LabTwin Partners With BioRN to Bring Voicepowered Technology Into German Labs

first_imgLabTwin GmbH, the world’s first voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant, has joined forces with BioRN Life Science Cluster to expand its offering to the Rhine-Main-Neckar Region in Germany. As part of this collaboration, BioRN members will have access to LabTwin’s platform.LabTwin uses machine learning and voice-recognition technologies to assist scientists with day-to-day tasks, saving time and making research more efficient and reproducible. Researchers can take notes, capture data, create supply lists and set timers or reminders from anywhere in the lab simply by talking to LabTwin. Scientists from renowned institutions such as the Deutsches Primatenzentrum and the University of California, San Francisco, as well as researchers from top biopharma companies have been quick to adopt LabTwin’s voice-powered assistant.Marketing Technology News: Sales Engagement Leader Outreach Reaches Unicorn Status, Raises $114 Million Series E“LabTwin is bringing the power of voice to the lab to simplify data capture, integrate existing technologies and make life easier for scientists. Some of the most exciting research in the world is happening in Germany and we are delighted to offer six months exclusive access to all BioRN members,” said Magdalena Paluch, LabTwin CEO and co-founder.“We are thrilled to welcome LabTwin among our members. The LabTwin technology complements the set of competencies in our regional ecosystem and we are looking forward to their active participation in our network,” said Dr. Julia Schaft, Managing Director at BioRN.Marketing Technology News: Userful Announces New Drag-and-Drop Command and Control Module for Visual Networking PlatformBioRN is a life science research and industry cluster dedicated to developing cell-specific, molecular and personalized innovative treatments. The BioRN Cluster provides networking, representation and promotion of the Rhine-Main-Neckar life science region into one of the leading life science clusters in Europe. Cluster-members include renowned academic research institutions, global health care companies and about 80 small and medium-sized biotech enterprises.Marketing Technology News: DemandBlue launches DemandBlue Labs, a Salesforce Innovation Org for its Customers LabTwin Partners With BioRN to Bring Voice-powered Technology Into German Labs PRNewswireApril 24, 2019, 4:10 pmApril 24, 2019 AI-PoweredBioRNConversationalAILabTwin GmbHLife Science ClusterMagdalena PaluchMarketing TechnologyNewsVoice Previous ArticleIndependent Research Firm Names Grapevine6 a Leader in Sales Social Engagement Tools EvaluationNext ArticleImpact Launches New Solution to Optimize Mobile Partnership Experiencelast_img read more

LogMeIn Successfully Achieves Multiple Top Tier Security Compliance Standards

first_imgLogMeIn Successfully Achieves Multiple Top Tier Security Compliance Standards PRNewswireApril 25, 2019, 4:04 pmApril 25, 2019 AcquisitionLogMeInMarketing TechnologyNewsSOC 2 Type IISOC 3 Type IISystem and Organization Controls Previous ArticleAlight Analytics Introduces Marketing Dashboard Templates for TableauNext ArticleIndustry First: Dstillery and Fuel Cycle Partner to Give Brands Powerful Combination of Primary and Behavioral Research Company Completes SOC 2, Type II and SOC 3, Type II and C5 ExaminationsLogMeIn, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based connectivity solutions, announced the successful acquisition of System and Organization Controls (SOC) compliance reports, specifically SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 Type II examinations, for the company’s key products including LastPass, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar,, GoToTraining, OpenVoice, Bold360, Rescue, GoToAssist, LogMeIn Pro, Central and GoToMyPC. Two of the most well-known and accepted security standards, these SOC reports are based on an extensive audit by an independent 3rd party utilizing the standards and guidelines set forth by the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).The SOC2 and SOC3 examinations are a review of the controls and processes that affect the security of LogMeIn products and infrastructure, the availability of the systems used to process data, and the confidentiality of the information processed by the systems. The company commits to an annual review of these practices to ensure continued compliance.Marketing Technology News: Contact Centers Adding AI to Become More Intelligent, Responsive to Customers“Investing in security and compliance is a constant focus for LogMeIn, especially as our digital world evolves. Successfully completing these security audits is just one way we are demonstrating our ongoing commitment to delivering secure customer environments and improving the safety and privacy of our customers’ data,” says Gerald Beuchelt, Chief Information Security Officer at LogMeIn. “We are proud that our diligence has brought about multiple SOC examinations.”In addition to the SOC 2 and SOC 3 certifications, LogMeIn has also completed the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5) from the German Federal Office for Information Security.  This certification defines which controls cloud providers must comply with or which minimum requirements the cloud providers should be obliged to meet. An important cornerstone in cloud security for the German market, only a few cloud providers are certified.Marketing Technology News: New Social Trust Index Measures Automotive Brand Trust in a #Fakenews EraFor more information on LogMeIn’s commitment to privacy and security and to download a copy of the SOC 3, Type II report, please visit the LogMeIn Trust & Privacy Center available.The SOC 2 Type II, including the C5, report is available for potential and existing customers under Non-Disclosure-Agreement upon request.Marketing Technology News: Deskforce Announces First Investment Roundlast_img read more

