reward punishment to burst with joy, let subordinates punish terror. The preliminary system, such as: the project implementation process, inspection process, progress reporting process, the daily implementation specification, daily inspection process, meeting system, training system. read more