Share a garbage station domain name selection tips

Just when

chat in the group, Maozai talked about to give up a few due to the CN domain topic, which talked about the original application for some time on the basis of the domain name, the domain name behind these performance, Maozai tell you a garbage station selected domain of small tips or tricks is.

chose these domain names

find a good development of the station, with his station name as keywords, and then apply for the domain name contains the keyword, title for the station, also contains modified keywords and related keywords, then search engines, the keyword domain name ranking will be very good, when someone searches for the name of the site that you on the row below him, as long as the ranking stability, can get some rogue traffic from search every day. read more

During the Olympic Games you can’t reprint relevant articles freely This is how people support the

2008, China ushered in the first hundred years of the Olympic Games! I’m glad to see their own national Olympic Games at the age of 20 can! Excited mood for words! Nonsense not say,

to the point!

Olympic Games tomorrow! I like most, very early in preparing for the Olympics! May state to be safe! During the Olympic Games not authorized sites could not be reproduced the relevant articles and videos! See this sad news, why? First I had hoped to use the Olympic Games can bring some traffic to their website! I did buy the spare space, domain name and all other things! The most important thing is: the hope for the Olympics to write his own recent original articles! This is great! What do not even have to close the forum!! is this the end the read more

Good interpersonal relationship is the necessary cornerstone of a station’s success

everyone has the social attribute, are not isolated independently from the society, whether in real life or virtual network society, need to have a certain relationship, life can be more. Although many webmaster but if you can fight a lone battle, open their own contacts, get more friends to help, the website promotion is easier.

In September 17th

A5 held a forum to expand the interpersonal relationship "webmaster circle topic version, invited the old love Yanhuang network K and Guo Jijun GJJ were gathered together the topic of interaction. Webmaster exceeded problems in the process of exciting, the guests very lively activities sparkling discourse, waiting for you. This paper focuses on the summary version, I hope to help you. read more

How to create style guides for web sites style guide

coming back from the journey, everything is fine. Five days is very short, in retrospect, basically only will be, even the blue sea and sky, as well as white sand beach; interested friends can go to my micro-blog to see what the scenery.

okay, back then did not feel a kind of usual life can not adapt to the difference between them is "1" and "2"; to do things immediately started up, the heart will upset some. The previous one is the first half of the iOS Wow experience – Chapter sixth – Interactive Model and innovative product concept. Today for a small text, how to create a web style guide. Enter the text, Qiang Qiang qiang. read more

Baidu and content stations who lives for whom

Baidu as a search engine, which includes almost all of the content of other sites (not including Baidu’s other products), can be said to be a collection of other sites and COPY. This COPY is suitable for Chinese habits, general users do not care about who is this thing, as long as we can! And Baidu is therefore not to be despised, but.

, and other content stations, are generally their own things, hard to create, the site is the creator of the material. In fact, it is these contents that enrich the knowledge of the network! Let us know more, so personally think that these sites are more worthy of respect! read more

Losing money but also making calls for online travel industry showing white hot competition who br

in the tourism circle of new power is on the rise, bread that when I went to the Tencent, ah qindie is Ali, a murderous way these enterprises ran OTA to this piece of the Red Sea, also in the iron horse Ge Rong sources constantly refresh energy, therefore, the market situation fusion, investors will let go where eLong BOSS will hold on, let go, Ctrip and then.

a few days ago, the National Tourism Bureau announced that the two companies in the city and the way cattle on the Internet to conduct low price to attract tourists, the Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau in Suzhou city of Nanjing City Tourism Commission, Tourism Bureau were interviewed with the process, tuniu responsible person of the enterprise, and its related tourism product cost structure make description. At present, the way cattle company has been "1 yuan" product shelves. read more

Make a good website Which points should it pay attention to

how to make the site more excellent, more suitable for W3C standard and has a good user experience, this is a lot of web production staff are facing the problem, and everyone wants to know what netgather station in the long-term practice and the end of the following, I hope we can bring help, please point out the inadequacies.