Valve Introduces Machine Learning Algorithm to Recommend New Steam Games

first_img Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Valve Introduces Machine Learning Algorithm to Recommend New Steam Games You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Lilly From ‘Princess Diaries’ Is 36 Now and Gorgeous Tagged In gamingaimachine learningsteamvalvedeep learningGOGuPlaydiscoverabilitymetro 2033Steam Summer Salegame recommendationsGrand Prixrecommendation engineSteam games Post a Comment 8 Comments The Untold Truth of Brandon Lee Actors Who Could Barely Stomach Kissing Each Other on Screen Finding games on Steam has always been difficult, but the flood of titles being published on the platform has made discoverability a massive problem for creators and gamers alike. Valve is attempting to improve the situation with a new game recommendation system that relies on AI, rather than user-curated metadata. The AI isn’t given any information about a game at all, rather than its release date, and it isn’t impacted by review scores or tags. Instead, it learns about games solely based on what players do.Valve writes:Underlying this new recommender is a neural-network model that is trained to recommend games based on a user’s playtime history, along with other salient data. We train the model based on data from many millions of Steam users and many billions of play sessions, giving us robust results that capture the nuances of different play patterns and covers our catalog. The model is parameterized so that we can restrict output to games released within a specified time-window, and can be adjusted to prefer games a higher or lower underlying popularity. These parameters are exposed to the user, allowing you to select whether to see only recent releases in the results, or go all the way back to include games released a decade ago. Similarly, you can choose whether to see mainstream hits, or deep cuts from the catalog. Regardless of the settings of the sliders, the results will always be personalized and relevant to the individual user.Valve’s ability to create recommendation engines, search tools, and discoverability enhancements that treat players and creators fairly has taken some hits over the past year. During the recent “Grand Prix” summer sale, Valve created a confusing competition around the event. As a result, gamers began removing indie titles from their wish lists en masse in an attempt to game the system and receive expensive AAA titles for free, out of a mistaken belief that deleting low-cost titles increased their chances of receiving expensive free games. Creators panicked. Having a game on your wish list means receiving updates when it goes on sale, and those notifications apparently have a major impact on how many copies a game sells overall. Developers are exceedingly unhappy with how the Steam sale played out this year, and many saw no uptick at all in either wish list pickups or overall sales.The new game recommendation system Valve is unveiling today isn’t a direct response to the Grand Prix debacle, but it’s an example of how the company is attempting to improve its own recommendation algorithms in ways that will be fair to game creators and help players find titles they want to experience. To date, Valve’s changes to its recommendation system have been controversial; an algorithm bug last year drove far more traffic to already-established titles at the expense of smaller titles. After the Grand Prix problems, some developers have lost faith that Valve is particularly interested in solving the situation.“Before October 2018 (and for a few months after that while I gave Steam the benefit of the doubt), I told anyone who asked me that Steam was 100% worth it for indie developers,” developer Yitz told Kotaku via Twitter DM:Now, that trust is gone, and it’s not because I’ve changed or become more cynical… This Steam sale was a disaster, but I’m far more concerned about the overall trend we’ve seen in the Steam algorithm since October last year: pushing unpopular (including ‘mostly negative’ reviewed) triple-A games over titles that Steam has more than enough data to know would be a better match for the consumer.I decided to take the Steam recommendation algorithm out for a spin, to see what kind of titles it would recommend for me, personally. In my specific case, I’m prepared for the algorithm to be a little less accurate — some of the games I’ve spent the most time “playing,” historically, are titles I’ve used for benchmarking, and it’s possible that will throw off the algorithm. I also have a very bad habit of leaving games alt-tabbed while running in the background, which can also drastically inflate my own playtimes.I have not spent 73.5 actual days of my life playing Fallout 4.That’s the default view when you login. Your top games are listed along the left, while recommended titles are on the right. Here’s the top game listing when you play with the “Niche” versus “Popular” slider. My “Popular” games list is on the left below, while the full “Niche” recommendations are on the right.Regarding its recommendation algorithm, Valve writes:One direction is to gather every single piece of information about a game, and then make guesses about what games are similar, and then recommend those “similar” games. But that allows for all sorts of weird distortions— just because you play a lot of Beat Saber, doesn’t mean we should only ever recommend you VR rhythm games. This model takes a different approach. It disregards most of the usual data about a game, like genre or price point. Instead, it looks at what games you play and what games other people play, then makes informed suggestions based on the decisions of other people playing games on Steam. The idea is that if players with broadly similar play habits to you also tend to play another game you haven’t tried yet, then that game is likely to be a good recommendation for you.The “niche” versus “popular” slider seems as though it could use some fine-tuning. Somehow, Metro 2033 Redux is the most popular title recommended for me under both options. But it’s odd that this game should be recommended to me in the first place, given that I own (but have never bothered to beat) Metro 2033. The same is true of Metro Last Light Redux. It makes sense to recommend Metro 2033 Redux to me if the only thing you’re examining is either hours played (I used it for benchmarking) or “number of games owned in the Metro series.” Examining the number of unlocked achievements in these titles would show that I barely played either.The other shortcoming I see in this data isn’t exactly Valve or Steam’s fault. I own Far Cry 3 on uPlay and Witcher 3 on GoG. I played games like Dishonored, Borderlands 2, and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood using a friend’s Steam account. The quality of the recommendations is a bit mixed — I loved Dishonored and found Borderlands 2 relatively amusing, but was not a huge fan of Far Cry 3 and have never actually played very much of The Witcher 3. The “niche” titles are games I haven’t played or heard of, so it seems to be fulfilling its goals in that regard, though that also makes it more difficult to interpret if I’d like them.The goal is for this tool to be a better recommendation engine for games that isn’t susceptible to being gamed or manipulated, or that requires developers to worry about optimizing for underlying and unknown algorithms. The idea is for the AI model to watch what players are playing and recommend these games to people who play similar games to those people. We’ll have to wait for data on how it works, but discoverability has been a major problem for every kind of online store. Solving it, or even improving it, would be a major achievement for any storefront.Now Read:Gamers Hate the Epic Store, but They Hated Steam, TooSteam Prepares to Roll Out Revamped Library PageValve Lays Off 13 Employees, May Have Slashed VR Division The Real Reason Captain Marvel Was Barely in ‘Endgame’ 8 Comments By Joel Hruska on July 12, 2019 at 9:47 am How ‘Harry Potter’ Killed This Star’s Career The Sad Situation That Hayden Panettiere Is Living In Today Jason Momoa’s Marriage Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder ‘Dark Phoenix’ Director Reveals Who Is to Blame for Massive Floplast_img read more

Hubble Spots a Black Hole That Shouldnt Exist

first_img The Sad Situation That Hayden Panettiere Is Living In Today Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Lilly From ‘Princess Diaries’ Is 36 Now and Gorgeous Jeremy Renner’s Double Life Is Almost as Sketchy as Hawkeye’s 13 Comments You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet The Dangerous ‘Toy Story 4’ Scene One Million Moms is Protesting Tagged In sciencespaceastronomyphysicsblack holeshubblegalaxiessupermassive black holes Post a Comment 13 Comments The Surprising Reason Why Brandon Routh Is Returning to Superman By Ryan Whitwam on July 13, 2019 at 8:20 am Hidden Secrets Disney Just Assumed You’d Ignore Conventional wisdom holds that most large galaxies harbor supermassive black holes at their centers. Scientists also believe that only so-called “active” galaxies should have visible accretion disc of matter, but the Hubble Space Telescope has found one around a black hole with unusually low luminosity. This galaxy might bend the rules a bit, but it offers an opportunity to study how the theory of relativity applies in the real world. NGC 3147 is a large spiral galaxy just a bit smaller than our own Milky Way. It sits about 120 million light-years away — you’ve probably seen pictures of it because it’s quite stunning. Active galaxies like quasars are easy to spot. The matter falling into them produces emissions across the electromagnetic spectrum, and the accretion discs are quite visible. Everyone thought NGC 3147 was far too dim to have a disc of its own, but a new analysis from an international team suggests otherwise. Hubble collected data from the central black hole in NGC 3147, which has a mass about 250 million times greater than our sun. The object turns out to have a thin disc of material similar to what you’d find around an active galactic nucleus. Observations from Hubble show the disc spins at about 10 percent the speed of light. Researcher Stefano Bianchi from the Università degli Studi Roma Tre in Italy says this discovery indicates the current models for low luminosity galaxies have “clearly failed.”This discovery could have far-reaching effects on the way we model galaxies and black holes, but it also could lead to a better understanding of the physics underlying supermassive objects. The fast-moving disc combined with the low apparent brightness of NGC 3147 could make it possible to test both general and special relativity. General relativity deals with the mechanisms of gravity in the universe, and special relativity describes the relationship between space and time. Since NGC 3147 is dimmer than a typical active galaxy, we can make out the accretion disc around it much better. The disc is inside the black hole’s powerful gravity field where scientists can study the way it affects light. Based on findings in NGC 3147, astronomers may now go on the hunt for other weakly active galaxies. Some may even be closer to Earth where we can make even more precise measurements to test Einstein’s theories.Now read:Cold Quasars Could Change Our Understandings of Galactic DeathAstronomers Capture Historic First Photo of Black HoleResearchers Use Supersonic Fluid to Test Hawking’s Black Hole Theories Hubble Spots a Black Hole That Shouldn’t Exist We Finally Understand Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Got Canceled Ginny From ‘Harry Potter’ Is 28 and Unrecognizably Gorgeouslast_img read more

Scientists Create Airplane That Can Land Itself on Any Runway

first_img Ginny From ‘Harry Potter’ Is 28 and Unrecognizably Gorgeous We Finally Know Why Black Widow’s Death Was Necessary Cars are getting reasonably good at driving themselves, but what about airplanes? Autopilot has existed for years, but a team of researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed the most autonomous airplane yet. The automated landing system called C2Land uses computer vision to identify the runway and guide the plane down for a safe landing. Commercial planes currently have a system called the Instrument Landing System (ILS), which can be useful when pilots can’t make visual contact with a runway. It relies on radio signals on the ground and on-board receivers to determine the plane’s position, but C2Land doesn’t need that infrastructure. Not all runways and airports will have costly hardware installed, but C2Land doesn’t need anything on the ground other than a runway. That could make it practical for use at smaller and more remote airports where expensive ILS hardware is impractical. C2Land uses GPS for flight control along with a computer vision system. The cameras operate in both visible and infrared, allowing the system to function even in low-visibility conditions. The computer finds the outline of the runway and determines where the plane needs to end up. Combined with current airspeed and altitude, the system can calculate a virtual glide path for a perfect landing. The team explained the system in a series of three papers, but nothing drives home the point like a real-world test. They equipped a Diamond DA42 propeller aircraft with the C2Land system and stuck a test pilot behind the controls. Pilot Thomas Wimmer took the plane up and pointed in the general vicinity of the airstrip, but from there it was all up to the computer. You can see the entire landing, along with the computer’s image recognition, in the video above. Wimmer doesn’t have to take control of the aircraft at all during landing. This isn’t technically the first autonomous landing ever — Boeing accomplished that with a prototype commuter aircraft. However, that was a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle. The TUM system works with the aircraft in service today. Vision-assisted navigation systems like C2Land could become standard in the future, but this one is still just an experiment. Still, the researchers must be confident to put a human aboard the plane and turn the controls over to an algorithm.Now read:The BlackFly Is a Flying Car That Doesn’t Require a Pilot’s LicenseBoeing’s Own Engineers May Have Been Unaware of 737 Max ProblemsNASA, MIT Design Hollow Morphing Airplane Wing Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Jim Carrey’s Tragic Life Just Gets Sadder and Sadder Paul Walker’s Daughter is Head-Turningly Gorgeous Now at 20 The Real Reason Emma Watson Refuses to Do a Nude Scene The Sad Situation That Hayden Panettiere Is Living In Today You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Tagged In scienceaiairplanesflightaircraftcomputer vision Post a Comment 10 Comments Huge Scandals That Rocked The History Channel By Ryan Whitwam on July 9, 2019 at 7:18 am 10 Comments ‘Legacies’ Season 2 Casts New Vampire As A Love Interest Scientists Create Airplane That Can Land Itself on Any Runwaylast_img read more

ET Deals TCL 4K HDR 49Inch TV 299 Dell Core i5 1080p

first_img Things Only Adults Notice in ‘ThunderCats’ Why These Overhyped Follow-Up Films Were Never Released Tagged In et deals Post a Comment 1 Comment ET Deals: TCL 4K HDR 49-Inch TV $299, Dell Core i5 1080p IPS Laptop $699, Overpowered GTX 1080 Ti Desktop $1,499 Celebs Who Were Sadly Killed By Their Fans Maisie Williams’ Transformation is Turning Heads Extremetech may earn affiliate commissions from the shopping links included on this page. To find out more, read our complete terms of use. You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet By Michael Sexton on July 22, 2019 at 4:40 pm 1 Comment Willow Smith’s Transformation is Turning Heads As July comes to a close retailers are starting to offer excellent deals on laptops and desktop computers as we approach the back to school season. Today there are several excellent deals on these systems, as well as a strong deal on a 49-inch 4K TV.TCL 49S517 4K HDR Roku Smart 49-Inch TV ($299.99)TCL’s S517-series of TVs feature localized dimming technology that reduces light bleeding and gives you an improved image with deeper blacks. This model also sports a 4K display panel and support for HDR for improved color, and right now you can get it from Walmart marked down from $599.99 to $299.99.Dell Vostro 14 5481 Intel Core i5-8265U 1080p IPS 14-Inch Laptop w/ AMD Radeon 530, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB NVMe SSD ($699.00) Dell designed this system with a built-in fingerprint sensor to help keep your system safe from unapproved users. The notebook also has a capable Core i5 processor and an 1080p IPS display. It also has a low-end AMD Radeon 530 graphics processor that can run some games with low settings. Currently, it’s marked down from Dell from $1,418.57 to $699.00.Overpowered DTW3 Intel Core i7-8700 Gaming Desktop w/ Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD and 2TB HDD ($1,499.00)Marked down from $2,099.00 to $1,499.00 at Walmart, this desktop offers exceptional power and performance relative to its price point. The system is known to have problems with insufficient ventilation and you may want to move the parts to a new case or install some additional case fans, but for what you get for the price few systems can match this one.Acer Predator Helios 500 AMD Ryzen 7 2700 17.3-Inch 144Hz 1080p Gaming Laptop w/ AMD Radeon RX Vega 56, 16GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB NVMe SSD ($1,299.00)This gaming laptop was built using desktop components and has exceptional processing power and performance as a result. It also features a fast 144Hz 17.3-Inch 1080p display, but don’t expect it to last long on battery. Right now the system is marked down from $1,879.12 to $1,299.00 from Amazon.Logitech Z313 Speaker System ($27.72) This affordable speaker system is marked down from Amazon from $49.99 to $27.72 and includes a 15W subwoofer that can produce deep bass notes that you can feel as well as hear. The two included satellite speakers each have a 5W power rating and will provide a clear audio experience.Audible 1-Year Gold Membership + $20 Amazon Credit ($119.50)If you’ve never tried Audible, then you may not know that it’s a popular audiobook service created by Amazon. Some people like myself use Audible on and off throughout the day to enjoy listening to books while also getting other important tasks done such as cleaning or driving in the car. Amazon is offering Prime members a year of Audible service marked down from $149.99 to $119.50, and a $20 Amazon credit is included in the deal. Also, as an Audible member, you will get discounts on books and credit each month that can be redeemed towards your choice of virtually any book on Audible.Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the relevant retail sites for more information. For more great deals, go to our partners at What the Biggest Fans Don’t Know About ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’ The Most Inappropriate Comic Book Characters Ever Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. We Finally Understand Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Got Canceledlast_img read more