1. understands the theme of the website, the content that shows in the website and most browse group circumstance,

wants to build a website, and is a useful to the user site, we should firstly consider the content of the website and the website, what users need? How can they quickly find what you want? As a web designer in the design should be carried out around this area. If the user is not able to get what they want quickly or if your site is not operating quickly, then the site is a failure. Users will be disappointed and may never log on to your site again. A small example: if you want to do a stock site, but the site’s font size is 12px words, you think, now retired at home for the elderly, the number of stocks is not a small number, even if the content of your site again good again brilliant, they could not take a magnifying glass display looking at your website, only to let you lost a large number of users. read more

Determined to resign join the nternet army promotion skills sharing

touched such a long Internet, and finally determined to resign, to concentrate on doing their own career, although I know the future is slim, but I chose, and I do not regret it. The first self introduction, the daughter of a humble family US company, with 2 years, access to the Internet more hands-on, but rarely, but also saw the prospect of Internet network deeply, also please predecessors, the exhibitions.

below to introduce my experience, and by the way, please XDJM more advice:


from the beginning of last year has been the same way network website alliance members, individual agency Hotel, initially considered because the surrounding and their friends are often travel, there is sometimes work is relatively busy, can promote themselves, so with a casual attitude to. Unexpectedly, more than a year to really save a little money, ha ha; with this money, April is also with the boyfriend went to Sanya, just ticket and hotel travel costs. read more

ncrease the chain skills

      a new station on the line, to make the search engines fast included only continued to increase the quality of the chain, but a new station on the line, not included in the case, no one is willing to do friends chain and you, to tell you the new station outside the chain increased


first, the major search engines, bookmarks portal station, take your stand on their that wonderful content increased to bookmark, is equal to the major search engine and portal the chain weight free of charge to you, don’t want to know. read more

09 years to do industry website navigation as do industry website alliance

now all kinds of Web site navigation is everywhere, do well also on the HAO123 those few, and the industry exclusive site navigation good, basically No. The main reason is that web navigation is really bad now. You’ve lost a new one on the internet.

, and we do industry website, can change ideas, the industry website navigation into industry website alliance.

in GOOGLE and Baidu search industry website alliance, you can find there are still many industries without site alliance, and now online do good industry website alliance is also rare. I did the exhibition industry alliance website, did not do any promotion within a week will be able to climb to the site keywords Industry Alliance GOOGLE pages, and the exhibition industry, exhibition industry alliance website alliance, exhibition industry, exhibition industry alliance website Web site keywords is able to climb the top of a page. This shows that we do industry website alliance, there is still great room for development. read more

Graduation two years SEO network promotion road reflection

may be due to the character, every work after a period of time he will burst into the plight, always look exactly what they are doing and how much value in this direction will be. Always love to toss about, one thing after another toss, but also often prefer to choose, I do not know if this is because, but insisted. As a thing to feel that the lack of a sense of joy when little hesitation, I feel this kind of contradiction, or partial romantic idealism, by comparison, the sense of mission and values to drive life, or felt very painful. Do network promotion has been relatively miscellaneous, mainly around the search engine launched, SEO, SEM, soft text and so on through my graduation work in the past two years. read more

About web page Title writing


page title many SEO beginners most easy to be overlooked, that the keywords to optimize your all write up, is helpful to the ranking, in fact! General spider great possibility won’t climb up your page title, so that in three words the most good! Especially home must be brief and clear, let the spider to see that your site should reflect what, if some of many words, is out of order without the key, also dilute the weight of keywords you


took my website as a case to analyze, Suzhou satellite TV, at the beginning of this web page title is the way I write. "Suzhou satellite TV | Suzhou satellite TV installation | Suzhou satellite antenna | Suzhou satellite antenna installation | Suzhou satellite TV installation | Suzhou satellite TV installation | Suzhou Satellite Television Corporation read more

How to achieve effective pseudo original

is well known that search engines pay more attention to original content. Therefore, many SEOers put forward the so-called pseudo original techniques. Simply put, the pseudo original is to modify the original article accordingly, so as to achieve the purpose of search engine that he is original.

pseudo original is actually a kind of self deception, and a man without what two. The so-called pseudo original can achieve the purpose, which we have to identify from the search engine mirror, reprinted pages mentioned. The following describes the search engine to identify the mirror image, reproduced the principles of web pages (if there is any inappropriate, but also please correct): read more

Domain name affects the development of enterprise and stationmaster website

09 years for most growers (domain name investors), is a harvest year. Perhaps because of the impact of the financial crisis (I personally think that this is a nonsense, you do not always find an excuse, an excuse is also looking for a good excuse. The impact of the financial crisis? You are a little old people, do you know what is the financial crisis, you, you eat? Always find an excuse to be the number of poor people, listen to the ear the whole time. ) said the financial crisis may be the government. read more

Experience in using advanced system of Knight swarm station

last week from the knight group free version of the upgrade Knight stand group system senior version, now talk about the advanced version of the use of a week experience.