PC Gamers Who Didnt Play Classic Console Games Missed Out on Great

first_imgPC Gamers Who Didn’t Play Classic Console Games Missed Out on Great Experiences 43 Comments Movies That Hollywood Didn’t Want to Make Jon Favreau Has a Funny Idea for ‘Iron Man 4’ Don’t Watch These Movies With Your Parents The Emotional Way ‘Riverdale’ Paid Tribute to Luke Perry at SDCC Lilly From ‘Princess Diaries’ Is 36 Now and Gorgeous Growing up, I was not a console gamer. My parents steadfastly refused my entreaties for an NES or any console and only grudgingly tolerated my affection for computer games. I suspect they felt computers were going to be Too Important to the future to smash my primary means of interacting with them, and they respected the idea that I had the right to spend my own money on hobbies of my choice, but there were limits to their tolerance. Computer games fell on the right side of the line, barely. Console games did not. As a result, my own introduction to gaming came squarely from classics of the mid-to-late 1980s PC space — Space Quest III and Ultima IV were the two titles I remember playing first.As a result, I never really got familiar with the NES or SNES titles that were popular at the time. I played through Final Fantasy I, II, and III at a friend’s house, but I didn’t ever log much time on the side-scrollers that were popular. I played enough Super Mario Bros. to beat 1-1 and 1-2 and that’s about it. Recently, thanks to emulators, I’ve picked up some SNES games that I never played before — games like Castlevania IV, Super Mario World, and Super Metroid.I genuinely wasn’t sure what I’d think. Mostly, I’ve been impressed. The skills required to play these titles well — and to be clear, I don’t play them well, having never acquired more than a rudimentary level of skill with a controller — are about more than just quick reflexes. They demand the player become intimately familiar with the position and movement of enemies through 2D space, timing certain attacks and jumps precisely. The games often challenge you with cleverly placed gotchas, like a Mario bullet that flies through the exact space you will be occupying if you attempt to grab a certain power-up. These puzzles can be maddening. The game developers leave hints to tell you that something can be done, but figuring out exactly how to do it is a challenge.This type of gameplay is entirely different from the games I grew up with. Solving puzzles in Conquests of the Longbow or fighting Ad Avis in Quest for Glory II wasn’t remotely the same kind of experience. The Sierra, Origin, and LucasArts games that dominated my childhood were thoughtful adventure titles with an emphasis on writing and text parsing, or later, point-and-click interfaces with a variety of possible actions. Other games, like Civilization, offered long-form play and sophisticated strategy that outstripped what consoles were doing at the time. It’s been a fascinating example of how developers from another country found ways to overcome language barriers and hardware limitations to design very different types of experiences.In the modern era, in which consoles are functionally based on PC hardware and in one case, run a modified PC operating system, the differences between these platforms have come down to a handful of graphics options, frame rates, and load time. Thirty years ago, the gaps were far larger. Dedicated hardware capabilities gave consoles graphics options that PCs of the era couldn’t duplicate. I remember gazing wistfully at a Super Nintendo around Christmas of 1991 precisely because there was no equivalent to what Super Mario World looked like available on my own entertainment solution.All love to Invasion of the Vorticons, but it’s not exactly the same.Playing the console titles I’ve never played before has shown me that there’s an entire aspect to gaming I hadn’t really experienced. I’d played side-scrollers enough to know I wasn’t very good at them. Taking the time to play them enough to improve (slightly), I’ve developed a respect for the subtle ways Japanese developers showed players the rules of the world over time, with small clues to where monsters will spawn, visual hints about how powers work, or clever level design that forces you to use abilities you’ve just collected. Oftentimes, the arrangement of threats and carrots — like a ? block you know contains a 1Up — are downright cunning.Learning how to precision-time one’s jumps or attacks isn’t anything like solving puzzles in Myst or the Colonel’s Bequest and it doesn’t much compare to the likes of Doom or Quake — but then, part of the fun of gaming has always been the way it evolves over time. The games that exist now are fundamentally different than the titles I played in my childhood, and while sometimes I miss the style of games we once had, I would miss the different types that have come into existence in the meantime just as much (at least in some cases).One thing this experience has shown me is that it’s absolutely worth picking up the old experiences you never got to have. It would be a little harder for console players to take this idea in the other direction. Getting used to computer games where you read extensively and type commands if you’re used to console gaming is, in my opinion, a larger challenge than picking up a controller if you used to be an old-school PC gamer. But both sides of the PC-versus-console debate could learn from each other’s histories. Playing some classic 16-bit titles has given me an appreciation for that aspect of gaming history that I previously didn’t have, even if I’m never going to swap in a PC for a console as a primary game system.Now Read:Nintendo Forces Removal of Commodore 64 Super Mario Port 7 Years in the MakingNintendo Switch Controllers Are Beginning to Fail in Large NumbersNintendo Unveils Switch Lite, Coming Sept. 20 for $199 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. By Joel Hruska on July 17, 2019 at 1:57 pm Henry Cavill ‘Tried on’ a New Superman Suit and It’s Awesome You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet The Real Reason Emma Watson Refuses to Do a Nude Scene The Most Offensive Video Game Characters of All Time Tagged In sonyPC gamingnintendoconsolesconsole gamingNESsnessegawing commanderoriginclassic gamingSuper NintendolucasartsPS1classic gamesSierra Games16-bit Post a Comment 43 Commentslast_img read more

TDG ThreeinTen TV Viewers Engage with ShowRelated Content on Social Media

first_imgTDG: Three-in-Ten TV Viewers Engage with Show-Related Content on Social Media MTS Staff Writer6 days agoJuly 17, 2019 New research from The Diffusion Group (TDG) finds that 73% of social network users engage with TV-related content on the sites. According to TDG’s new report, The Ascent of the Social TV Engager, 43% of social network users interact with humor about a show via mashups and memes.“There is a separate universe of online multimedia content that orbits TV shows,” notes Michael Greeson, President of TDG and Senior Vice President of Screen Engine-ASI. “A majority of TV viewers no longer simply watch a show, but also view ‘the making of’ specials, read spoilers, chase plot theories, follow actors on social media, and share comments (especially jokes) about the show.”Marketing Technology News: Blackstone Announces Agreement to Acquire Vungle, a Leading Mobile Performance Marketing PlatformTDG’s research shows that, after humor, users are most likely to engage with recaps (39%), animated GIFs (38%), behind-the-scenes footage (31%), and content from actors/actresses (27%). Notably, this does not include the episodes or clips of the shows themselves, which are often watched on social media as well. Lauren Kozak, TDG Senior Advisor in social media strategy and author of the new report, adds, “Social media is a complex ecosystem where users have organically developed their own visual languages. Television (and other fandoms) give disparate users common ground through which to bond. Shared visual languages, like memes, provide a unifying framework for humor.”Marketing Technology News: boostr Announces the End of Siloed Ad Sales and Operations with the General Release of its Omni-channel Order Management System (OMS)TDG’s latest report, The Ascent of the Social TV Engager – Understanding the Interplay Between TV and Social Media, further illuminates the complex world of user behavior around television on social media, looking at who users follow, how long a show is relevant, the importance of spoilers, and how to make a show buzzworthy on social media.  This new research is part of TDG’s ninth annual Benchmarking the Connected Consumer study, which examines connected device ownership and placement within the home, as well as the use of specific media applications and services.Marketing Technology News: BlueVenn Wins ‘Data-Driven Product of the Year 2019’ at London DataIQ Awards Social Media Users Value Humor Above Any Other Television-Related Contentcenter_img Marketing Technology NewsNewsSocial MediaTDGThe Diffusion Group Previous ArticleLogMeIn Releases Grasshopper Connect for Small BusinessesNext ArticlePINCHO and by CHLOE. Select Thanx to Create Superior Branded Apps for Customer Loyalty and Online Orderinglast_img read more

Aprimo Promotes Ed Breault to Chief Marketing Officer

first_imgThe new position reflects the company’s modernized vision and strategy for better serving marketing, digital and customer experience teams across its enterprise customersAprimo, the leading provider of technology solutions for content, operations and performance, announced the promotion of Ed Breault to Chief Marketing Officer. Ed has been with Aprimo since 2006, most recently serving as VP, Head of Marketing, Industry Solutions and Strategy.The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recognition from leading analysts for its modern technology platform with embedded AI, connectors, and analytics that enable enterprises to streamline processes to enhance speed-to-market for content and campaigns through its content, operations and performance solutions. Throughout the past three years, Aprimo also has been recognized in the industry for its Digital Asset Management, Marketing Resource Management and Through-Channel Marketing Automation products.Marketing Technology News: Blackstone Announces Agreement to Acquire Vungle, a Leading Mobile Performance Marketing Platform“As we continue to evolve the Aprimo brand and increase the value of marketing, digital and experience teams, I’m proud to recognize Ed’s own evolution and transition to serving as Aprimo’s CMO,” said John Stammen, CEO, Aprimo. “I am confident that with Ed’s 14 years of marketing experience, he will continue to help drive the vision of the company to align with the digital evolution and the future of marketing.”In the CMO position, Breault will execute on the industry’s most advanced marketing strategies across the company, challenging the way it works to increase performance and growth as well as help Aprimo’s customers break through barriers to evolve in their own digital marketing initiatives. This will allow Aprimo to evolve and help the world’s most beloved brands create market-leading digital content, operations and performance solutions.Marketing Technology News: boostr Announces the End of Siloed Ad Sales and Operations with the General Release of its Omni-channel Order Management System (OMS)“Aprimo’s new strategy going forward is helping companies better demonstrate the enterprise value of our solutions to marketing, digital and experience teams, and I’m excited to help lead the company through such a period of growth,” said Ed Breault, CMO at Aprimo. “I truly believe Aprimo is the digital platform to help enterprise organizations seamlessly manage their content lifecycle and deliver exceptional brand experiences. I look forward to continuing to passionately serve this audience on behalf of Aprimo.”Breault will continue to lead Aprimo’s marketing team through various strategic initiatives, including developing influencer relationships, AI-powered demand generation programs and global ABM campaigns, as well as conversational marketing—pushing through traditional boundaries to create a modern, leading-class marketing organization.Marketing Technology News: BlueVenn Wins ‘Data-Driven Product of the Year 2019’ at London DataIQ Awards Aprimo Promotes Ed Breault to Chief Marketing Officer MTS Staff Writer4 days agoJuly 19, 2019 Aprimodigital asset managementEd BreaultJohn Stammenmarketing automationMarketing Resource ManagementMarketing Technology NewsNews Previous ArticleDods Group Plc Acquires Meritgroup Limited, a B2B Data and Technology SpecialistNext ArticleVobile Group Acquires ZEFR Assets, RightsID and ChannelIDlast_img read more

Pega Launches Enterprise LowCode Factory to Guide Citizen Developers Making EnterpriseCompliant Apps

first_imgPega Launches Enterprise Low-Code Factory to Guide Citizen Developers Making Enterprise-Compliant Apps MTS Staff WriterJune 4, 2019, 8:31 pmJune 4, 2019 Pegasystems Inc., the software company empowering digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, today announced at PegaWorld the launch of Enterprise Low-Code Factory – a centralized dashboard that empowers any employee to quickly create enterprise software that complies with company standards. With tools, training, and other resources, Enterprise Low-Code Factory helps businesses cultivate and scale their own home-grown community of citizen developers without sacrificing software quality, consistency, or governance.With little to no coding experience required, low-code development has grown rapidly in the face of unprecedented demand for software. In fact, Gartner predicts that market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT’s capacity to deliver it through 2021. But left unchecked, these well-intended low-code app makers could unknowingly cause shadow IT issues – including security concerns, software updating gaps, work duplication, and organizational silos. Organic low code adoption might be sustainable for small companies, but it’s hard for large organizations to effectively scale without guardrails in place to prevent IT chaos.Pega’s Enterprise Low-Code Factory lets businesses operationalize the global deployment of low code companywide to accelerate their race toward digital transformation. Anyone in the business can be empowered with the freedom, skills, and confidence to quickly build any kind of app they need to succeed. At the same time, business and IT leaders get the control to ensure each app is built with the consistency of a fine-tuned assembly line. This all leads to better business and IT collaboration, faster time to value, and lower development costs.Marketing Technology News: Internet Grows to 351.8 Million Domain Name Registrations in the First Quarter of 2019Part of the industry-leading Pega Platform low-code development environment, Enterprise Low-Code Factory combines the key elements needed for successful enterprise app building for all employees in a centralized dashboard, including:Tools: software that makes everyone a maker – With the powerful Pega Platform at its core, the Factory makes low-code more accessible to more people in the company. Users of all experience levels can start fast with pre-defined templates to build apps that are quick to deploy, up to date, and easy to change. Pega makes app building collaborative between the maker, IT and other stakeholders – ensuring a transparent, intuitive, and seamless process with a continuous feedback loop.Guardrails: Uniform governance to ensure consistency – Citizen developers can always dabble in the Pega app making playground, but when it’s time launch a real business app, the Factory has the guardrails to ensure quality and compliance. Makers just click the ‘Request to Build’ button to generate a simple business case for the company-defined governance team. Governance stakeholders control a host of customizable options, including approvals over which apps get released, what features to include, how ‘enterprise-ready’ they should be, who gets to use them, and who can make changes. These guardrails scale as app functionality evolves over time, allowing small single-function apps to turn into powerful software for the Fortune 500.Education: Courses and resources to empower more makers – Pega empowers all businesspeople—marketers, sellers, service, and operations people alike—to learn how to build the simplest app to the most complex software. Any Factory users can up level their skills with supporting educational resources, including specially-designed Pega Academy courses, video tutorials, help documents, and Pega Community articles.Marketing Technology News: Mobiquity’s AdCop Finds Ad Fraud Lurking Below the FloorThe dashboard brings all these elements together in an integrated and intuitive environment. Users have quick access to the apps they use most, the apps they are building, and the ecosystem of approved apps built by others to enable better software reuse, as well as links to education resources.Enterprise Low-Code Factory is scheduled to be available by the end of Q3 2019 for Pega Platform customers with current support contracts. It will also be demonstrated at the annual PegaWorld conference being held this week June 2-5 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. Part of the Pega Infinity digital transformation suite, Pega Platform low-code app development environment leverages digital process automation (DPA), including AI and robotics, to drive business processes and customer journeys from end to end. Pega unifies these back-end processes with its customer engagement applications on the front end to enable businesses to provide superior customer experiences on any channel.Marketing Technology News: Lionbridge Launches Lionbridge AI, Extends Leadership Position in AI Data Training Services customer engagement applicationsGartner predictsLow-Code FactoryMarketing TechnologyNewsPegaWorldPega Platform Previous ArticleEuropean Digital Advertising Market Exceeds €55 Billion in 2018 Market Grows 13.9 Percent, Fastest Growth Since 2011 Out-Stream Video Surges 44.7 Percent Year-On-YearNext ArticleMarTech Interview with Ed Breault, Head of Marketing, Aprimolast_img read more