New features added in

1. Advanced Edition

on the advanced version of the new features, in fact, in the A5 Knight flagship description has been mentioned here, I combine their own use process, to summarize and introduce.

add a new function: a batch add sites and tasks

One of the features of

advanced version is adding the batch add site and the function of task, we can see from the screenshot, whether the site, or task, we can add bulk, the biggest benefit of this is that you can save a lot of time. read more

Baidu mobile layout platform oligopolistic competition continues

BAT about the three big rumors have been compared with the Internet hot topic, but in recent months the report put the Buddha Ali and Tencent, especially Ali in the mobile layout and extension of platform strategy will allow the industry to feel its strong ambition. In contrast, the desktop search overlord Baidu has become a lot of silence, in addition to the acquisition of PPS in some time ago is the layout of mobile video, Baidu’s action in the capital market is not obvious.

, but Baidu has been a bit of a move lately, and it’s not a small move. Rumor has it that Baidu will buy 91 wireless for $1 billion 900 million, including 91 mobile assistant, Android market, 91 mobile open platform, 91 panda reading, 91 panda desktop and many other subdirectories. As a result, Baidu also has a more heavyweight product in the mobile platform, which will dilute the pressure. read more

Webmaster a networm love story

Author: China Southern Airlines

lover, what do you do keywords


can only Google you

days change,

will your address fail


exposed to the weather

, did you have a yellow snapshot of your face,


years of database

, if you save your name in garbled

log on to this mortal


need a lifetime to search for


, the motor is roaring. Look for your engine,

the rain ticked me over the ground,

IE (I Eye) 6 eyes enough to browse,


when the server is busy, the network traffic jam

– that’s at the same time, you’re checking me too, read more

Taobao makes money tired Do you know any other ways of playing

in the last half year, the Taobao is a single brush frenzied trend, Taobao market faces relax on the brush single regulation, this exchange sellers meet most of the word is a single brush, and many sellers complain about Taobao less traffic more and more difficult to make money, make money to small sellers is an existing trend, but this is not the reason whether the trend is good! Still, the 28 law has been, why you are not that easy money 20%


1. Keywords: intentions (I’m just serious)… read more

Talk about how new friends should be promoted

SEO now is becoming more and more important, many companies do not hesitate to spend a lot of money put into the network, specifically is also to promote. So many people have begun to shift to SEO, but a lot to do not always know how to start, while facing the pressure of reality is cruel, so they also have little time to look at the data, ask the teacher once, two times can be, can’t ask it, what to do? > do a long time, that I feel, I personally feel that the promotion is the technology, resources, resources, summarize certain at the same time there is a very important is the idea, way out of the decision, not a correct way of thinking may go a lot of road bend but also not want to achieve the effect of. read more

One of the fatal attractions of the nternet is the rules of the game

although I neglect to move around in the industry, but also often by a wave of hot blooded youth come to visit, explore how to break into the network industry, creating a world of mystery. These people can be roughly divided into four categories: one is that since the experience of the network, has a unique opinion, or unique resources; the two is already in the network industry dry for several years, but not willing to work for others, wanted to live on their own is a network industry; three story one after another by excited but, don’t think those successful people have what fantastic, felt too; four in other traditional industries is dry enough, that the Internet is a new industry, silly money opportunities. Recently to talk about the investment network is also a lot of people, I guess it is the financial crisis, but the industry still All business languishes., network video, search what, stride forward singing militant songs, 2 new stories, one by one, can feel a touch. Attention is paid to the outcome, to the process, to the cause, or to the neglect, or to the real understanding. The Internet has its appeal, but if it’s unclear what the source of attraction is, it’s often fatal to most people. read more