Popular Ticketing Platform Ticketbud Announces Integration with Salesforce

first_imgPopular Ticketing Platform Ticketbud Announces Integration with Salesforce PRNewswireJune 19, 2019, 9:40 pmJune 19, 2019 Marketing TechnologyNewsPopular Ticketing PlatformSalesforceTicketbud Previous ArticleConagra Brands Puts Consumers at the Center of its Business Transformation with SalesforceNext ArticleLattice Engines Ranked a Leader in B2B Customer Data Platform Report by Independent Research Firm Ticketbud Joins the Salesforce AppExchangeTicketbud integrates with the worlds #1 CRM platform Salesforce. A valuable update for organizations needing a competitive event ticketing partner that seamlessly connects event data with Salesforce.Ticketbud is now listed in the Salesforce AppExchange, making it a simple business app extension for Salesforce users. Event organizers can now nurture leads and relationships developed through events directly in Salesforce.Ticketbud joins the Salesforce AppExchange. Event Organizers can now seamlessly connect their Ticketbud event data directly into Salesforce. Making event management even easier.The Salesforce connector helps organizations streamline, reduce duplication of data and bring various functions together into a connected interface. It enables easy reporting on opportunities generated from events, as well as sending segmented emails prior to and following events, from within Salesforce.Marketing Technology News: Oracle Collaborates with Top Oracle PartnerNetwork Platinum Level Members to Rethink Customer Data Platform Market“Given the size of our events, we don’t have the luxury of time to manually import data. Automating this process by connecting Ticketbud to Salesforce is invaluable to our pipeline management. It ensures data continuity, minimizes manual mistakes and allows us to evaluate and take action on trends.” Teri Smart, Forefront Networks“The launch of the Ticketbud Salesforce Connector is a major milestone. Salesforce is an essential tool for many large events. Providing an integration to Salesforce separates the smaller ticketing platforms from the major ticketing providers. This is just one of several powerful integrations Ticketbud is launching in 2019. Ticketbud continues to grow, innovate and deliver incredible value to event organizers.”  Kayhan Ahmadi, CEO of Ticketbud.Ticketbud is committed to continuous improvement, with ongoing enhancements to make the ticketing experience easier for event organizers. A key part of this strategy is integration with business apps and tools like Salesforce that customers use every day.Marketing Technology News: Databricks Accelerates APJ Expansion Following $250 Million Funding Roundlast_img read more

Reflektion Introduces Breakthrough Analytics Capabilities

first_imgNew analytics capabilities in Reflektion empower eCommerce retailers with new insights to accelerate revenue growth and elevate personalized customer engagementReflektion, the world’s leading AI-powered personalization platform for the retail industry, unveiled enhanced analytics capabilities to the Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform that empower eCommerce retailers to uncover new shopper insights that lead to untapped revenue growth opportunities.As the retail landscape becomes more competitive, merchants are challenged with finding new ways to better understand their customers’ preferences and their buying patterns. Reflektion now delivers breakthrough analytics functionality that goes beyond basic site performance trends to give retail marketers and merchandisers focused analytics that uncover how shoppers buy — turning shopping insights into growth opportunities.  With Reflektion, merchandisers, marketers and analysts can now better plan, track, and act against specific business goals with individualized promotions, optimized product placements, informed keyword strategies, and effective re-targeting campaigns.Marketing Technology News: CreatorIQ Announces $12 Million Series B Funding Round By TVC Capital, Affinity Group, And Unilever Ventures For Its Enterprise Creator CloudThe pre-built analytics are highly-intuitive, easy to use, and don’t require specialized technical knowledge — eliminating the need for additional configuration or dedicated analytics teams. With this introduction, executives and merchandisers in retail organizations can:Track the direct and assisted attribution of Reflektion’s personalization on growing revenue, conversions and orders at the category, product, brand levels and by spending, unit count and order count.Maximize revenue opportunities with greater intelligence about categories, products, and brands that are searched for, viewed, and purchased and their comparative trend.Make strategic, data-driven decisions to drive the business forward through granular, contextual and historical insights into key site dimensions such as revenue, average order size. abandoned cart rate, page views, conversion rate and orders, beyond what is available in general-purpose site analytics applications.In real-time, optimize personalization strategies with at-a-glance dashboards that outline KPI trends and generate interactive executive-level insights on-the-fly.Enhance site search relevance with deep understanding of which keywords and combinations generate the most revenue — and which keywords don’t.Act on KPI alerts when performance is below or above thresholds.Marketing Technology News: Databricks Accelerates APJ Expansion Following $250 Million Funding Round“Heightened demands for context, convenience and control in all customer interactions require companies to re-evaluate how they engage their customers. To compete effectively in this new environment, businesses need to capture, analyze, understand and act upon information. 42% of business leaders are prioritizing customer analytics and measurement as the top investment in the next 12 months,” states Sheryl Kingstone, Research Vice President of 451 Research. “The most meaningful (and ultimately profitable) experiences will be informed by data-driven contextual insights, which will make all the difference.”“In today’s hyper-competitive retail landscape, marketers and merchandisers are constantly looking for ways to delight shoppers, improve their engagement, and convert them to buyers  — but to execute on this strategy, they need contextual insights to identify gaps and double down on what’s really working,” said Amede Hungerford, Chief Marketing Officer, Reflektion. “Our latest analytics capabilities arm leading retailers with deeper insight into the performance of their personalization strategies — enabling them to seize the white space and make business decisions with confidence.”Marketing Technology News: Experian Appoints Shri Santhanam as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Global Analytics and AI Amede HungerfordBreakthrough Analyticscustomer engagementMarketing TechnologyNewsReflektion Previous ArticleZylotech Identified as One of the Most Significant Providers in B2B Customer Data Platforms (CDP) Report by Independent Research FirmNext ArticleText IQ Raises $12.6 Million Series A to Advance AI Platform for Identifying Sensitive Information Reflektion Introduces Breakthrough Analytics Capabilities Globe NewswireJune 20, 2019, 5:10 pmJune 20, 2019 last_img read more

Shah Rukh Khan Launches Website to Support Acid Attack Victims On Fathers

first_imgOn the occasion of Father’s Day, Shah Rukh Khan announced the launch of a support network that aims to rehabilitate and help women who have been acid attack survivors or have faced the emotional and physical effects of acid attack. The foundation is named after his father and is called Meer foundation. Shah Rukh shared the news with people on Sunday as he launched the official website, and wrote, “A foundation I named after my father – @MeerFoundation – aims to create a network of support for women. No better day than #FathersDay for me to introduce our website to the world. (sic).” In a note for the foundation’s website, Shah Rukh wrote, “In my life, I have been given several opportunities to flourish by the people around me. And this is exactly what I want to do for others – especially women. My dream is to create an ecosystem that allows women, regardless of their history, to redefine, redo, or rework their lives the way they choose, the way they see fit. This might seem idealistic, but I truly believe that we can empower women to dream, grow, and live life without worry.”A foundation I named after my father – @MeerFoundation – aims to create a network of support for women. No better day than #FathersDay for me to introduce our website to the world.— Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) June 16, 2019 He adds, “Through Meer, I believe that we can help women who have been treated unfairly by creating a network of support. In the past year alone, I have seen the Foundation’s immense potential to better lives and change the future. We have only just begun, and we plan to grow even stronger, ultimately helping the dream become a reality.”Follow @News18Movies for more Acid Attack support servicesAcid Attack welfareAcid Attack womenAfghanistan First Published: June 16, 2019, 11:53 AM ISTlast_img read more

Putin Congratulates Modi on His Partys Convincing Victory in General Elections

first_img Bharatiya Janata PartyBJPbjp narendra modiLok Sabha elections 2019 First Published: May 23, 2019, 3:50 PM IST Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the convincing victory of his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the parliamentary elections and expressed his readiness to work together to build up the full range of bilateral relations.”I am convinced that, as the Prime Minister of India, you will further strengthen the centuries-old friendship between our peoples and the all-round development of a particularly privileged strategic partnership between Russia and India,” Putin said in a congratulatory message. The Russian leader expressed his readiness to continue fruitful personal contacts with Prime Minister Modi and to work together to build up the full range of bilateral relations and constructive interaction in international affairs, the Kremlin said in a statement.Prime Minister Modi led his Bharatiya Janata Party towards what looks set to be a resounding victory for a second term in office. With the elections establishing 68-year-old Modi as the most popular leader in decades in India, the partial vote count released by the Election Commission showed that BJP was expected to surpass its 2014 performance. last_img read more

Seva Bhaav Over Satta Bhaav Decoding Narendra Modis Address in Central Hall

first_img Atal Bihari Vajpayeebabasaheb ambedkarBJPDeendayal Upadhaya First Published: May 27, 2019, 7:57 AM IST Narendra Modi inaugurated his second term with a statesman-like address to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), affirming a pluralistic, inclusive idea of India and eschewing triumphalism and scapegoating. The speech was emollient and conciliatory, and the message to his victorious troops was instructive rather than vaunting.The Central Hall of Parliament saw a flexible leader willing to put country above party and adapt himself to the needs of the people regardless of ideological bent. The demagoguery of the campaign — ridiculing opponents, playing on class prejudice, deviating from norms of established political conduct — vanished as if it had never been. Modi views Lok Sabha 2019 elections as a big break in Indian politics. This is evident from two aspects of his speech. First, he characterised the election as a “samajik ekta ka andolan” which “helped break down walls and join hearts”. He was referring to the ‘big tent’ social coalition crafted by the BJP, comprising upper castes, Dalits and EBCs, and bringing together traditionally opposing groups.The implication is that Mandal politics is on the way out and new forms of social justice will emerge. The contractual nature of suffrage, in which various groups voted in narrow self-interest, is changing.Second, he harped continually on “badlav” (change) and new beginnings. A new India, new energy, new age and so on. Modi sees himself as a disruptor and an innovator. Instead of replacing the elements of the existing power structure with his own, he hints at dismantling it.Third, he mooted at an inclusivity offensive vis-à-vis the minorities. The NDA’s responsibility, he said, was to liberate them from “imaginary fears” and vote-bank politics, and win their trust by ensuring that no section is alienated from the fruits of development. “Those who support us are ours, those who oppose us strongly are also ours,” he asserted, pointedly warning MPs against discrimination and scapegoating.Weighty messages were delivered with a light touch, all the right emotional triggers pressed and a code of conduct laid out for the MPs. ‘Satta Bhaav’ was the public representative’s enemy and ‘Seva Bhaav’ his best friend. Entitlement, complacency, arrogance and publicity-seeking are all taboo. In a tangential reference to the RSS norm of prasidhi parimukta (avoiding self-publicity), he adjured MPs to avoid controversial statements and bear in mind that nothing is ever truly off the record. Likewise, first-timers should be on their guard against Delhi’s wheeler-dealers.He called on them to emulate the late Manohar Parrikar, who insisted on conducting himself as an ordinary citizen even when he was a cabinet minister. “Why can’t you stand in line for an airport security check? People say that Modi ended the ‘red light’ culture.”A significant aspect of his speech was a clear and emphatic commitment to the NDA, despite the fact that the BJP won 303 seats on its own. In keeping with Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s legacy, its integrity would not only be maintained but strengthened: “NDA is an andolan…not a temporary strategy…everyone makes sacrifices and this powers the whole.”He dovetailed the spirit of collectivism with federalism, coming up with a pun on ‘nara’ (slogan). The acronym NARA — National Ambition, Regional Aspiration — would exemplify the equilibrium between the two. (The RSS has a penchant for acronyms and alliterations). As is his wont, he acknowledged the growing clout of women in public life, pointing out that they had matched men vote for vote in this election and would soon outstrip them. A record number of women had entered Parliament, he noted with palpable satisfaction.Another conspicuous feature of the speech were the references to India’s global profile. He pointed out that the incremental vote received by the BJP in 2019 was equivalent to the sum of votes that made Donald Trump POTUS. The world, fascinated by its largest democracy, had “great expectations of India”, he said.He took a subtle pot-shot at the Opposition. A “bahut bada varg” maintained by “others” for 70 years and inimical to the BJP would be only too willing to entrap the unwary, PM Modi warned. He also said that he would hold himself accountable for lapses (in comparison with the Gandhi family, who are criticised for enjoying power without responsibility).As always, he paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi, Deendayal Upadhaya, Ram Manohar Lohia and Babasaheb Ambedkar. His final piece of advice to the MPs was to test themselves on two touchstones: Mahatma Gandhi’s “last man” formula and the Constitution. All in all, it was a positive if pragmatic speech, intended as much for public consumption as delineating a broad direction for the NDA.(Author is a senior journalist. Views are personal) last_img read more

Rising Power Charges Water Supply Kejriwal Grapples with Issues at Nukkad Meetings

first_imgNew Delhi: Aap Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Keriwal on Saturday addressed his 22nd ‘nukkad’ meeting in New Delhi constituency from where he had defeated three-time sitting chief minister Sheila Dikshit of the Congress. In the meeting, residents raised issues related to old-age pensions, maintenance of parks, repair of boundaries and inflated electricity rates. Since the Lok Sabha election debacle last month, Kejriwal and his MLAs have stepped up public meetings to enhance people-to-people contact, solicit feedback on the government’s performance and opinion on the proposed free metro and bus rises for women.While some people appreciate the work done by the government, there have been a lot of complaints on the AAP’s main poll planks, especially electricity and water. Heightened electricity rates, power cuts and unavailability of water… how do you address that?There are two to three issues. Electricity is available for 24 hours. Only in some areas due to local faults and faulty cables is it unavailable. We have made a list of all the areas where transformers and cables have to be changed and even there people will get electricity supply for 24 hours. The other issue is the supply of electricity. Electricity rates are cheap, but last time the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) had raised fixed charges for reasons we could not know. Now it has gone up by five times. So we are talking with DERC and hope that in the next month, fixed charges would also be reduced.About water management and availability, both have improved — 525 colonies now have laid pipelines and houses are getting water in their taps. We have reduced the backlog of so many years.Could it have been faster?It is being made faster. We are trying. In the past so many years, these many pipelines had not been laid as they are now. Now, people are getting water through their taps. We also have to increase the availability of water even as we increase supply. On free metro rides for women, the response here was lukewarm. Do you feel that if you do not come good on your promise, there could be a backlash? No, it is not like that. There were many who raised their hands but a few who would shout. That is because this is a sophisticated area, many hands were raised in support, and a few against. Second is the question whether this will be functional or not. Why should it not be? Why this question. The ministry of urban development is part of the committee. There could be some issues… they may say they need more time. But we are giving them money… Harsh Vardhan has written to you with three proposals – portability of Ayushman Bharat, you can link it to the existing scheme, and increase the number of beneficiaries. How would you respond?I have received the letter. I am examining it and will see what can be done. In your last campaign, you always said ‘yeh chunav PM banane ka chunav nahi hai’ (this is not the election to elect the PM), so did you sense an endorsement of Modi and that the election was going in his favour? Now the election is over. People have cast their vote in one way. We respect the verdict. Now we have to prepare for the next election. aap arvind kejriwalAyushman BharatdelhiDelhi metro First Published: June 8, 2019, 10:27 PM ISTlast_img read more

Veteran Congress Leader Demands Removal of Sheila Dikshit as Delhi Unit Chief

first_img congressDelhi Unit ChiefLok Sabha pollsPC Chacko First Published: June 17, 2019, 11:14 PM IST New Delhi: Infighting surfaced in the Delhi Congress on Monday when a veteran leader demanded the removal of Sheila Dikshit as its president over the party’s debacle in the national capital in the recent Lok Sabha poll.In a letter to party chief Rahul Gandhi, ex-chairman of the erstwhile Delhi Metropolitan Council, Purushottam Goyal, asked for her removal and suggested that the party contest assembly polls early next year with a “fresh face” at the helm. Goyal’s letter comes after a Delhi Congress leader Rohit Manchanda demanded replacement of PC Chacko, the AICC in-charge of the city unit, over the poll drubbing.”It’s alright. It’s his opinion,” Dikshit told PTI.Dikshit and Chacko had serious differences over an alliance with the AAP for the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi. While Dikshit opposed an alliance with the AAP, Chacko favoured it. The tie-up ultimately did not materialise.”Dikshit lost the Lok Sabha polls by over 3 lakh votes. This time she cannot escape responsibility for the party’s defeat. Her old age prevents her from being active in the field and leading the party. She will prove to be a disaster in the assembly elections,” Goyal told PTI.After the Congress’ defeat in Delhi, Dikshit had offered her resignation to the party president but it was not accepted, Congress leaders said.In his letter, Goyal suggested that the Delhi Congress should fight assembly polls by projecting Kapil Sibal or Yoganand Shastri as the chief ministerial face of the party. “This exercise must be undertaken to find a new face for the Congress chief minister in Delhi if the party does not want to lose any further,” he wrote to Gandhi.The Congress had lost all seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi to BJP with huge margins.However, under Dikshit’s leadership, the party managed to push AAP candidates on the third place in five of the seven seats, besides registering growth in its vote share.The three-time former Delhi chief minister was appointed a president of the city unit after the incumbent Ajay Maken stepped down citing health issues in January this year.Despite being an octagenarian, Dikshit led the party in Lok Sabha polls and herself contested against Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari from the North East Delhi seat. She lost by over 3.66 lakh votes. last_img read more

Jailed Sarvana Bhawan Owner Suffers Heart Attack Son Moves Court for Treatment

first_imgChennai: A petition has been filed in the Madras High Court seeking to shift hotelier P Rajagopal, who has been admitted to a government hospital here after he surrendered in a murder case, to a private hospital citing deterioration in his health condition.When a special mention was made by his lawyer before a division bench of Justices MM Sundresh and M Nirmal Kumar, the additional public prosecutor said he would get instructions from the Tamil Nadu government on Tuesday. In a habeas corpus petition filed by Rajagopal’s son it was stated that his condition worsened after he was admitted to Stanley Medical College Hospital here following his surrender.The founder of popular South Indian food chain Saravana Bhavan had surrendered along with another accused before a sessions court here on July 9 to serve life term in a murder case, hours after the Supreme Court had rejected his plea seeking more time.Rajagopal, who had moved the apex court citing health reasons, was brought to the premises of the trial court in an ambulance and sent to jail.However, he was taken to Stanley hospital for check-up and admitted to the “convict ward” as per the doctors’ advice.Alleging that the doctors at the government hospital changed the medicines taken by his father, the petitioner said, because of it his condition started deteriorating and on July 13 he suffered a cardiac arrest.Some of the medical tests which were suggested by the doctors could not be done at Stanley due to inadequate facilities, he claimed.A representation was made to the authorities to shift him to any private hospital for better treatment, he said praying for a direction from the court for the relief.Rajagopal was to surrender on July 7 to serve life imprisonment in the murder of Prince Shantakumar in 2001.The motive for the killing was to marry Shantakumar’s wife Jeevajothi, who was the daughter of a former employee — an assistant manager — in his hotel. madras high courtmurder caseP RajagopalSarvana Bhawan First Published: July 15, 2019, 5:46 PM ISTlast_img read more

Samsung Gear Sport and Gear IconX 2018 get a preorder date

first_imgThe Samsung Gear Sport is a ruggedized smartwatch intended for fitness fans looking to track their exercise as well as keep in touch. It’s fronted by a 1.2-inch circular AMOLED display, surrounded by a rotating bezel that Samsung uses for navigation. The company claims that the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 coverglass meets MIL-STD-810G for toughness. Inside, there’s a dual-core 1.GHz processor running Tizen, paired with 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. No cellular radio, but you do get WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, and NFC. There’s also GPS/GLONASS/Beidou for standalone location tracking, and a heart-rate monitor.Waterproofing – down to 5 ATM – and a swim tracking mode make the Gear Sport just as happy at the pool as on a run. It has an auto-activity detection system, too, along with offline Spotify support. Samsung will offer it in blue or black, and you can switch out the straps for any 20mm alternative. As for the Gear IconX 2018, the completely wireless earbuds follow Samsung’s original design with an updated shape, longer battery life, and smarter services. Charging in an included carry-case, they have up to five hours of Bluetooth streaming or up to four hours of talktime. Load your own music to the 4GB of internal storage, and they’ll play for up to seven hours.If used with a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, or Galaxy Note 8, they’ll offer one-touch access to Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant. Like the Gear Sport they can automatically spot when you start running. However, Samsung also built in a Running Coach app that can give advice during an exercise session. They’ll be offered in black, gray, and pink. Even if you haven’t got a Samsung smartphone, both wearables will play nicely with other Android devices and, indeed, iOS devices like the iPhone. You won’t necessarily get all of the features, however. The Samsung Gear Sport will be priced at $299.99 when it goes up for preorder tomorrow. As for the Gear IconX 2018 earbuds, they’ll be $199.99. Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds and smartwatch, the Gear IconX 2018 and Gear Sport, have found themselves a release date. Announced back in August, the wearables will go up for pre-order from tomorrow, October 13, though they won’t ship until October 27. last_img read more